Backup contacts and sms messages from Advan Vandroid T

Advan Vandroid T
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Advan Vandroid T From Advan Vandroid T To Advan Vandroid T
Advan Vandroid T is supported on PhoneCopy. Please note that following settings may little vary depending on the firmware version.
  • contact synchronization
  • calendar synchronization
  • task synchronization
  • note synchronization
  • sms backup
  • sync via wifi
  • automatic sync

Text guideline - How to backup

From Advan Vandroid T

If you want to transfer contacts from your Android device please use following screenshot guide.
  1. Download our PhoneCopy for Android application to your mobile device.
  2. After launching the application, create a new account from the application. If you have already created an account on web pages, log in to this existing account in the application.
  3. After succesful login press "Synchronize" for complete synchronization, or press "Advanced & Account", select "One-way sync" and after choose "This device >> server" for one-way sync.

More detailed information and instructions include screenshots: how to backup and synchronize contacts from Android
Supported versions are 2.2 (Froyo and higer e.q. 2.2.1, 2.2.2), 2.3 (Gingerbread and higher e.q. 2.3.2, 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.6, 2.3.7), 3.0.1 (Honeycomb and higher e.q. 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwitch and higher 4.0.1-4.0.4), 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or 4.4 (KitKat) including tablets.

In the case of problems with synchronization, please contact us.

To Advan Vandroid T

If you want to transfer contacts to your Android device please use following screenshot guide.
  1. Download our PhoneCopy for Android application to your mobile device.
  2. After launching the application, create a new account from the application. If you have already created an account on web pages, log in to this existing account in the application.
  3. After succesful login press "Synchronize" for complete synchronization, or press "Advanced & Account", select "One-way sync" and after choose "Server >> this device" for one-way sync.

More detailed information and instructions include screenshots: how transfer contacts to Android
Supported versions are 2.2 (Froyo and higer e.q. 2.2.1, 2.2.2), 2.3 (Gingerbread and higher e.q. 2.3.2, 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.6, 2.3.7), 3.0.1 (Honeycomb and higher e.q. 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwitch and higher 4.0.1-4.0.4), 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or 4.4 (KitKat) including tablets.

In the case of problems with synchronization, please contact us.

User comments

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  • synchronization failed ali.sartaj, yesterday
    • Hi, did you have internet connection? Can you send us screen shot to be able analyze what is the problem? Phonecopy support team, yesterday
  • I want to copy my contacts from sim to my mobile Huwaei g610 phone copy application not shown any option of sim card contacts transfer. please reply kashifabbasi001, 18/05/2015
    • PhoneCopy can work with contacts which are accessible from phone interface. If there is not SIM option included in the PhoneCopy application we can't access it. In most phones there is internal feature allowing to copy contacts from SIM to phone. Phonecopy support team, 18/05/2015
  • hello, i m synchronize my all contact more than 800 to phoencopy server from my old mobile blackberry q5, my new mobile is sony xperia z1 compact, but on this mobile i m not able to download the phonecopy apps, pls suggest me is this possible to transfer all contact to google contact or suggect me anythig else which are possible. vijay238, 10/05/2015
  • hi... recently i am not able to view new messages in phonecopy. i didnt do anything but i dont understand why it doesnt sync anymore. i have change the password, did sing in - sign ot thnking that it may help but to my dismay, nothing change. timbangan, 02/05/2015
    • Last synchronization was made two days ago which included both contacts and SMS. Phonecopy support team, 02/05/2015
  • Hi
    I have done backup and synchronize all my contacts...but unfortunately i have saved in my phone..then i have done factory reset then i have lost all my contacts and data..will it able to retrieve all my data including my contacts??...plz reply as soon as possible..!!!
    thank u
    bhanu0408., 06/04/2015
    • If you made backup to PhoneCopy you can restore it but we didn't find any contacts stored in your online profile. Phonecopy support team, 06/04/2015
  • Hi I did a backup from a Sony Ericsson to Phone Copy, now I want to go from the server to the new Trend 7580.Can I do it without wiping the contacts on the Android? In the app I did a combine both, only to find that the server contacts were deleted afterwards! (I did an undelete so at least that worked)

    corc, 01/02/2015
    • Hi, Combine both shoudl keep contacts from both data sources. I recommend yout Combine Both to get contacts from the server to new phone along with keeping already saved contacts in the phone. Phonecopy support team, 02/02/2015
      • Well, thats what I had tried.In the app it wanted me to go through one of 3 routes-gmail, Sansung or SMS.I don't know if it makes a difference? Another interesting thing was, afterwards using the the old phone I transferred the contacts using bluetooth to the Samsung. It transferred ok but now Gmail on the Samsung can',t see any emails in any of its folders . I'm sure if I delete the Gmail account and reinstall it that a lot of my contacts will disappear again! corc, 02/02/2015
        • Hello,
          the app gives you choices to decide which contact database you want to sync the contacts with.
          Samsung is the local contacts (recommended), while Gmail is the contacts storage used by Gmail app and it may interfere with PhoneCopy synchronizations.
          Phonecopy support team, 02/02/2015
          • Hi thanks Just a recommendation- maybe you should highlight the recommended one in the app logon page, it might save a few support calls! Regards corc, 02/02/2015
  • i don't want my sms messages to be synced or backed up; just my contacts how do I do that? unknown user, 15/01/2015
    • In the application go to Advanced and Account, then Account settings and uncheck SMS check box. Phonecopy support team, 16/01/2015
  • HI, if i delete delete my messages in my phone after first synchronization, and again i synchronize after one day then my first synchronized messages will be gone from phoneCopy server Is it true? tell me anilgadde, 04/01/2015
    • You will find it under Deleted Messages button and you can restore it to active messsages list. In case you are Premium user you will get it synchronized back to your phone then. Phonecopy support team, 04/01/2015
  • I have a phone "Huawey Ascend Y600" and I have not found in the list of compatible phones . The phone has 2 Sim. There is a similar phone ? How can I fix the problem ? rosygiurgevich, 20/12/2014
  • Hello, after synchronizing I find phonecopy has imported all the contacts from my gmail account, even those who consist only of an email address (captured automatically by gmail, those which appear under 'Other contacts' in gmail Contacts).
    I would like to get rid of those, i.e. sync only the contacts which belong to a 'real' category.
    Any way to do that?
    haton, 10/12/2014
    • Hello, when you synchronize with some account, all contacts from it will be transfered. In your case it was Google account, which is adding those email addresses as contacts. If you delete them, Google account will create them again. We recommend you to use your (local) phone account instead of Google account for storing your contacts - if it is possible. Phonecopy support team, 11/12/2014
  • Please help me I forgot my backup and restore password. What do pls tell me himanshukumar2014, 27/11/2014
    • Please use Lost Password link from home page. Phonecopy support team, 28/11/2014
  • hey i want to sync my husband email sms call log gallery and contacts to some email or through any other option but secretly. i dont want him to know about this. is it possible .. he has micromax canvas 2 a120 model cell phone.. please suggest asap i have only one day time he is leaving town tomorrow for 1 month. thank you sanjanakumari, 18/11/2014
    • You can use PhoneCopy app to backup contacts and SMS, then you can delete PhoneCopy app and you will have data accessible via online profile on But feel your request as privacy problem. Think about it. Phonecopy support team, 18/11/2014
      • Okay. Is phonecopy available on playstore? Please tell me procedure.. is it free service ..or any free trial ? sanjanakumari, 22/11/2014
  • Hi phone copy shows 0 contacts when I have over 250 in my phone. What's the solution? dhananp, 08/11/2014
    • Please check if you set correct contact database to synchronize it. Android has several contact databases and you can select which one you want to synchronize to Phonecopy support team, 10/11/2014
  • Hi, I've phonecopy on my phone, but only the contacts are added not the sms, please tell me how to add the sms also. I really need them bipashaa.bhatia, 07/11/2014
    • If you look to synchronize SMS from server to device you need to buy Premium version. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 10/11/2014
  • its very useful jomzrabara, 07/11/2014
  • Have replaced iphine 3G with Moto e . Used phonecopy3g to successfully transfer contacts. Downloaded ordinary phonecopy on Moto but after syncing my Moto e, the contacts at first appear on phone but then are deleted one by one - can you explain? ianrchristie, 06/11/2014
    • Hi, sometimes it can happen if you store your contacts to phone address book and you have assigned gmail account as well. Some android versions start to move contacts to gmail account which can look like contacts are disapearing from your phone if you have set visibility only for phone contacts Phonecopy support team, 06/11/2014
  • my all contact no delete
    after i install phonecopy
    now i how recover my all contacts
    surendra_yadav, 03/11/2014
    • Any deleted contacts can be restored from Deleted Contacts folder of your online profile at Phonecopy support team, 03/11/2014
  • hi, i have done backup of my samsung to phonecopy, and now i want to retrive data from samsung to moto e

    how do i do it, pls help .
    seerayudu, 02/11/2014
  • how to transfer contact from phone copy to Instrument. vinodkadam, 31/10/2014
    • What is instrument? Phonecopy support team, 31/10/2014
  • Hi I'm done with backup. Now i have no idea how to restore my contacts and sms in HTC explorer A310e. someone plz help me how to restore my stuffs back to phone. sudhashini, 30/10/2014
    • Just download PhoneCopy application from Google Play and log it as exiting user to it. Press synchronized and you will get contacts synchronized to your phone.
      Just note SMS upload is part of Premium Subscription.
      Phonecopy support team, 30/10/2014
      • Thank u. But i tried this one before. It again synchronize my current contacts and sms to phonecopy account. also that deletes my existing backup data in phonecopy account. I'm confused :(
        sudhashini, 31/10/2014
        • But there is option for single directional synchronization in the appilication menu and you can choose FROM SERVER TO DEVICE Phonecopy support team, 31/10/2014
  • i want my contact numbers sakshu, 28/10/2014
    • Can you more explain how we can help you? Phonecopy support team, 28/10/2014
  • How often is my data updated from my android to phone copy, i have already synced my contacts but have a few new ones now. Do i have to do anything or is it done automaticly megtavener, 27/10/2014
  • how to add contacts from this server to moto e preethibalaji, 26/10/2014
    • Install PhoneCopy application from Google Play and log in as existing user. Then press synchronize button. Phonecopy support team, 26/10/2014
  • How SMS back up karanpandey, 26/10/2014
    • In our android application when you log in you can select check box named "Enable synchronization of SMS" Phonecopy support team, 26/10/2014
  • how to download Phone Copy for Android application to samsung tab GT-P 3100
    vidyasagarr, 23/10/2014
    • Directly from Google Play or from our page Phonecopy support team, 26/10/2014
  • my samsung tab GT-P3100 connected to to PhoneCopy for Android application vidyasagarr, 23/10/2014
  • I keep getting unauthorized try login to re-associate the device lwcat2323, 08/10/2014
    • Solved via private mail. Phonecopy support team, 22/10/2014
  • Can i restore this back up into my phone again? kielcamposano, 02/10/2014
    • please i need your response as soon as possible kielcamposano, 02/10/2014
      • Hello, according to our records, you have never backed up any data to this PhoneCopy account. Phonecopy support team, 08/10/2014
  • After installing phonecopy i get "Unfortunately phonecopy has stopped" on my lenovo p780. what should i do now? bobodiaw, 30/09/2014
  • Hello,
    I have the app in my blu studio 5.0 phone, but I can't login. I entered username, password and click Android accounts to sync. Which is SMS count: 4. Nothing happens... no reaction... I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
    Please help.
    pablomar, 26/09/2014
    • Solved via private email. Phonecopy support team, 09/10/2014
  • setting syncronisation for Samsung GT-S6810 lolle.santoso, 24/09/2014
    • Hello, there is no setting needed. Just download our app from Google Play store. Phonecopy support team, 08/10/2014
  • Phonecopy can not find the phone contacts properly. I have 284 contacts in my Micromax A52 phone but while using Phone Copy 2.4.10, it is showing 280 contacts. Also while syncing the contacts, updated contacts are not reflected in the phone copy account. My android version is 2.3.6. Also can anyone send a download link to Phone Copy 2.2.13 version? sahoonalinikanta, 23/09/2014
    • Hello, check whether your remaining contacts are stored in the contact database you're syncing. Then can be stored elsewhere (like Gmail or sim card). Phonecopy support team, 08/10/2014
      • Thnx for ur reply. All contacts are saved in Phone memory. This issue is not occurring on Phone Copy version 2.2.13 or below. It is occurring for newer versions.Kindly look in to the matter. sahoonalinikanta, 08/10/2014
        • Solved via private email. Phonecopy support team, 09/10/2014
  • same problem showing error please select at least one of writable android accounts with contact to sync while login to phonecopy
    plzzz help.....
    unknown user, 12/09/2014
  • Please, I have Nokia x, I have been using Phonecopy for sometime on it. I just log out and now want to login but this message pops up "please select at least one of writable Android accounts with contacts to sync" badaru1, 11/09/2014
    • Hello, we slightly changed the login screen in recent version of our application.
      Now you have to check at least one local contact database to sync the contacts with. The most common choice is "Local Contacts" or simply "contacts".
      If you do not see anything on the login screen, try to create one contact in the phone (choose the proper database) and repeat the login process. Sometimes app cannot detect empty contact database.
      Phonecopy support team, 15/09/2014
  • Hello,

    I created a backup of contacts from the phone Sony Ericsson Elm J10i to Phonecopy, now I need to drag contacts to a mobile phone with Android Sony Ericsson X10i. I Phonecopy.apk application to mobile SE X10i download, but the phone still reports that the application can not be installed. What is my mistake please?
    ppuclik, 10/09/2014
  • With my Galaxy duo, how can i synchronize the 2 SIM cards ? dussard, 10/09/2014
  • Phone copy is syncing my gmail a/c contacts but not my local phonebook contacts from device and sim. Can anyone help ashoiyer, 04/09/2014
    • Hi, in the application under Account & Settings button you need to select existing user and on following screen you can select or change contact database (also called provider). Then you will be able to synchronize other contact databases as well. Phonecopy support team, 04/09/2014
      • Thanks for the reply but i am not able to figure out the Accounts & Settings button in android app. Pleas help ashoiyermi3, 04/09/2014
        • Sorry, exact name of the account is Advanced and Account. Phonecopy support team, 04/09/2014
  • I accidentally said "yes" when phone copy asked me if I wanted to synch my SMS. I don't want to delete them from my phone but they send me over the limit for do I remove the synch of just SMS? heathermjs, 01/09/2014
    • Under Account and Settings you select Existing User and on next screen you can switch off SMS synchronization. Then you can delete SMS from the server to fit limits. Phonecopy support team, 01/09/2014
      • I have been into account settings...there is no option to select existing user and I've looked everywhere for the SMS off only setting options are Basic settings Password change, Groups, Devices, Subscription, Account termination.
        Would it be somewhere else? I looked under each and see nothing...
        heathermjs, 02/09/2014
        • Sorry, you have to user Account and Settings button in the android application . . Phonecopy support team, 02/09/2014
  • I recently "upgraded" to the latest version 2.4.10, but now it takes several minutes instead of less than one minute to sync. It seems to be trying to recreaate every text and contact every time I sync instead of just updating the ones that have changed. This is not really an acceptable performance degradation. The older version worked perfectly, and also told me what contacts/texts were added/deleted, which the latest version doesn't seem to do either. Please advise. gra5057, 30/08/2014
    • Hello,

      the thing you describe is "slow sync". This type of sync occurs only after login to app, it transfers all contacts and sms from phone and server and merges them. Because it transfers all items it takes a longer time. Next time, after the "slow sync" will be "fast sync" and it transfers only changes from phone or server, therefore it is faster then the previous one.

      This behavior is the same as in previous versions of PhoneCopy.

      We know that your last five synchronizations were "slow sync". But unfortunately, since you are the first user who this issue reports, currently we don't know the reason. We tested it, but for us it works on all devices.

      Please, try to re-login ("Advanced & Account" > "Use existing account" > Select an account you want to sync and then press Login
      button) and try it again. First time sync will be "slow sync" and another one should be already "fast sync".

      If your issue persists or not, please, send us your feedback.
      Phonecopy support team, 01/09/2014
  • I accidently erased all contacts,
    I somehow also synced that to phonecopy
    So I have lost all contacts.

    How can I restore them from say.. 3 weeks ago?


    leonbkr, 25/08/2014
    • Hello,
      visit deleted contacts page at
      All removed contacts are shown, sorted by the time of deletion.
      Just select all the contacts you want to restore. You can use the check-box in the upper-left corner of the list to change selection of all displayed contacts, also clicking with Shift or Ctrl works as expected.
      Then press Restore button. Once all contacts are restored, sync your phone and they will be transferred back to the phone.
      Phonecopy support team, 25/08/2014
  • i am trying to run Phonecopy on my lnovoP780 but its not running .
    it gives error "unfortunately, phonecopy has stopped ". can you help in this
    jinesh87, 23/08/2014
    • Hi im having the same problem Phone copy stops on my lenovo p780 without opening bobodiaw, 30/09/2014
      • are you able to take error log ?? i am not getting any option to collect error log, which is required for debugging jinesh87, 03/10/2014
        • Hello, please contact support via Help section. Phonecopy support team, 08/10/2014
      • Answered by private mail. Phonecopy support team, 01/10/2014
    • Answered by private mail. Phonecopy support team, 25/08/2014
  • Hello. I Wonder if i Upgrade to Premium, will that restore deleted and sendt sms before 30 days? espensjo, 20/08/2014
    • Yes. All sms stored in your account will be uploaded back to phone. 30 days limit is defined to Deleted items only and can be applied to reduce number of your deleted items. Phonecopy support team, 20/08/2014
      • Forgot to say that after Upgrade, i only get error Message, and i se that there is 2 acounts With sms., can i add i now yoy only synk from espensjo espensjo, 21/08/2014
        • The problem that occurred was caused by the version PhoneCopy that you are currently using. The actual stable version 2.2.13 is not able to write SMS on phones with Android KitKat (4.4.x / your version is 4.4.2) because new restrictions were added in KitKat that were not in previous versions of Android.

          We have prepared a new beta version 2.4.9 which is ready for Android KitKat and already fully supports synchronization of SMS.

          Install the new beta version:
          - from blue link on main screen (above the synchronize button in the PhoneCopy app)
          - or directly from

          After install of the beta do relogin in app ("Advanced & Account" > "Use existing account" > Add an account you want to sync and then press Login button). Then synchronize.
          Phonecopy support team, 21/08/2014
          • Works Great,,, Thanks for help espensjo, 21/08/2014
      • OK, Upgraded to Premium but no more sms than before Premium,,,, Can you please check,,, espensjo, 21/08/2014
      • Upgraded but did`n se any New sms. Can you see which date i installed this program, and is it anything else i must du to find sms sendt and deleted? espensjo, 20/08/2014
  • I hope you can assist me in this regard. When I activated my Samsung account the first time all my contact numbers and BBM aswell Whatsapp contact numbers appeard on my phone. Note that this is new phone aswell new Sim card so this was really great! But then I gave my Samsung in for a Software update and everthing was deleted. Now that i have the phone back i have lost all my contacts. How do i get them back. Please help... irbarnard, 19/08/2014
    • We didn't find any phone synchronized to your profile. Can you explain how you used PhoneCopy before? Phonecopy support team, 20/08/2014
  • I have an enquiry,

    I want to sync my work email into my Lenovo s930 calendar. I noted that I can sync the calendar with my gmail account. However, when I tried to sync it with (my company email), it said, "Couldn't Finish", "Can't Connect to server" ...

    Please help me.
    azriahmad, 14/08/2014
    • If you want to synchronize your work email, you have to ask your administrator to allow you that connection. It is not related to PhoneCopy at all. Phonecopy support team, 14/08/2014
  • J'ai acquis la version PREMIUM de votre produit afin de pouvoir charger mes contacts ainsi que le calendrier de mon MAC BOOK PRO sur mon HUAWEI Y300. Seuls les contacts se synchronisent mais pas le calendrier. Pourquoi avoir payé 20 € si cela ne fonctionne pas !
    Merci de me donner la marche à suivre.
    glycojack, 09/08/2014
    • Hi, you can set synchronization of your calendar between and Google Calendar and then connect Google Calendar with calendar in your phone. Currently it is only way to do it as calendar synchronization for android phones is under developlment. Phonecopy support team, 11/08/2014
  • i have all my contacts on phone do i syn wth my blackberry10 phone y5 to be precise? ajoke, 04/08/2014
  • Can we make Video calls through this Huawei Ascend G730-U10 ? I try to call video call through the sim contact there is no option for video calls krkumar, 03/08/2014
    • Sorry, you are requesting feature of the phone and not related issue. Phonecopy support team, 03/08/2014
  • i m using phicomm i300.its a fantastic phone but i m facing a problem from phone wifi connects but i have no access to internet,kindly guide me how to fix the problem. faizy4444, 02/08/2014
    • Sorry, but this is supporting discussion mostly for We don't expect somebody will help you here with your current wifi issue. Phonecopy support team, 03/08/2014
  • very useful & helpful for me. thanx for cooperation & support me. popul, 02/08/2014
    • :) Phonecopy support team, 03/08/2014
  • i have remove iris n320 mobile applications
    chettapu, 31/07/2014
    • Can you, please, more explain your request to PhoneCopy services? Phonecopy support team, 01/08/2014
    • Can you please more explain your problems? Phonecopy support team, 01/08/2014
  • Hi
    I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos. When I uploaded the contacts only few names appeared in the First Name fileld. Most of the first names (>90%) are not uploaded. Only their contact numbers got uploaded and the Name fields remained empty.
    Can you please resolve the matter.

    gvr777, 30/07/2014
    • Solved via private email. Phonecopy support team, 05/08/2014
  • Hi. Do u support CalDAV? andmed, 28/07/2014
    • Not yet. Sorry Phonecopy support team, 29/07/2014
  • Dear Sir I m using X Touch x506 android mobile and I lost the settings option I cant change the language or cant open my Wi-Fi please help me out. If I scroll the option its getting hanged Help me Sir. indianasim, 24/07/2014
    • Do your request have any relation to Phonecopy support team, 24/07/2014
  • How to transfer contacts from HTC Desire X to Samsung S5. I have the whole back up of the list in sync.

    tanushreebha, 24/07/2014
  • hi, my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i is dead. when Im trying to switch it on, its showing SONY and ERICSSON again and again.
    all of my contacts are saved here. if u have a solution to get my contacts from it, it would be a great help.
    wfprady, 21/07/2014
    • Sorry, but if you didn't backup your contacts to our service before, we can't help you . . . Phonecopy support team, 21/07/2014
  • how to restore messages from phonecopy server to android devices i.e micromax canvas doodle 2.

    plzz help me out ... waiting for ur responses
    kanhiya492, 20/07/2014
    • Uploading messages from to android phone is part of Premium Subscription. Phonecopy support team, 20/07/2014
  • hi..
    i am using Micromax A110 (Canvas 2)
    Phone copy does not detect my phone contacts..
    while there are 400+ contacts, phone copy says phone has 0 contacts..
    please help..
    nil_9, 11/07/2014
    • i am selecting correct database.. i.e... phone contacts..
      also i have deleted all other contacts from phone..
      only phone contacts remain...
      but phone copy says 0 phone contacts...
      nil_9, 11/07/2014
      • Solved via private mail. Phonecopy support team, 11/07/2014
  • hiii i am using samsung s duos... i am sync contacts from facebook but their is all email ids and contact are sync.. but i want only disply or sync contact not email id so plz help me saurabhbhogaonkar, 09/07/2014
  • Phonecopy has stopped. The app wouldnt start. Please help. Using samsung note 8.0 tab. Followed the download instructions. dec18jo, 05/07/2014
    • Solved via private mail. Phonecopy support team, 07/07/2014
  • only emaisl get sync, not Ph numbers ? any ideas rghosh, 21/06/2014
    • It looks you selected wrong contact database. Please go to application settings and change synchronized contact database to nother one which contains your full contact information. Phonecopy support team, 22/06/2014
  • App installed from Playstore. Then at first start message appeared "PhoneCopy is stopped'. By some reason the app will not start. Even after a shutdown/restart of the phone. Please help. Thanks.
    jmastr, 15/06/2014
    • Answered by private support email. Phonecopy support team, 17/06/2014
  • I have done the back up from Phone to Phone copy, but unable to restore the back up to my phone. ankita.bharadwa, 12/06/2014
    • Which error you received? Usually it works for all supported phones. Phonecopy support team, 13/06/2014
  • how to take screenshot on your micromax bolt A35 ?
    Please help!
    shoelace, 10/06/2014
    • Hi, you have to ask Micromax not us. Sorry Phonecopy support team, 13/06/2014
  • hi..i want to delete my autobackup folder in gallary..can u plz tell me how can i do that i can permantely deleted that me-8879558970..after 7pm......... nibedita, 04/06/2014
    • Is your question related to PhoneCopy Application? Phonecopy support team, 04/06/2014
  • i lost my contacts from server vkjp, 01/06/2014
    • Hi in your profile there are not any deleted contacts. We found only active contacts list. Phonecopy support team, 01/06/2014
      • all contacts are deleted from phone copy server and they are showing in default group tray
        how can i get them back???
        vkjp, 13/06/2014
        • I can se 116 active and 0 deleted contacts only. Can you explain what problem you need to solve? Phonecopy support team, 14/06/2014
          • in my home page
            in the recent syncorisation in the lastly i can see around 830 contacts deleted i want to retriew them
            they are showing as the default gropu tray
            how can i get those 832 contacts?
            vkjp, 15/06/2014
            • On the account vkjp there is not any deleted contacts. Phonecopy support team, 15/06/2014
  • huawei Ascend p1 (u9200) imei unknow
    how can I do please help me
    mr.haider, 30/05/2014
  • I'm trying to copy my contacts from my 'old' HTC Wilfire to a 'new' Moto G but not all the contacts have been uploaded to the Phonecopy account and so, obviously, I won't get them all on the Moto G. Suggestions?
    robin-p, 06/05/2014
    • Hi, in the application settings you can select which contact database you want to synchronize. There can be more contact databases in the phone which contains your contacts. You need to change contact database and synchronize next one. Please check. Phonecopy support team, 07/05/2014
  • After sync through "Phonecopy" I have lost my all phone contact, How do I recover my Contact snjy11, 05/05/2014
    • Did you check Deleted Contacts folder of your account? Phonecopy support team, 05/05/2014
  • When will Samsung Jasper be available to sync SMS? haze102784, 04/05/2014
    • It is already availabe with our latest application version. Phonecopy support team, 04/05/2014
  • how so I synchronize my calendar to Xperia Z1 (c6903) from my PhoneCopy account?
    mom61, 03/05/2014
    • Hi, you need to set calendar synchronization of your PhoneCopy account to Google Calendar and then you will connect your phone to Google Calendar which is native service provided by Google Phonecopy support team, 04/05/2014
  • i cant synchronize my phone with my pc
    euciffe, 02/05/2014
    • Hi, you need to have installed application PhoneCopy for Android ot your phone and PhoneCopy for Windows to your PC. Then you will be able to synchronize contacts over server Phonecopy support team, 02/05/2014
  • When will the Samsung Illusion support sync of SMS?? korin5683, 22/04/2014
    • Yes. Download our latest android application and confirm prompt message when you will be asked for SMS sync. Phonecopy support team, 23/04/2014
  • how to sync contacts stored in phone copy with the android phone? pandaman, 16/04/2014
  • Huge bug in the Andoird app: do a one way sync to google contacts, then wait for Android device to sync, then do a PhoneCopy sync and it will duplicate all entries in PhoneCopy with all groups selected. pstanley, 11/04/2014
    • Hello,

      this is not a PhoneCopy Android app's bug, but when you are using to synchronizing your contacts more than one synchronization service simultaneously, it causes conflicts and the duplication of contacts (If you would use any two synchronization services - except PhoneCopy, problem would occur anyway).

      We don't recommend to use more than one synchronization service simultaneously.
      Phonecopy support team, 11/04/2014
  • Hi I have sync my contacts from iphone4 but only 300 done I have upgrade the account but still same plz advise tarekassil, 08/04/2014
    • Answered by private support email. Phonecopy support team, 08/04/2014
  • I tried on my C771 it connects, goes through the process, no errors, but will not read contacts off of the phone and show on your webpage. dispatch, 04/04/2014
    • Hi, i am not sure, but it looks you synchronize empty database only. On android phones there are several contacts databases and you have to select that one which contains your contacts. Please check in the application settings list box offering to select databases just under username and password. Phonecopy support team, 04/04/2014
  • Fantastic!!!! Great job done by Phonegap.
    Got all contacts synced.
    Please let me how to sync the contacts on phone without downloading Phonecopy app(as I have samsung wave mobile-bada os).
    dinesh1gore, 26/03/2014
  • Good Day! I've just installed PhoneCopy to my device,

    I also download "Using PhoneCopy for Windows:"

    Now I have back up for my contacts!
    I'm loving this app

    But how about the SMS?
    How do I put SMS copy on the pc?
    yui.snow, 25/03/2014
    • Hi, you can download SMS from your online profile to your PC in form of CSV file only. We will include SMS sync in the PhoneCopy for Windows later. Phonecopy support team, 25/03/2014
  • Hello
    Small precision: now every time I put my backuped 1400 contacts on my iphone, the phone copy delete them on the iphone again. I've deleted the app "phonecopy" from my iphone but it still keep deleting quasi all my contact. Could you please tell me how I delete PhoneCopy on my iphone, so that it stops deleting me 1400. I cannot do this via the deleted item on this website, cause 1400 contacts is a too big amount to do it manually

    Thanks in advance
    helene1234, 23/03/2014
    • The solution of your problem is ot restore 1400 contacts from Deleted Contacts folder. You can select all contacts by selecting check box on contacts page header. Phonecopy support team, 23/03/2014
  • Hello I try to synchronize the data between an iphone 4 and Samsung android. The first time it worked and I had all my more or less 1400 contacts on both phones. then I got a mail from Phonecopy telling me that I should upgrade to premium because the amount of contacts was too big. I did the upgrade and since then the app only sync me 18 contacts. Everytime I try to restore the 1400 from my iphone up on the server I got the message that 18 contacts have been successfully updated. Please help me cause I don't know how to make it work.

    helene1234, 23/03/2014
    • Hi Helene, we found your contacts in Deleted Contacts folder. Please check your online profile Phonecopy support team, 23/03/2014
  • Please help.I have backed up my sms for my xperia mini pro and after restoring they not there.They have disappeared and even sms in my mail box have gone.Are they stored somewhere else? Please,please help,I backed up them for reason and I really want them,hope you can help hawkster, 14/03/2014
    • Hi, we didn't find any mobile phone synchronized to your profile. We can restore only data which was at least once synchronized to our server. Phonecopy support team, 15/03/2014
  • I have copied contacts how do i transfer to my samsung note 10.1 sm-p600 wifi only wanrans, 11/03/2014
    • Using our PhoneCopy application which you will find in Google Play. Download it, install it then log in as existing user and press Synchronize button. Phonecopy support team, 11/03/2014
  • I have copied contacts, notes and calendar from my Nokia C7 to PhoneCopy in order to transfer them to Samsung S4. But only contacts and calendar have been copied. How do I get Notes transferred as well. zeibamrizvi, 11/03/2014
    • Sorry, notes on android will be supported later. Phonecopy support team, 11/03/2014
  • On the pc. Sorry pranav_shahaney, 28/02/2014
  • How do I get the contacts from the website to my phone? pranav_shahaney, 27/02/2014
    • Start PhoneCopy application on your android phone, log in as existing user and press synchronize button. Phonecopy support team, 27/02/2014
      • Its already there on the website. How do I put it om the phone? pranav_shahaney, 28/02/2014
        • How do I put it on the pc? pranav_shahaney, 28/02/2014
  • This thing really helped me. My old phone died, i haven't got backed up, but i had to set up synch, now i have new phone, all numbers are GONE, if not sych, i'l be dead. :D dequesto, 22/02/2014
    • Thank you, will be glad if you will get positive reference to all your friends Phonecopy support team, 22/02/2014
  • '' Hello, i just downloaded and sync my tecno phantom unto phonecopy, what i needed to do was to backup and save my contact which i hope phone copy can do
    However, what i got was that all my sms was backedup, but instead of my phone contact backup, it was my gmail contact that was backup.
    my gmail contact is not going anywhere, it is my phone contact that i need to back up
    can somebody please tell me how to back up my phone contact??? and if phone copy cannot do this, somebody should please let me know unknown user,'' 1 hour ago watch, reply

    ''Hi, you can select which contact database you want to synchronize and it looks you selected Gmail one. Go to Account setting, then existing user and there change Android account to sync to contact database which you want to synchronize. Please check''

    Apparently, we are not on the same page as all the things you refer to does not exist on my page, under Account settings, i have Language, Time zone and International prefix and nothing else, thank you- Debollini

    debollini1, 14/02/2014
    • Hi, please start application on your android phone. Then you will see three buttons. Second one is Advanced & Account, then you will see five buttons, second is Use Existing Account, then you will be able to change contacts database for synchronization. Phonecopy support team, 14/02/2014
  • Hello, i just downloaded and sync my tecno phantom unto phonecopy, what i needed to do was to backup and save my contact which i hope phone copy can do
    However, what i got was that all my sms was backedup, but instead of my phone contact backup, it was my gmail contact that was backup.
    my gmail contact is not going anywhere, it is my phone contact that i need to back up
    can somebody please tell me how to back up my phone contact??? and if phone copy cannot do this, somebody should please let me know
    unknown user, 14/02/2014
    • Hi, you can select which contact database you want to synchronize and it looks you selected Gmail one. Go to Account setting, then existing user and there change Android account to sync to contact database which you want to synchronize. Please check Phonecopy support team, 14/02/2014
  • Hello! How do I transfer contacts on a Samsung Galaxy mini to an iPhone 4S? pablomar, 11/02/2014
  • Hello, i have a Motorola XT311 and installed phone copy. The phone has 300 contacts. But when I run phonecopy it says there are zero contacts in the phone and hence is not syncing anything. Any help? dvraghavan, 30/01/2014
    • Android OS in your phone has several contacts databases and when you are setting PhoneCopy username and password there you can choose which contact database you want to synchronize. Moreover you see how many contacts are in which database. Please go to Account settings and Existing user and select correct database which you want to synchronize e.q. Phone(300) etc. Phonecopy support team, 30/01/2014
      • In the phonecopy settings page i have 2 accounts - phone (0) and Gmail 12. However I am able to see more than 300 contacts in the phone. dvraghavan, 31/01/2014
        • Solved via private mail. Phonecopy support team, 31/01/2014
          • Hi I am having exactly the same problem of 0 phone contacts being shown when I have over 200 contacts. What's the solution? dhananp, 08/11/2014
            • Solved via private mail. Phonecopy support team, 10/11/2014
            • I contacted phonecopy support and they gave me a patched version which resolved the issue. They collected data from my phone before getting the patch. So I'd suggest you contact the support team. Good luck!!! dvraghavan, 09/11/2014
              • Right thanks.. dhananp, 09/11/2014
  • think you sadda, 28/01/2014
  • how do i save my contacts from phonecopy to my new samsung s4? kanisius, 22/01/2014
    • Download PhoneCopy.apk from google play, start it, login as existing user and press synchronize. Phonecopy support team, 22/01/2014
  • Hey Admin,

    i had Syncd My contacts few months back in phonecopy via my Samsung Wave 525 now few days back i have losted my mobile somewhere currently i am using Window Phone Nokia 625 & i want to backup my contacts. In my Nokia Lumia....Can you Guide me how can i take my Contacts...
    khushitleja, 11/01/2014
    • Answered by private mail Phonecopy support team, 11/01/2014
  • Hi, I am also receiving that 7 days expiry message from you when I try to sync my htc desire hd to m'y ipad 4 and to m'y pc's Outlook. CAN you help me please. I wish to change mobile phone and I am desperate. I have all my contacts (around 2000) on my htc desire and want to transfer them to my future phone that will probably be either an iPhone or a galaxy s4. Plase help, thanks a lot in advance. Best regards. hamid.alsir, 03/01/2014
    • it means you exceeded the limit for free account. See . If you will transfer contacts between phones within 7 days it will work without need to buy Premium Subscription. maher91, 03/01/2014
  • Hello,
    I am eagerly waiting for SMS backup for Android. When it will be launched?
    Currently only Contacts sync is there for Android, but just to let you know that Contacts can be backed up & restored in multiple ways without phone copy. So we are looking for sms backup & restore solution.
    sachin.shetye, 30/12/2013
  • Hi,

    I have backed up my contacts,notes,tasks,calender from my old sony ericsson k 790 to phone copy. ANd have synchronized contacts with my new nexus 5. But how to sync notes,calender,tasks to my new nexus 5 from phone copy?
    jbk, 18/12/2013
    • Hi, currently we support only Contacts synchronization on android, messages will be launched soon, then we will continue with rest of data types. Also you can synchronized to your Google Calendar which can be synchronized to Nexus. Phonecopy support team, 20/12/2013
  • helo admin, pls i jst bakd up my contacts on the phonecopy server, It only showd the contact names but didnt show their Numbers. how do i do it so dat my contacts phone numbers can be assignd to their names respectively? temmyfingerz, 09/12/2013
    • Hi, you selected WhatsApp contact database as synchronization source. If you need to synchronize all contacts details you have to select contact database which contains contacts detail. Probably phone database or gmail contact database. You will find in under account settings of installed application. Phonecopy support team, 11/12/2013
  • wow, it' awesome, sync from Nokia e52 to Android 4.2, what a great app and service.
    s.shekarlab, 03/12/2013
  • How to trasfer contacts from iPhone 4 to Android Galaxy S4? rejanethurst, 02/12/2013
  • Hi, I am also receiving that 7 days expiry message from you when I try to sync my htc desire hd to m'y ipad 4 and to m'y pc's Outlook. CAN you help me please. I wish to change mobile phone and I am desperate. I have all my contacts (around 2000) on my htc desire and want to transfer them to my future phone that will probably be either an iPhone or a galaxy s4. Please help, thanks a lot in advance. Best regards. prakashsamputh, 27/11/2013
  • i am using Samsung Galaxy Grand (GT-I9082),when updated my phone i lost my all contacts...what should i do now...i didnt take any back up..please tell me what should i do to get my all contacts back..... chinna.kudala, 26/11/2013
    • Hi, if you didn't make any backup you will not be able to recover your contacts at all. Phonecopy support team, 26/11/2013
  • i am not able to sign in telling me something like expired 7 days can you please help me i am desperate as all my contacts are saved on this and my old phone broked
    christopherwilson, 25/11/2013
    • Hi, it looks you have blocked account as you exceeded limit for free account. Please check our answer sent to email address. Phonecopy support team, 25/11/2013
  • can i sync my contacts from the phonecopy
    website to my mobile
    vizpul, 16/11/2013
    • Yes, of course. You can select single directional sync in the PhoneCopy.apk Phonecopy support team, 17/11/2013
  • I uploaded all my contacts to Phonecopy, i reset my phone back to factory settings and synced my account with phone copy and I lost all my contacts on both phone and Phonecopy. What can I do to restore all my contacts first in Phonecopy and then transfer them back to my phone? woldanno, 13/11/2013
    • Hi, you will find all deleted contacts in the Deleted Contacts folder of You can restore it and on next sync you will get it back to your phone Phonecopy support team, 13/11/2013
  • I synchronized my contacts from my mobile to the server. I can see the names but they don't have any contact details such as mobile number, email etc. What should I do? chinmaysjoshi, 08/11/2013
    • Because you selected "WhatsApp" contacts database which contains only names. You have to select phone or gmail contacts database to synchronize all contact details Phonecopy support team, 09/11/2013
  • Great app raman., 01/11/2013
  • Please let me know when calendar sync will be ready... please, please, please. sdm, 27/10/2013
    • Hi, you can synchronize PhoneCopy to Google Calendar and then your android can be synchronized directly with Google Calendar as well. Phonecopy support team, 01/11/2013
      • I tried, but in somehow this does not work. I dunno why. Can't export from PhCop to google account. sdm, 02/11/2013
        • Hi, it is not export it is synchronization. Please check Calendar page of and use Sync with Google button. Phonecopy support team, 03/11/2013
          • Thanks! Worked! Kisses! sdm, 04/11/2013
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)
    I'd like to be able to backup my calendar, tasks, notes. Are you going to be doing this soon?
    tricia_td, 30/09/2013
    • Hi, currently we work on automatic synchronization, then we will launch support of multiple contact databases in single sync and next we will launch SMS backup. Then we will develop other data types as calendar, tasks and notes. Phonecopy support team, 01/10/2013
      • OK, thanks. tricia_td, 01/10/2013
  • same is happening on my Galaxy 3 so it is definitely a server problem. Help petere, 29/09/2013
    • Answered via private email. Phonecopy support team, 01/10/2013
  • I have Galaxy 4. I cannot sync. It gets to 4% and sticks. I have tried deleting the app on phone and same happens. It must be a problem with the sever. How do I clear the problem? petere, 29/09/2013
    • Answered via private email. Phonecopy support team, 30/09/2013
  • How can I choose to sync contacts with numbers only? I have a lot of contacts which only has email address. nwillis, 29/09/2013
    • On the top of contact list there is filtering menu with default selection "All Contacts" but you can select "no phone numbers" as well. Using that filter you can select all contacts without number and you can set it to contact group which is not synchronized to your phone. To define contact groups please use , To assign contact to group please use "SHOW" menu above of contact list table. Phonecopy support team, 29/09/2013
  • Why does phonecopy groups not match the android groups? abssorb, 27/09/2013
    • PhoneCopy groups are tool to define which group of contacts you want to synchronize to which device. Phonecopy support team, 29/09/2013
  • I have sycnrosised contacts i am not able to trasfe it to my another cell phone
    i have sncronised them from samsung s5620 and i want to transfer it to Samsung GT-S5830
    what should I do now ???? plzz tell me fst its urgnt
    ksachdev4, 24/09/2013
    • Download PhoneCopy.apk from Google Play and log in as existing user. Then press synchronize and contacts from server will be transferred to your new phone. Phonecopy support team, 25/09/2013
  • hi,my cell cannot support wifi when i put my local network sim and without sim wifi is fine.plz tell me what should i do to get it work? waheed060, 14/09/2013
    • Hi, you can use PhoneCopy via GPRS/3G network as well. You need to have data enabled from your mobile operator. Phonecopy support team, 15/09/2013
  • Hi, I managed to transfer my contacts from Nokia E72 to Sony Xperia L. But not able to transfer the sms, calender and notes to my Sony Xperia L. What should I do to get it work? chualayping, 13/09/2013
    • I am also using Xperia L.
      phonecopy for android only supports contacts sync.
      unknown user, 22/09/2013
      • Hi, if you have Xperia registered to Google you can synchronize with google calendar to get current events to your phone. Notes synchronization will be launched later. Phonecopy support team, 22/09/2013
    • Hi, currently we support contacts synchronization only. Other data types will be launched later. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 15/09/2013
  • Just installed phonecopy aplication to my samsung galasy andvace s. I made syncrhronization, see contacts, but can't find todos. What i did wrong? matandrius, 10/09/2013
    • Hi, currently we support only contact synchronization. Other data types are under development. Phonecopy support team, 10/09/2013
  • How can I get my calendar from Ipad to htc tel. Contacts are working, but i stil do not see the callendar. mirosmolicek, 30/08/2013
    • Hi, you can use PCalendar App to get calendar from iPad to PhoneCopy. Then you can synchronize your PhoneCopy account to Google Calendar and Google Calednar can be native connected to any android phone. Phonecopy support team, 30/08/2013
  • I just got email:

    "Dear user ,
    number of items in your account has exceeded the limit available for free accounts.
    Please, either lower the number of your items or purchase a Premium subscription.

    In 7 days, synchronizations with your account will be disabled until you solve the issue.
    Exceeded limits: Type Count Limit
    Devices 3 2 "

    How to remove one device? where to find this option?
    I'm interessted to use basic version. For me it is more than enough.
    matandrius, 23/08/2013
  • hi my phonecopy account doesn't update any new contact that i add in my samsung S3 phone to the phonecopy server, it updates server to device, not device to server, can you help to fix this? thanks key_shore, 30/06/2013
    • Hi, it looks you are adding new phone contacts to different contacts database than is selected for PhoneCopy synchronization. On android phone there is more contacts databases and you can choose which one you want to synchronize. Phonecopy support team, 30/06/2013
  • PhoneCopy is just synchronizing my Gmail contacts..not my Phone Device Contacts...
    tell me how it will??
    shyguyeddie, 23/06/2013
    • Hi, it looks you selected wrong contacts database for synchronization. Go back to settings or log in as existing user and change contacts database. Phonecopy support team, 23/06/2013
  • All i want to know is once i have synchronized the data on my phone, can i delete the app?
    and if i do delete the app will it remove all my contacts from my phone as well?
    junaidkhatri, 03/06/2013
    • You can delete app and your contacts will remain stored in your android phone Phonecopy support team, 03/06/2013