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Symbian is an operating system that is used by a great number of mobile phones. With relation to PhoneCopy the big advantage of Symbian based phones is the ability to synchronize not even contacts or events but also other data types as SMS or MMS. PhoneCopy already supports SMS management and backup and we plan to support MMS in the future.
The Symbian operating system has several versions from which the most widespread is probably S60 third edition e.g. Nokia 5730 ExpressMusic, Nokia E75, N96, N86, N79, Samsung GT-i8510 or GT-i7110 and S60 fifth edition e.g. Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic, Nokia 5530 ExpressMusic, Nokia 5230, Nokia N97, N97 mini, X6, Sony Ericsson Satio or Samsung i8910. In all it encompasses tens of models also referred to as Smartphone.

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  • how can I restore my data from phonecopy back into my nokia asha 302? lavycreatza, 15/03/08
  • how can i restore sms from phonecopy faisa.saeed08, 15/02/19
  • hi i am not able to restore sms and calender from my phonecopy account please help vineetvyas, 14/12/08
    • Calendar should work without any problem. SMS can't be uploaded back to Nokia because Nokia block it. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/08
  • Hi,
    I have the Basic Version option and did a backup of my contacts, sms's, calendar, noes and tasks but only my Contacts and Tasks are being transferred, nothing else.
    Please tell me how to include all the SMS's and Calendar entries as well.
    tertiaduv, 14/09/03
    • Hi,
      notes for android are still under development, sorry. Calendar can be synchronized indirectly via Google Calendar which can be connected to your PhoneCopy profile. SMS upload to android is available only for Premium users.
      Phonecopy support team, 14/09/03
  • How can i restore the synced numbers from Phonecopy back to my phone? selmaalberto, 14/08/11
  • How to export contacts from phone copy to Nokia 6303c? manojchopda, 14/08/03
  • While uploading contacts, titles of nos are getting truncated/retested to cell and unfortunately that field cant be edited. ashg, 14/06/22
    • Hello, we set the phone type which is provided by the phone itself. Syncml protocol has limited support of phone types so in most cases the type is changed to some preexisting category, which is cellphone, typically. Phonecopy support team, 14/06/23
  • how can i restore contact to Nokia e52
    fahadkandoth, 14/03/10
  • Hi, my phone is nokia E52 . i have back up my contact.after my phone formated i don't know how to restore my contact in my same phone fahadkandoth, 14/03/10
  • then what shud i do to get my sms back,help josephck, 14/02/15
    • Hi, it depends which phone you have. Please find your phone unders supported devices list and you will get full instructions for your phone. Phonecopy support team, 14/02/16
  • i backed up my sms's in my nokia e5 to phonecopy successifully but i can't get them back to my new nokia e72.when i try it gives system error.what is the problem? josephck, 14/02/12
    • Hi, you can't upload SMS to new phone as Nokia doesn't allow it. Anyway system error is not related to SMS. Phonecopy support team, 14/02/12
  • dear sir i cant tke my cantocts from phonecopy to mobile what should i do
    naveenkondapally, 13/08/01
    • Which phone model you have Phonecopy support team, 13/08/01
  • restore all data from phonecopy to nokia x6
    piyushsam, 13/07/14
  • I fisrt synchronised my contacts and sms with phonecopy and then upgraded my mobile phone's software. I was able to retrieve my contacts as they were but I cannot retrieve my sms as well even though they exist in my phone copy account. What can I do? apostolos1985, 13/06/07
    • Hi, for security reasons Nokia doesn't allow to upload SMS back to your phone. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 13/06/09
  • i have e72, when trying to sycro its giving system error. what is the issue ?? bhakti.narvekar, 13/05/10
  • is it possible to import contacts on n8 from another phone??
    abhi_2479, 13/03/19
  • Hi! Is it possible that I sync my nokia e75 to phonecopy, then I restore my phone to factory settings, then I sync my data on phonecopy back to my e75? Thanks! acm, 13/02/23
    • Yes, it is possible. But when you will reset it to factory settings you need to delete E75 from your profile and associate it back. Contacts will remain unchanged but your profile will take the phone as new device. Phonecopy support team, 13/02/23
  • I have synchronised my contact from Nokia n8, I couldn't see any contact after sign in, anyone can help me how can I see those contact in this website,please help me. mfarhad, 12/12/28
    • It looks you forgot to associate your phone to profile. But later you made it by yourself Phonecopy support team, 12/12/28
  • Hi i can not transfer my contact database from ipad 2 to my nokia e7,
    When i tried that it says system error,some one help me on it thanxs
    chisulpatel, 12/03/06