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  • My phone crashed and my storage was affected. I found that my contacts was creating the issue so I deleted them. How do I restore my contacts to my Note 4 from the phonecopy website, as I can't seem to find a way to synchronize back to my phone? dianamkemp, 04.04.15
    • Please follow our guide: Phonecopy Support-Team, 04.04.15
      • I wasn't able to sync my contacts from the desktop to my Note 4. Is two-way sync only available with premium? I just couldn't find any option to sync to my phone. This is urgent as I have no contacts on my phone. How can this be resolved? dianamkemp, 05.04.15
        • Two way is available in free version as well. Phonecopy Support-Team, 06.04.15
  • phonecopy supports only 500 contacts but i need to synchonise 910 contacts.
    It is possible or not?
    If possible please response this contact mail id
    manojkumar57, 05.03.15
    • PhoneCopy support all yoour contacts. Limit of 500 contacts is set for free account. With Premium you are unlimited. Phonecopy Support-Team, 05.03.15
  • Hi guys, I try to sync one Samsung U900 soul with phonecopy, but I didn't find any menu "Organiser or Syncronize. Can you be more specific. Thanks sebi, 24.02.15
    • Sorry, but you might have another firmware which has different order in the menu or some features can by disabled . . Phonecopy Support-Team, 24.02.15
      • Hi again,
        I have
        Software ver. U900G+XX+H
        SHP:VPP R5 2.1.1

        Any suggestion how to enable sync without firmware upgrade? Thanks
        sebi, 25.02.15
  • Hi, how can I sync PhoneCopy to my gmail contacts? (I want to have my gmail contacts on my samsung b2710, through phonecopy). Thanks unbekannten Benutzer, 19.02.15
  • Samsung galaxy GtS6102, 05.02.15
  • While syncing contacts from Sony Ericsson J10i2 to Samsung GT-S5610, some characters in contacts name/surname were not transferred to destination phone as they should be (Croatian characters). Although the contacts look good on phoneopy web admin, on destination mobile GT-S5610 Croatian characters are replaced with garbage. How to fix this? I tried exporting to CSV with intention of replacing Croatian characters with English ones however there is no option to import CSV (?). Please advise. mdobsa, 23.01.15
    • Sorry, there is not option to import CSV as CSV can have different formats and it is difficult to follow it. In the there is "remove accents" under "more actions" on contacts page. This will help. Phonecopy Support-Team, 25.01.15
  • SSM
    messages back up from samsung wave y (GT-S5380S)
    saikrishnaksv, 23.12.14
    • Sorry, we can't access it . . Phonecopy Support-Team, 23.12.14
  • I have saved my contracts from my how can I save my contacts back to my other phone gaurav-1, 25.11.14
    • You will find your phone in our supported devices list and then you will follow guide provided for that phone. Phonecopy Support-Team, 25.11.14
  • Dear Team,
    Hi i am not able to backup data from phonecopy to my phone samsung galaxy core (Gt8262). please tell me how to download data from phonecopy to mobile
    bharatbhu87, 10.11.14
  • Hello. i want to synchronize one way phone to server , only phone contacts. The application send on server all contact ( mail, and phone contacts )
    Where i setting only phone contacts to synchronize ?
    Thanks \
    ety1910, 04.10.14
    • Hello,
      it is not possible once all these contacts are stored in the same contact database. Our app does not provide any filtering.
      Phonecopy Support-Team, 08.10.14
  • Hello, So I bought a new phone, downloaded PhoneCopy and the first thing I did was press Synchronize. Because of my stupidity, my contacts don't exist on the server now (since it synced with a blank phone) or the new phone. Can I reverse this or do anything to retrieve my contacts? rimoabdallah, 27.09.14
    • Hello, visit deleted contacts section on the website. Just press the "Restore deleted contacts" in the contacts section and you will see deleted contacts with ability to restore them. Phonecopy Support-Team, 08.10.14
  • hi how to sync data from phonecopy sever to samsung wave 525.
    please tell me how to do the same
    aswinisanda, 19.08.14
  • Hi i am not able to backup data from phonecopy to my phone samsung wave 525. please tell me how to download data from phonecopy to mobile aswinisanda, 19.08.14
  • How do i Undelete the contacts that my phone deleted by mistake? thereverend, 27.07.14
  • I'm not able to associate the my mobile samsung wave 525, even though username and password is entered correctly. prash1980, 19.07.14
    • Replied via email Phonecopy Support-Team, 21.07.14
  • Hi, I have synced my Galaxy S4 but the names are not shown in the contacts, only the mobile numbers with no info ........ Please help
    mattoneill, 14.07.14
    • Solved via private email. Phonecopy Support-Team, 14.07.14
  • hi im using samsung galaxy SIII mini GT-I8190 i restored factory settings after doing so i lost internet connection and it shows "Invalid IMEI" even if i dial *#06# it replies IMEI null so how can i solve that problem guys? dully.luziga, 12.07.14
    • Hi, with Galaxy SIII you don't need IMEI form. Just download PhoneCopy.apk from Google Play, start it and log in as existing user. Then you will select From Server to Device option and your contacts will be synchronized back to your phone. Phonecopy Support-Team, 13.07.14
      • but how can i download phonecopy.apk from google store while no internet connection? dully.luziga, 13.07.14
        • Hi, but you can't use without internet connection at all. Sorry. Phonecopy Support-Team, 13.07.14
        • Hi, but you can't use without internet connection at all. Sorry. Phonecopy Support-Team, 13.07.14
  • I thought this program would bring in contacts from my galaxy into my ipad and it did but it deleted my ipad contacts. How can I get them back? I tried the restore deleted contacts but your site said there weren't any deleted items to restore. phine4now, 23.06.14
    • Samsung saithu, 03.07.14
    • Hi, there is not an iPad assigned in your profile then we can't research what happened. Anyway if you select Two way synchronization it will synchronize contacts from phonecopy to device as well as contacts from device to Deleting contacts from device can occur only in case you select single directional synchronization from Server to Device but before contacts are deleted you are noticed by red alert. Phonecopy Support-Team, 23.06.14
      • I did select one way synchronize but never received a single red alert of any sort. Can I undo? phine4now, 23.06.14
        • If you used single directional synchronization from Server to Device, there is not possiblity to undo. Undo works only i case you delete anything on the server because server has Deleted Contacts folder. Sorry. Phonecopy Support-Team, 23.06.14
          • Do since nothing was deleted where did it go? It looks like all my emails synchronized ... I didn't want that...I just wanted contacts added to my pad not over ridden. Can you tell me where my ipad info is? phine4now, 23.06.14
            • Replied via email. Phonecopy Support-Team, 24.06.14
  • I have synchronized contacts but I can't synchronize my sms. Please help me. manzer, 19.06.14
    • I can see 262 synchronized SMS . . Phonecopy Support-Team, 19.06.14
      • It is there on my server but its not synchronizing into my phone manzer, 19.06.14
  • While synchronising the app says

    "Sync Failed

    An unexpected error occured. We will take a look at it. Please try again later.

    Your contacts may be duplicated.

    You can use web based duplicity manager"

    I did and fixed all duplicates. The website says now there is no problem. But after that I'm still not able to synchronize my cellphone with the website. What should I do?
    aashilmathew, 03.06.14
    • Hello,

      problem is not in duplicities, there is trouble in sychronization. Duplicities are only repercussion.

      Your version of Android OS is 4.4.2 KitKat.

      Unfortunately, there are big changes in this new release of Android. Since this release, only default sms application can write (enter) sms to your phone (PhoneCopy is not default sms app in your phone).

      Problem which causes failure of PhoneCopy is just mentioned writing of sms.

      Your trouble can be (temporarily) resolved by disabling sync of sms.

      To disable synchronization of SMS from your Android phone, in the PhoneCopy app, press Advanced & Account -> Use existing account -> uncheck "Enable synchronization of SMS" checkbox -> press Login.

      After disabling of sms sync you will sync only contacts. Sync of contacts is working properly.

      We work on solution of this new Android's limitation and we will release new version as soon as possible.
      Phonecopy Support-Team, 03.06.14
      • but what to do for sms sync? it is necessary now as im selling my old phone. is there anything u can do at the moment? aashilmathew, 03.06.14
        • The mentioned problem occurs only when PhoneCopy tries to write (create) sms to your device.

          You can back up sms by using of one-way synchronization from your phone. It backs up contacts and sms from your phone to PhoneCopy server.

          After this, (contacts and) sms will be backed up on PhoneCopy server and will be ready to sync to your new device until the mentioned limit of Android will be resolved.

          To one-way synchronization from your phone, in the PhoneCopy app, press "Advanced & Account" -> "One-way sync" -> "This device » server" -> "Agree and continue".

          This operation deletes all contacts and sms on the server and newly creates all contacts and sms from your phone.

          If you have some contacts and sms on the server which you do not want to lose you can restore them (after one-way sync) from "Restore deleted contacts" or "Restore deleted sms" on PhoneCopy website.
          Phonecopy Support-Team, 03.06.14
  • I just got my S4 some days before and tried to synchronize. The app on the mobile said this:

    "Sync Failed

    An unexpected error occured. We will take a look at it. Please try again later.

    Your contacts may be duplicated.

    You can use web based duplicity manager"

    I did and fixed all duplicates. The website says now there is no problem. But after that I'm still not able to synchronize my cellphone with the website. What should I do?
    frankyy, 26.05.14
  • Hi I want to import my contacts to my new mobile .how to go ahead with this. roshani23, 25.05.14
    • Find your mobile in our Supported devices list and follow our guide Phonecopy Support-Team, 25.05.14
  • Using phonecopy for the last 6 months. Now i changed my mobile. When i tried to sync the contacts (from the server) I'm getting the following error message "Unknown certificate authority".. My mobile model is Samsung GT-S5620. Pls help vjr051291, 17.05.14
    • Hi, from our knowledge database it looks you typed wrong username or password. We are sure it is not problem with certificate at all. Please check username and password. Phonecopy Support-Team, 17.05.14
      • Also i noticed that there were no option to sync between two different phonecopy accounts AND no option to import contacts from CSV, Vcard etc.. I feel if these options are available it would better. vjr051291, 19.05.14
        • vCards can be easily imported using PhoneCopy for Windows.
          Please check
          Phonecopy Support-Team, 19.05.14
          • Please see my previous comment. vjr051291, 19.05.14
            • I tried sync with a different account, it works perfectly. Only this account is not working with this device. I dont know why? I entered correct username and password. This same account works perfectly with my previous device. Pls help to resolve this. vjr051291, 19.05.14
      • I tried sync with a different account, it works perfectly. Only this account is not working with this device. I dont know why? I entered correct username and password. This same account works perfectly with my previous device. Pls help to resolve this. vjr051291, 19.05.14
  • I have uploaded all my contacts on server, post that after 3 hours I logged in on phonecopy app again, but It shows I have deleted all my contacts from server,

    Could you pls help to me pls get all my contacts on my mobile device.
    pratham87, 11.05.14
    • Od course we can. But you can recover it from Deleted Contacts folder in your online profile on . Also we found you did it by yourself earlier than we were able to answer your request. Phonecopy Support-Team, 11.05.14
  • I cleaned up my contacts list on the server. How do I send this list to my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone? andi.pettigrew, 21.04.14
    • Hi,
      in the PhoneCopy for Android application there is single direction synchronization under account&settings. Select from Server to Device and your contacts will be copied.
      Phonecopy Support-Team, 21.04.14
      • Hi - I followed your directions - one way sync from server to my device. Before synchronisation, phone copy server had 378 contacts, gmail had 1168 and lots of dupes. This is why I cleaned up the server. AFTER sync, gmail had 1546 contacts. The warning for the one-way sync said that it would remove all the contacts from the device, but it didn't! Now I have even more duplications than before. What is going wrong? andi.pettigrew, 22.04.14
        • Hi,
          it looks you synchronized contacts from the server to another contacts database. On the PhoneCopy for android settings there you can set which contacts database you want to synchronize. I expect you synchronized another than gmail one. Please change contacts database and cleaned contacts will replace contacts in the gmail account.
          Phonecopy Support-Team, 22.04.14
          • OK limited success - it says it's put 378 contacts on my phone, but my phone is still showing all the google contacts as well. How can I get rid of those from my phone? andi.pettigrew, 22.04.14
            • We recommend turn off Google contact sync and then continue with previous steps.
              (Advanced & Account > One-way sync > Server » this device). Using more than one of synchronization service simultaneously causes collisions and duplicities. Try this, please and send us your feedback if it was useful or not.
              Phonecopy Support-Team, 22.04.14
              • Google contact sync off, and message says all contacts deleted from phone during one-way sync, but Google contacts still showing after server - phone sync. Any more ideas? andi.pettigrew, 28.04.14
                • Perhaps this is a misunderstanding, but one-way sync from "Server » this device", first deletes all phone contacts in the selected account, and then creates contacts stored on the server.

                  After this synchronization, you should have status of your contacts in the phone (in the selected account) the same as on the server.

                  The message you mentioned looks like this:
                  "All previous contacts were removed in this device. "x" contact(s) (from server) were created."
                  Phonecopy Support-Team, 29.04.14
                  • No misunderstanding - on the PhoneCopy screen, it says that my Samsung phone has the same number of contacts as my PhoneCopy Server account and during the one-way sync, I watched the number of contacts reduce to zero, then restore to the pruned contact list from the server. However, when I go to Contacts on my phone, it is full of duplications and the Google contacts are still there, so I have no idea what is going on here! andi.pettigrew, 29.04.14
                    • We checked the logs of your synchronization and the "Samsung Phone" account was the last used account in your synchronization - no Google account. "Samsung Phone" is a local account with contacts in your phone.

                      Are you sure, you tried to sync according to the aforementioned procedure with a Google Account?

                      If you want to overwrite Google contacts, you have to use Google account as "Android account to sync" when login to PhoneCopy (Advanced & Account > Use existing account).
                      Phonecopy Support-Team, 29.04.14
  • Hi I've been awaiting Android SMS synchronisation and the latest version of your software claims to have it, but I cannot see how to get it tow work on my Samsung SGH-i927 (Captivate Glide). Please advise how I may take advantage of this important new feature. Thanks!
    gra5057, 15.03.14
    • Hi, if you will go to application settings and select Existing user, there is check box which will enable SMS synchronization. Phonecopy Support-Team, 16.03.14
      • Sorry for being dim... I am running Android4.0, please spell it out - I cannot find any check box here on this site or on my phone that will enable SMS. There is nothing, no "existing user" I can find in settings here on this site or on my phone under the Phone copy Application that will do this!
        thanks, Graham
        gra5057, 18.03.14
        • Hi, please start PhoneCopy application on your phone, there is button Advanced&Account, then you will see Existing user button. On next page you will see the check box Phonecopy Support-Team, 18.03.14
          • Got it! thanks very much gra5057, 19.03.14
  • unknown certificate authority sachitraj, 10.03.14
    • unknown certificate authority sachitraj, 10.03.14
  • I have a Samsung SCH s720c. I have 2 e-mail accounts. Phone copy sync to my Gmail account (1 contact). I went to settings at Phonecopy changed my e-mail to my charter account. Noted no change. Still shows my gmail account. Not able to transfer contacts. Please advise evrgrn247, 07.03.14
    • Hello,

      if you want to sync contacts, you have to select right account where your contacts are stored. This account you have to select in the box "Android account to sync:" at login in PhoneCopy app on your phone.

      If you are currently logged in with Google account and it doesn't contain your contacts, try to login with another account. In PhoneCopy app, go to Advanced & Account" > "Use Existing Account", select the right account in the box "Android account to sync:" and then Login again.

      The "charter" email address which you set in PhoneCopy settings is used only for password reset and optional notifications.

      If you have further questions, please contact
      Phonecopy Support-Team, 10.03.14
  • Hi.
    I would like to know how to get back my contacs to my samsung GT-C6712 ?
    When i try to sync. it showing 0 contacts. but profile appearing 438 contacts on my phonecopy a/c.
    pls help me resolve this ?
    gihan11, 04.02.14
    • Within your profile there is none active contacts but 438 deleted contacts. Please go to Deleted Contacts folder and restore deleted contacts to active contacts list. On next sync you will get it back to your phone. Phonecopy Support-Team, 04.02.14
  • My Phone Samsung Galaxy GT-N700. My contact full deleted. how to recovery.
    i don't have cd.
    pskarikalan.vaanan, 02.01.14
    • I didn't find any contacts stored in your profile. We should help you only in case you stored your contacts to before. Sorry. Phonecopy Support-Team, 02.01.14
      • Before pskarikalan.vaanan, 04.01.14
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          Nó chuyển tất cả các danh sách liên lạc của tôi (khoảng 2000) từ iPhone của tôi 4 đến iPad 2 trong vòng chưa đầy một phút! Chính xác 100%.
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          làm việc 100% cho tôi ... rất nhanh chóng và dễ dàng ... tất cả mọi người nên sử dụng nó để sao lưu điện thoại của họ lên.
          googlenomme, 26.02.14
        • Any deleted contacts are stored in the Deleted Contacts folder. Phonecopy Support-Team, 05.01.14
  • i synchronized my old cell phone contacts. now i have purchased a new samsung galaxy grand quattro phone. can anyone help me with the process to download all contacts in my phonecopy a/c to my new cell phone??? dipakreliance61, 11.12.13
    • Hi, just download PhoneCopy.apk from Google Play. Log in as existing user and press Synchronize button. Phonecopy Support-Team, 11.12.13
  • Samsung galaxy y Duo GT-S6132 ?
    fauzee1122, 01.12.13
  • unable to transfer contacts from samsung omnia w, suggestions ???
    abhi99141, 29.11.13
    • Sorry, for Windows Phone 7 phones we offer only PhoneCopy to Device transfer. If you will be able to get your contacts in form of .vcf (vCard) you can upload it to server using PhoneCopy for Windows and then you will be able to transfer it to any other phone. Phonecopy Support-Team, 29.11.13
  • Hi, I have copied some of my contact from nokia n81 to phonecopy, now I want to transfer them back to galaxy s2, can you suggest me how?, thank you srikarbandla, 18.11.13
  • now i synchronize my contact to phone copy how can i use is in my galaxy tab3 amr.dafea, 18.11.13
    • Yes, just use PhoneCopy.apk and log in as existing user. Phonecopy Support-Team, 19.11.13
  • Hii
    how can i pull the contacts from the phone copy server ???
    My phone model is samsung WaveGT- S5253
    panchalj, 09.11.13
    • Hi, just follow our guide Phonecopy Support-Team, 09.11.13
      • im getting the unknown certificate authority error carusid, 11.05.14
        • In most cases Samsung phones reports that error when you didn't entered correct username and password. Phonecopy Support-Team, 11.05.14
  • Can I sync to an earlier time than the latest bhathiya, 02.11.13
    • You can check Deleted contacts if you are missing some of them. Phonecopy Support-Team, 03.11.13
  • How can I recover the back up I made? I dont know how to put all the contacts back to my phone. I'm using Samsung monte s5620. Please help. when i try to synchronize from mobile contacts not getting added to my mobile from server. shiva.dp, 28.10.13
    • Hi, i recommend you to delete your phone from profile and assign it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new device and will synchronize all contacts to it. Phonecopy Support-Team, 01.11.13
  • please help me.. i wanna cry....
    i reformat my samsung galaxy pocket, but before i reformat it . i checked the back up to re install again some application and contacts..

    but my problem is where i can find or where is the location to in finding the back up data? please help me, im goin crazy cause all my contacts were gone.
    juniper, 19.10.13
    • Hi,
      your account "juniper" is empty without any attached devices. Please remember which username you used when you made backup.
      Phonecopy Support-Team, 20.10.13
  • How can I recover the back up I made? I dont know how to put all the contacts back to my phone. I'm using Samsung Wave 525. Please help. Thanks kevzdumz07, 15.09.13
  • Hi, you sent me a notification that I have exceeded the device limit. I use two devices, Samsung Galaxy and iPad, you list google as a device as well as your PCalendar app. I would like to delete the PCalendar app from my device list as it does not sync between my devices. Your site appears only to offer sn option to add a device and not to delete a device. minettebrand, 02.09.13
    • Hi, PCalendar app is not counted into device limit. Google connector is counted as a separate device. You can remove devices here - Phonecopy Support-Team, 02.09.13
  • Hi, i'm using before an iphone 4s and syncronize my contact to phonecopy. Is there any chance to copy my contacts to my simcard? suky, 09.08.13
    • On some phones there is possibility to access SIM card data but it depends of phone model. Phonecopy Support-Team, 10.08.13
  • Hi, I'm using Galaxy S Advance and i want to export my contacts into (*.spb) format, can anyone help me with this. vijaykumar.rajanna, 08.10.12
    • Hi, i recommend you to export contacts to *.vcf (vCard) which can be used by wide range of other applications include PhoneCopy for Windows. Phonecopy Support-Team, 10.10.12
  • Hello PhoneCopy team, I am using Samsung Galaxy ACE(S5830), There seems to be no option in the application where I can sync contact from server. I was using iPhone earlier and this option was there in settings. Also, I deleted all my contacts from my phone and did the syncronisation but it also got deleted from the server. I have to restore all the contacts from the deleted contacts. Can you please help me understand if we can do sync from server to Phone? unbekannten Benutzer, 25.09.12
    • Hi, we are preparing this feature for android as well but we expect usage by advanced users only. On android phone you can select for synchronizatoin any contacts database for example gmail. Then it can be dangerous when by mistake you will select Server to Device and you will delete all your gmail contacts. Anyway when you delete any contact on phone it will be synchronized to PhoneCopy and if you will delete any contact on PhoneCopy it will be deleted on your phone after next sync. For this purposes you have available Deleted Contacts folder. But when you use your phone in common way e.g. adding, editing, deleting single contacts you don't need to use single direction synchronization. Phonecopy Support-Team, 26.09.12
  • i accidentally sync different data from phone to server using full sync, how can i roll back the previous data?
    jonjonrsalamanca, 14.08.12
    • Hi, any accidentally deleted data can be found under Deleted Contact button on Contact page of PhoneCopy. There can be restored to current list and on next sync you will get it back to your phone Phonecopy Support-Team, 15.08.12
  • Hi Please help me.
    I have samsung GT-S5570 (Samsung Phone Android) and did my mobile contact list backup with phonecopy. While selecting an option to take a backup I could select either contact list from Phone or from SIM. I want to do backup from both phone and SIM. Can you help me out?
    niceananch, 09.07.12
    • Hi,
      you need to make two synchronizations. One for Phone and second for SIM. For future we recommend you to merge it and have only one contacts list which is more easy to maintain.
      Phonecopy Support-Team, 10.07.12