Backup Kontakte, Kalendar, Aufgaben, Notizen und call logs from Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Available guides for synchronization to the secure cloud

Supported functions

  • Kontakt-Synchronisation
  • Kalender-Synchronisation
  • Aufgabe-Synchronisation
  • Notiz-Synchronisierung
  • call log backup

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic wird von PhoneCopy unterstützt. Please note that following settings may vary a little depending on the firmware version.

Confirmed models

nokia 5130c-2

Confirmed versions

v 07.97 13-09-10 rm-495 (c) n..
v 07.96 20-05-10 rm-496 (c) n..
v 07.96 20-05-10 rm-495 (c) n..
v 07.95 03-02-10 rm-496 (c) n..
v 07.95 03-02-10 rm-495 (c) n..
v 07.91 29-10-09 rm-495 (c) n..
v 07.90 23-09-09 rm-495 (c) n..
v 06.94 21-07-09 rm-495 (c) n..
v 06.93 20-05-09 rm-495 (c) n..
v 06.68 11-05-09 rm-496 (c) n..
v 06.65 01-04-09 rm-496 (c) n..
v 06.65 01-04-09 rm-495 (c) n..
v 05.80 18-12-08 rm-495 (c) n..


Someone just used PhoneCopy for backup of Nokia 5130 XpressMusic in country Pakistan. His Kontakte were backed up.
We detected PhoneCopy app on Nokia 5130 XpressMusic phone in Indonesien. All Kontakte were backed up.
Someone used PhoneCopy for backup of this phone model in Iran. His Kontakte were transferred.
Recently we got new user of Nokia 5130 XpressMusic also in South Africa. He is using PhoneCopy for backup of Kontakte.
Someone used PhoneCopy for backup of this phone model in Ägypten. His Kontakte were transferred.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Nutzer auf der ganzen Welt

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic wird häufig von PhoneCopy-Benutzern in Ländern wie Indien (Bharôt, ভাৰত, ভারত, Bhārat, ભારત, भारत, Bhārata, ಭಾರತ, Bhāratam, ഭാരതം, Bharôtô, ଭାରତ, ਭਾਰਤ, भारतम्, Bārata, பாரதம், Bhāratadēsam, భారత దేశం) - 90.94%, Tschechien (Czech Republic, Česká republika) - 6.64%, Bangladesch (বাংলাদেশ) - 1.48%, South Africa (Suid-Afrika, iNingizimu Afrika, uMzantsi Afrika, Afrika-Borwa, Afrika Borwa, Aforika Borwa, Afurika Tshipembe, Afrika Dzonga, iSewula Afrika) - 0.44%, Ägypten (Misr, Masr, مصر) - 0.16%, Indonesien - 0.05%, Iran (Īrān, ایران) - 0.05%, Schweiz (Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra) - 0.05%, Sri Lanka (Sri Lankā, ශ්‍රී ලංකාව, இலங்கை) - 0.05%, Pakistan (Pākistān, پاکستان) - 0.05%, Polen (Polska) - 0.05% verwendet.

Auf der Karte

Following heat map illustrates share between users around the world synchronizing their Nokia 5130 XpressMusic using PhoneCopy.

Text guideline - How to backup

Mit Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Die Richtlinie ist noch nicht in Ihre Sprache übersetzt worden.
  1. Press Menu and choose Settings - Configuration - Personal config. sett..
  2. Press Options and choose Add new - Synchronization and configure given fields.
    ▼ hide fields
    • Account name: Write PhoneCopy
    • Server address: Write
    • User name: your_username
    • Password: your_password
    • Contacts database:
      Database address
      Write contacts
      User name
      Leave empty.
      Leave empty.
    • Calendar database:
      Database address
      Write calendar
      User name
      Leave empty.
      Leave empty.
    • Notes database:
      Database address
      Write notes
      User name
      Leave empty.
      Leave empty.
    • Use pref. access pt.: If you want to use your preferred access point to connect to PhoneCopy, choose Yes, otherwise choose No and set up the access point in the next menu item Access point settings.
  3. Press Back, go to the name of the profile you have just created, press Options and choose Activate.
  4. Press Back twice.
  5. Choose Sync and backup - Data transfer and go to Server sync but do not enter this item.
  6. Press Options - Edit - Sync settings and configure given fields.
    ▼ hide fields
    • Configuration: Choose Personal config. - Select.
    • Account: Choose PhoneCopy - Select.
    • User name: Fill in your user name.
    • Password: Fill in your password.
  7. Press Back and choose Synchronized data.
  8. Mark the items you want to synchronize and press Done (or Back if you made no changes).
  9. If the cell phone asks you Save changes?, choose Yes.
  10. Choosing Server sync you can now start synchronization with PhoneCopy.

If you need more help with the settings, visit our step by step screenshot guide.

And now please, assign your phone to your PhoneCopy account.

Bei Problemen mit der Synchronisierung, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns.