Backup Kontakte, Kalendar, Aufgaben, Notizen und sms messages from Nokia E75

Nokia E75

Available guides for synchronization to the secure cloud

Supported functions

  • Kontakt-Synchronisation
  • Kalender-Synchronisation
  • Aufgabe-Synchronisation
  • Notiz-Synchronisierung
  • sms-Sicherung

Nokia E75 wird von PhoneCopy unterstützt. Please note that following settings may vary a little depending on the firmware version.

Confirmed models



User from United Arab Emirates has synchronized Kontakte with his phone.
First user from Deutschland just synced his Kontakte on Nokia E75 phone.
Someone used PhoneCopy for backup of this phone model in Dänemark. His Kontakte were transferred.
This phone model was just synchronized by PhoneCopy user in Ägypten. It transferred Kontakte.

Nokia E75 Nutzer auf der ganzen Welt

Nokia E75 wird für die Kontaktsicherung von PhoneCopy-Benutzern in mehreren Ländern auf der ganzen Welt bevorzugt - United Arab Emirates (Al-’Imārat Al-‘Arabiyyah Al-Muttaḥidah, الإمارات العربيّة المتّحدة) - 71.43%, Ägypten (Misr, Masr, مصر) - 19.05%, Deutschland (Deutschland) - 4.76%, Dänemark (Danmark) - 4.76%.

Auf der Karte

Following heat map shows contacts synchronisations with Nokia E75 using PhoneCopy across the globe.

Text guideline - How to backup

Mit Nokia E75

Die Richtlinie ist noch nicht in Ihre Sprache übersetzt worden.

First go to the phone's Main Menu and then follow these steps:

  1. Select Connections, then Sync. Under Sync select Options and afterwards New sync profile.
  2. To Sync profile name fill in PhoneCopy
  3. Select Connection settings and configure given fields.
    ▼ hide fields
    • Server version: select 1.2
    • Server ID: leave blank
    • Data bearer: Internet
    • Access point: Select your operator's GPRS access point. We recommend using the "internet" data profiles if possible.
    • Host address: write
    • Port: write 80
    • User name: your_username
    • Password: your_password
    • Allow sync request: Yes
    • Accept all sync requests: No
    • Network authentication: No
  4. Press Back and select Applications.
  5. Select items you want to back up:
    ▼ hide contacts
    • Include in sync: Yes
    • Remote database: contacts
    • Synchronization type:
    • Press: Back
    ▼ hide calendar
    • Include in sync: Yes
    • Remote database: calendar
    • Synchronization type:
    • Press: Back
    ▼ hide notes
    • Include in sync: Yes
    • Remote database: notes
    • Synchronization type:
    • Press: Back
    ▼ hide sms
    • Include in sync: Yes
    • Remote database: sms
    • Synchronization type:
    • Press: Back

If you need more help with the settings, visit our step by step screenshot guide.

And now please, assign your phone to your PhoneCopy account.

Bei Problemen mit der Synchronisierung, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns.

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    nachtkrabb, 21.02.23
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