Backup Kontakte, Kalendar und Notizen from Vertu Ascent Ti

Vertu Ascent Ti

Available guides for synchronization to the secure cloud

Supported functions

  • Kontakt-Synchronisation
  • Kalender-Synchronisation
  • Notiz-Synchronisierung

Vertu Ascent Ti wird von PhoneCopy unterstützt. Please note that following settings may vary a little depending on the firmware version.

Confirmed models

vertu ascent ti
vertu ascent ti.

Confirmed versions

v 701.07 14-04-10 rm-267v (c)..
v 701.02 23-09-09 rm-267v (c)..
v 700.10 14-04-09 rm-267v (c)..
v 700.06 03-02-09 rm-267v (c)..
v 700.04 26-11-08 rm-267v (c)..
v 700.02 31-10-08 rm-267v (c)..
v 700.01 09-10-08 rm-267v (c)..
v 501.02 22-07-08 rm-267v gsm..
v 501.01 09-05-08 rm-267v gsm..
v 500.03 01-10-07 rm-267v gsm..
v 402.00 05-07-07 rm-267v gsm..


Someone used PhoneCopy for backup of this phone model in Libanon. His Kontakte were transferred.

Vertu Ascent Ti Nutzer auf der ganzen Welt

Laut unseren Statistiken verwenden PhoneCopy-Benutzer Vertu Ascent Ti für die Datensicherung in Ländern Libanon (Lubnān, لبنان, Liban) - 100.00%.

Auf der Karte

The map shows usage of Vertu Ascent Ti for contact backup with PhoneCopy around the world.

Text guideline - How to backup

Mit Vertu Ascent Ti

Die Richtlinie ist noch nicht in Ihre Sprache übersetzt worden.

First go to the phone's Main Menu and then follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings - Configuration - Personal config. settings - Synchronization
  2. Set given fields for account configuration.
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    • Name account: write PhoneCopy
    • Server Address: write
    • User name: your_username
    • Password: your_password
  3. Select items you want to back up:
    ▼ hide fields
    • Contacts database: Select Database address write contacts
    • Calendar database: Select Database address and write calendar
    • Notes database: Select Database address and write notes
  4. Go to Connection - Data Transmission - Server sync. and Options.
  5. Select Edit - Data for Sync and mark the items you want to synchronise.
  6. Answer the question Yes.
  7. Select Synchronization settings - Configuration - Personal Configuration and press Select.

And now please, assign your phone to your PhoneCopy account.

Bei Problemen mit der Synchronisierung, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns.