PhoneCopy is open to co-operation

PhoneCopy provides a mobile data management solution. The cloud based application allows to synchronize the content such a contacts, SMS messages or media (and much more) between the user's mobile device and Synchronization is performed via mobile data transfers. This way keeps the data up-to-date and safely archived on private cloud.

Our service is the very effective mean of enhancing new possibilities for the operators.

The competitive communications industry pushes the prices down while maintaining the quality of services provided. Stop this phenomenon of price decline and find the way to deliver more and spend less! Be a step ahead of competitors! You need to get the real value added of your projects to acquire and retain customers.

Advantages for the Operators

  • Value added for Customers - higher additional security to the clients
  • Small Smart Services - possibility to generate new revenue from photo/video storage
  • Differentiation from Competitors - provides a unique benefit to attract new clients
  • Loyalty Support - retain your current clients by providing PhoneCopy platform
  • Lowering Price Erosion - list PhoneCopy Premium as a benefit when price negotiating
  • Create new revenue streams and market opportunities
  • Enhance the value of operator’s portfolio
    • Reduce the customer churn rate
    • Ensure professional and reliable data backup and protection NO-Media business model

We provide various forms of cooperation to the mobile operators:

  1. The partner (operator) buys a license for all of eligible clients by providing PhoneCopy with a list of permitted phone numbers, e.g. flat tariff or data plan users, SME segment etc. Eligible clients are entitled for a Premium license for as long as they stay on the partner's list.
    • The lowest price per user / month
    • Minimum number of licences 100 000 licenses
    • Declines as the number of licenses rises
  2. The partner (operator) buys a license for all of their active clients only, i.e. those who have activated their Premium service on PhoneCopy.
    • Minimal commitment 20 000 users,
    • Price per active client per month starting little higher than in case above
    • With initial ramp-up option

It is possible to negotiate a lower minimal commitment to fit your needs. Media storage business model

Nowadays, users do not buy hardware, they buy space in the cloud. And they will buy more and more space. Move to the cloud as well! Satisfy their needs with a secure cloud application. You can profit from the trend!

The partner (operator) can add a predefined volume of storage as part of PhoneCopy Premium service (1GB, 2GB, 5GB dependent on the tariff used by client) or offer it to their clients as an optional purchase. Possible models are:

  1. Partner adds predefined volume of media storage for any or all clients that are eligible for Premium version. The price will be counted by sold space, whether used or not and will be very low.
  2. Partner can offer media storage to their clients with PhoneCopy Premium. The price is charged only for clients who will activate media storage and expected price will be counted by sold space too, but price will be little higher.
  3. Partner can offer upgrade to higher media volume on revenue share model (e.q. partner offers 1GB media storage as part of own flat tariff. When a client decides to purchase a larger storage, they buy it via PhoneCopy and PhoneCopy shares revenue with partner)