Differences between Card types

To make a connection to other users on PhoneCopy Connect, you first have to create your own Card. You have four Card types to choose from. Each of them has a specific purpose and offers a different level of privacy.

Private card is meant for your closest friends and family. You can put your home address, birthday and private mobile number in it. Nobody will have access to this Card unless you specifically share it with them.

Default card is designed for connecting with your acquaintances, business partners or work colleagues. We recommend putting a cell phone number, organization info and other data that you would use on a printed business card. This Card will be used to connect with the people you have in your contact list and who also have your contact in theirs.

Discoverable card allows you to provide your information to updates to people who know you. You don't have to insert your personal cell phone and you can only put in a company mail instead of a personal one. This Card should simply contain information about you that is generally available. People who have you in their contact lists will be able to find you through this card.

Public card is available to anyone and the amount of information in it should be decided accordingly. It should usually only contain information that you wish to share with the public.

If you wish your have your contacts updated at all times, it is only necessary to create one Card that you will offer to your connections. We believe the best suited Card type for this is the 'Default card' with its reasonable amount of privacy. It is completely up to you though, which Card type will you choose, or if you create multiple Cards and decide which Card goes to which PhoneCopy users.
And naturally, we greatly appreciate if you spread the word and/or invite others to join PhoneCopy Connect.