How to backup contacts from Linux to PhoneCopy


We have prepared simple guideline for users to help them transfer contacts in vCARD format (.vcf files) from a Linux machine to their account at PhoneCopy.

More useful guidelines can be found in our How to list.

How to start?

You will need

  1. existing user account at
  2. computer with Linux operating system with PhoneCopy for Linux app installed
  3. directory with vCard files (.vcf)

How to install PhoneCopy for Linux

Download installation package or tar achive here. Distribution packages solve dependencies automatically. Otherwise, you will need to install all required libraries manually. See the README file in tar.gz archive.

Backing up contacts from your device with Linux operating system to PhoneCopy service

Ensure you have your contacts stored in vCard format (single or more .vcf files) inside a directory.

vcf files

vcf file

After the installation of PhoneCopy for Linux, run the application using phonecopy command.

Click the Options button to set user credentials and preferences.


Fill in the username and password of your account. Pick the directory with stored vCard files. Click the OK button.


Run the transfer using the Synchronize button in the main window.


Wait for the end of the synchronization and exit the program using the Exit button.



After successful synchronization, the contacts are stored on service. They can be further processed in the web interface (e.g. remove duplicates) and synced to other devices.