How to backup documents from Windows 10

Microsoft Windows

We prepared easy instructions for users of, how you can synchronize your documents from Windows 10 computer to PhoneCopy Cloud.

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How to start?

You need an PC with an operating system Microsoft Windows and application PhoneCopy for Windows. You can find it in "Windows Store" in "Productivity" section, or just follow this link.

Alternativelly you can download it from our pages.

Synchronize Documents from your Windows PC to your PhoneCopy Personal Cloud account

After installing PhoneCopy on your Windows device, click the icon. You will be prompted to join your account.

Log in

If you do not already have a PhoneCopy account, click "Create New Account".

New Account

And then you can sync right away. Choose whether you want to synchronize contacts, photos and videos from to your computer or even documents from your computer to your private store on



The moment a change occurs in the document and synchronization takes place to your private cloud, a new version of the document is created.

You can view individual versions by clicking on the file and the button "MORE VERSIONS AVAILABLE" buttons


A screen will appear with a list of files in the given directory and a list of their individual versions. Scrolling through the versions is done using the squares above the versions. You can download the individual versions to your computer again.

View more versions

Purge old versions

There are several ways to delete versions. The first is to delete a specific version directly in the version detail, and the second option is to delete versions in bulk.

Here you click on the button "Purge old versions" and choose which versions to delete from the cloud.

Purge old versions

! ATTENTION - Mass deletion of historical versions applies not only to documents, but also to media.