How to import contacts to Thunderbird


Many users would like import their contats from mobile phone to their Thunderbird. We prepared this easy instructions for you, how you can import contacts with to your Thunderbird. List of support mobile phones find here

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How to start?

You need an PC with email client from Mozilla company, where you will have your imported contacts.

import contacts to your Thunderbird

When you sign in to your account on go to folder "contacts" and click to „More actions"

Sign in

Choose "Export all to LDIF (Mozilla Thunderbird)"


Save contacts and open your Thunderbird. Choose item in menu "Tools" and click to "Import"


Choose Address Books in new window..

Address Books

Next choose "Text file (LDIF, tab., scv., txt. )" and end your import with click to a button "finish", which is in next window

Text file

Choose "Address book" and you see all contacts


You will see your imported contacts


Your contacts stay in your address book in PhoneCopy