IPhone or iPad CalDav setting guide

iPhone 7

If you are an iOS (both iPhone and iPad) user and want to keep your contact and calendar data synchronised also with other devices, we have prepared a short guide for you. So, let’s go through on how to set up CalDav to synchronise your calendar items on iPhone or iPad device and how to synchronise your contact data by CardDav. You can set CardDAV the same way as CalDAV.

Further help and advices are on page How to

How to start?

You will need an iPhone or an iPad. Let us just remind you that CalDav works for Calednar only. There is similar CardDav setting for Contacts. The list of officially supported devices is here.

Set calendar synchronization

First of all go to the Settings app, select the Calendars, Accounts and Add Account

go to the Settings app Calendar Accounts

Then Select Other and Add Caldav Account

You will be asked fo fill in:
• Server: https://www.phonecopy.com/dav//iphone/
• Username:
• Password: Enter_your_password
• Description: Type "CalDav"
After all fields are filled, the Next button will turn blue and you can continue

. Other Add Caldav Account Type address, username, password and Description

After you are verified, finish the setting by switching on sync of your Calendars or Reminders as well and Save.

Verification Switch synchronization on and press Save Button

And now your calendar will be autmatically synchronised and will work without any action required from you.

Duplicates in your address book?
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