Why PhoneCopy

PhoneCopy is an application that synchronizes content between the user's mobile phone and PhoneCopy.com server. Synchronization is performed over mobile data transfers (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS). Most mobile phones equiped with this technology are supported by PhoneCopy. The only prerequisite is that you have data transfers active (you can verify this by checking if you can browse web and check your email on your phone). If you're not sure, contact your carrier.

It is possible to conveniently browse and edit your phone's data at PhoneCopy.com website, uploading it to your phone at will. That way data is kept up-to-date and safely archived on our server. You can also download it into your computer. You can synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. If you have a recent mobile phone model, you can even synchronize bookmarks, text messages, pictures and other items.

Principle of synchronization

Synchronization means updating your data both on PhoneCopy server and in your phone. Recent changes including edit and delete actions are transferred both ways. For instance, if you update John Doe's phone number in your mobile phone, on your next synchronization his phone number will also update in PhoneCopy.com, making sure all data is safe. Similarly, if you delete John from your phone, next time you synchronize John will get deleted from PhoneCopy.com. But that is not all, PhoneCopy.com stores history of each synchronized item, so you can restore your deleted data anytime you want.

Your first synchronization is a special case, as it is basically a one-way backup of your mobile phone data to your PhoneCopy.com profile.

How much does the service cost
We provide the PhoneCopy.com service free of charge with reasonable limit of data storage for personal use. The only thing you will likely have to pay is GPRS data transfers, price of which is set by your carrier. For instance, synchronization of 500 items from your mobile phone to PhoneCopy server will cost you under 1 USD. Follow-up synchronizations will only cost a fraction of that price, because the amount of data is significantly lower. If you are on a flat rate plan, synchronization won't cost anything beyond your monthly fee.