PhoneCopy offers two modes of operation. Basic user profile is completely free of charge but has some limitations since it is intended for personal use*. The Premium version does not have any limitations and is meant for anyone who wants to take full advantage of PhoneCopy.

If you exceed the limit for free version, you will be asked to either decrease the data count in your profile or purchase a Premium version. After 7 days, synchronizations with your profile will be disabled until you meet limits for free account or buy a Premium version. In any case, you will not lose any of your data.

Premium version Basic version
Number of contacts unlimited ** 500
Number of sms unlimited ** 500
Number of calendar events unlimited ** 500
Number of tasks unlimited ** 500
Number of notes unlimited ** 500
Total number of devices unlimited ** 2
Deleted data archive 1 year 1 month
Google Calendar Sync Yes No
Android: SMS Backup Yes Yes
Android: SMS Two-Way Sync Yes No
iPhone: SMS, Calendar and Notes Backup via iTunes Yes No
Priority Support Yes No
PhoneCopy Lead Import for Salesforce unlimited 10
Price $25 per year*** free

* If you are using PhoneCopy for business purposes or on a company cell phone, you should have the Premium version, even if you are not exceeding the limits.
** Device restrictions may apply
*** If you are buying more than 5 licenses, discount is applied. From 100 licences we offer individual pricing.

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