At PhoneCopy, we are always trying to fit our customers' needs. Dividing your data into categories can help you customize your experience with PhoneCopy. That's why we created groups. A group is a set of contacts, sms texts, calendar events, notes and tasks. A group can contain any number of items and each data item may belong to at one or more groups.

Many users only have one group that contains all their data. We will show you some of the benefits of using groups on two common examples:

Dividing of data between various devices

For example, let's say we have three groups, named family, work and friends. We want to synchronize work and family contacts into the work cell phone and have the family and friends contacts in your personal phone. This can be easily done by assigning the desired groups to each device. Your work device will not contain unnecessary data, just your work or family data. Then you do not have to worry that you will forget your partner's birthday.

Data backup on the server and transport of important data only

If you have a lot of contacts, sms texts or calendar events but you do not wish to transport them into all of your devices all the time, you can create a special group for important data only. Then you can only assign this one group to your devices and other data will remain on the PhoneCopy server, where you can view them at any time or restore them in your devices again.