We are increasing security & protection of personal data

Dear customer,
In the context of increasing the security and protection of personal data, we would like to ask for your permission to process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please read the following text in detail and confirm your agreement with the button below. Nothing changes for you by this agreement. The stored data is only yours, we store it in the EU territory and we do not transfer it to third parties. And even we do not access it except for well-defined operations, such as providing the user support. However, we do have the obligation to notify you that you have the data stored with us.

As a data subject, I agree that the data processor providing the service PhoneCopy.com: e-FRACTAL s.r.o., ID 26428091 based at Vinohradská 174, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic, can process my personal data in the following range: E-mail address (obligatory), first name, last name and other names, preferred language, phone number, mobile device IMEI (obligatory for most devices) and the IP address of the device you are accessing our services from (obligatory).

As part of these rules you have right to be forgotten which means complete deletion of all data include your personal information from PhoneCopy.com. Because we offer that feature from the begining of our service nothing was changed. When you are logged to your account you will find it under Account Termination in the account settings. Account termination leads to immediate deletion off all associated data stored on PhoneCopy.com. The data will not be possible to recover. At the same time, we are ready to provide you with information about what data we recorded about you.

Personal data will be processed until the withdrawal of consent, or as long as necessary for the purposes described above, but for a maximum of five years. Before this period, we may contact you for renewal of your consent; without your confirmation, your personal information will be permanently deleted.

We obtain all of this data directly from each user and with this agreement you are giving us the permission to process it. The purpose of collecting this information is to establish a contractual relationship (E-mail address), use of the PhoneCopy.com features and providing contractual services and also user support.

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