Why PhoneCopy Premium

The development and operation costs of PhoneCopy are demanding and we try to keep providing the top services to all of our customers. Some of you were asking us: "How can a service like this be free of charge?" or "What is your business model?". Until December 1, 2012, we considered PhoneCopy a pure investment with the goal of creating the best service for backing up contacts and other cell phone data in the world. We believe we have done just that, but in order to keep providing the top services, starting on December 1, 2012 we are introducing a limit to the free usage of PhoneCopy. We consider this limit to be more than reasonable and believe that none of you, our customers, will abandon our product because of it.

Personal usage

The service will stay free of charge for personal use, as we are declaring from the very beginning. There will, however, be a limit of 500 contacts, 500 tasks and 500 notes, furthermore there will be shorter time of archiving your deleted data. We believe that most of users which use PhoneCopy for their private purposes will find this setting nonrestrictive enough and the limits will not affect them in any way. You can find more information on the limits in Pricing section.

However, if you are satisfied with our service, please consider supporting the development by purchasing PhoneCopy Premium or by donation.

Business usage

PhoneCopy Premium is also a service for those of you who use PhoneCopy for other purposes than personal phone backup, regardless of whether you exceed the limits or not. Our philosophy is that if you use PhoneCopy to take care for your valuable business contacts. you should be paying for the service.

Considering that the price is less than $2 a month, it should be affordable for all of you. PhoneCopy Premium is a service like any other, so , we will send you an invoice, which is a tax deductible expense.

When to pay for PhoneCopy?

There are two basic situations:
  1. You are exceeding the limits for PhoneCopy free usage.
  2. You are using PhoneCopy on a phone that serves business purposes or is used for practice of your profession, regardless of whether the owner of the device are you or your employer.

Not entirely sure whether to buy PhoneCopy Premium or not? Please, don't hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you.