Supported devices - Android 10

List of Devices with Android 10

The PhoneCopy application is used by more than a million users, which is a reason why we have been working for a long time to make the application work properly for every phone, for every version of the Android operating system. Thanks to this, during the operation of our service, we have built an extensive database of mobile phone models for which, among other things, we have detailed information about the version of the android operating system used. This information may also be of interest to our users when deciding to purchase a new mobile phone, which is why we have summarized the models of mobile phones equipped with Android 10 on this page.

Android 10, known as Android Q, didn't get its name from a delicious dessert, but it's packed with great new features and enhancements that help make the phone easier to use and even more intuitive.
There have been major changes that provide more control over privacy. It allows users to control when applications have permission to view their location, new permissions for accessing background photos, video and audio files, or limited access to device IDs. This was a reason why we changed our PhoneCopy application in several ways. Our very popular autosynchronization feature is not dependent on geolocation anymore. In default settings it just works anytime you are connected to Wi-Fi but you can choose auto-sync independently of Wi-Fi connection as well.

Here are some other advantages of Android 10 just to give you an overview in case you are looking for a new phone:
- In Android 10, you can track the time spent on your phone, in addition to the possibility of setting daily limits for individual categories.
- Perhaps the biggest change in Android 10 is the implementation of complete gesture control. You can now control your device with just a few simple and intuitive gestures. Control with new gestures also frees up space on the screen where the buttons used to be, which improves the smartphone experience.
- One of the most prized features of Android 10 is the dark theme of the whole environment. The dark motif sets a black background instead of white, which does not strain the eyes so much. If your device has an OLED screen, it will consume less power when you turn on a dark theme, which may extend battery life.


Android 10 can be officially updated even on Asus Zenfone Go (x01ad).
We noticed the update possibility of Xiaomi Redmi 8a Pro to a new Android operating system version 10.
Personal data backup from Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra SM-N986N with Android 10 is now officially supported with our PhoneCopy mobile app.
PhoneCopy app is fully working after updating the Asus Zenfone 5 (x00qd) to Android 10.
We just added Xiaomi Poco C31 to supported devices with the Android 10 operating system. We allow synchronization and backup of contacts, SMSes, photos, call logs and videos to a secure PhoneCopy Cloud.
PhoneCopy app is fully supported on Samsung Samsung Galaxy A20 sm-a205fn with Android version 10.