Supported devices - Android 9

Phones with Android 9

The PhoneCopy application is used by more than 1,700,000 devices of various platforms, which is why we try to actively respond to minor changes and differences in individual versions of operating systems so that the application works best on any of them.

Android 9, also known as Android P or Pie, is full of enhancements that make device control more intuitive than ever before. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, they will get acquainted with your habits and then adjust the settings of the smartphone, which will then take care of some details for you.

One of the main innovations is the navigation bar, which supports gestures. You can now turn on gesture support, which turns the navigation bar into one main button. An important feature is the ability to activate the Adaptive Battery. It extends battery life by limiting applications that you don't use so often. This feature uses machine learning to identify applications that you do not use very often and ensures that they do not discharge the battery while it is running in the background.

Another feature that uses machine learning is Adaptive Brightness. This function monitors manual screen brightness adjustments in various lighting conditions and automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on them. Android 9 Pie has simplified application notification management. Tap the notification to see the application's notification settings, where you can turn off notifications. In addition, your device selects which notifications you will receive based on machine learning. If you keep deleting notifications from an application without reading them, your device will suggest that you turn off notifications from that application completely.

These various minor improvements also affected our application PhoneCopy for Android. Just example, we had to manage to add the permissions for foreground services to allow seamless synchronization, and because there were further restrictions on background services to save battery, we had to adjust automatic synchronization to never disappoint you and at the same time not to discharge your phone's battery unnecessarily. And while we were in those changes, we released a version with a new design.


We freshly support Huawei Y9 fla-lx2 with Android 9 OS for photo, video, SMS and contact backup.
PhoneCopy app is fully supported on Blackview BV5500 Pro with Android version 9.
We freshly support Aligator FiGi Note 1 Pro with Android 9 OS for photo, video, SMS and contact backup.
We just added Google Chrome OS Tablet Kukui to supported devices with Android 9 operating system. We allow synchronization and backup of contacts, SMSes, photos, and videos to a secure PhoneCopy Cloud.
We freshly support ZTE Optus X Vista z6621o with Android 9 OS for photo, video, SMS and contact backup.
We freshly support ZTE Blade L8 with Android 9 OS for photo, video, SMS and contact backup.