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We detected PhoneCopy app on Motorola Moto E13 phone in this country. All contacts and sms messages were backed up.
A new user from Guernsey just synchronized his contacts and media, using Vida Atom 3G.
A user from this country just synchronized his contacts with his phone Microsoft Windows 10.
Someone used PhoneCopy for backup of Apple iPhone Xr in this country. His contacts were backed up.
Nokia 301 was synchronized by PhoneCopy user in Guernsey. His contacts were transferred.
Apple iPhone 6 was just synchronized by PhoneCopy in this country. He transferred contacts.
We detected PhoneCopy app on Apple iPad phone in this country. All contacts were backed up.

Top phones

Following table shows TOP 50 phone models used with PhoneCopy in Guernsey. For more information, click on the particular model.

Phone Usage in Guernsey
Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 6 58.90%
Motorola Moto E13 Motorola Moto E13 38.70%
Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 10 1.03%
Vida Atom 3G Vida Atom 3G 0.34%
Apple iPhone Xr Apple iPhone Xr 0.34%
Nokia 301 Nokia 301 0.34%
Apple iPad Apple iPad 0.34%

Not only in Guernsey, you can use PhoneCopy in all countries around the world.