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Apple iPad mini
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Apple iPad mini is supported on PhoneCopy. Please note that following settings may little vary depending on the firmware version.
  • contact synchronization
  • calendar synchronization
  • photo synchronization
  • video synchronization
  • automatic sync

Text guideline - How to backup

From Apple iPad mini

If you want to transfer contacts from your IOS device please use following screenshot guide.
  1. Download an application PhoneCopy for iPhone / iPad.
  2. Launch it and follow the guide that opens. Sign on if you already have a PhoneCopy account or register if you want to create a new one.
  3. Authorize access to contacts and then select sources (accounts) that you want to synchronize. Then authorize access to media and then select whether you want to synchronize photos and/or videos.
  4. If you already have media on your PhoneCopy account you can opt in to synchronize (download) them to this device.
  5. Finally tap on "Synchronize" to perform the complete synchronization.

More detailed informations and instructions include screenshots: how to backup and synchronize contacts from iPhone

If you need to synchronize calendar, just download PCalendars by PhoneCopy from App Store!

In the case of problems with synchronization, please contact us.

To Apple iPad mini

If you want to transfer contacts from PhoneCopy to your IOS device please use following screenshot guide.
  1. Download an application PhoneCopy for iPhone / iPad.
  2. Launch it and follow the guide that opens. Sign on if you already have a PhoneCopy account or register if you want to create a new one.
  3. Authorize access to contacts and then select sources (accounts) that you want to synchronize. Then authorize access to media and then select whether you want to synchronize photos and/or videos.
  4. If you already have media on your PhoneCopy account you can opt in to synchronize (download) them to this device.
  5. Finally tap on "Synchronize" to perform the complete synchronization.

More detailed informations and instructions include screenshots: how to transfer contacts to iPhone

If you need to synchronize calendar, just download PCalendars by PhoneCopy from App Store!

In the case of problems with synchronization, please contact us.

User comments

  • The iPhone application need not to be associated with profile as for other phones, all is automatic.
  • The application for iPhone cannot synchronize SMS and notes, because the Apple does not allow application access to them.
  • You can synchronize your calendars with PCalendars application.

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  • hi can you help. I have exceeded server limits . Synchronization disabled . How can I enable them temporarily ? keiron, 19/06/2020
    • Hi with the number of events you stored in our server we don't believe you will be able to fit limits for a free account at all. We recommend you buy Premium at least for one month to enable it if you need to transfer your data to a new phone. It costs just 2EUR. Otherwies you need to delete all stuff which exceeds limits of 500 items and 2 devices. PhoneCopy support team, 19/06/2020
  • Hi,
    What does it mean when photos are greyed out?
    Thanks, John
    johndl2001, 24/10/2019
    • Hi John,
      it looks iPhone is using a new compression format that can't be viewed in the common web browser or even media viewer in the Windows system. We expect it will work again after some Windows update.
      PhoneCopy support team, 25/10/2019
  • Hi,
    I just want to back up my contacts and not my photos how do I stop it backing up my photos/videos?

    jm6316, 29/09/2019
    • Thank you. jm6316, 05/10/2019
    • Hi,
      I have the free subscription and I cannot find application setting to switch of photos/video
      jm6316, 05/10/2019
      • Go to the menu, choose media and there you can manage it. PhoneCopy support team, 05/10/2019
    • Hi,
      you can go to application settings and switch off photos or videos.
      PhoneCopy support team, 30/09/2019
  • Hi,

    I have contacts saved in Phone Copy which are not showing on my iphone for some reason. How do I "import" these contacts onto my iphone? If I choose "synchronize" on the Ap, it's telling me that the contacts will be deleted?? Thanks for your help
    philipsicat, 14/11/2017
    • Hello,
      you can initiate one-way synchronization from server to your phone by selecting "Advanced & Account" -> "Sync with manual direction" -> "Server -> Device". This will replace contact on your phone with those saved on the server.
      PhoneCopy support team, 14/11/2017
      • Thanks for coming back to me. Is it possible to initiate the synchronization and keep the contacts I have on my phone as well? philipsicat, 14/11/2017
        • Hello,
          yes, you can select "Merge" option, that will combine all contacts on server and device. This will probably create duplicate contacts, but you can use "Find duplicates" function on the website to resolve this.
          PhoneCopy support team, 15/11/2017
  • Is IOS 11 not being support yet? I synchronized my contacts on my iPhone 6S +, and it shows I have 368 contacts. I went to my iPad to synchronize my contacts there (3 times now), using the same method I always do (selecting manual direction, server to the device), and now I have 1459 contacts on my iPad! It’s duplicated my contacts 3 more times. Something’s not working correctly here... I am doing this correctly, the same I have for the past several years. blueeyez58, 24/09/2017
    • Hello,
      thank you for reporting , there is currently a problem on iOS 11 that sync with manual direction won't delete contact on the device. We are working on the fix.

      In the meantime you can resolve this by deleting all contact on you phone, synchronize them from the server once and than use normal synchronization.
      PhoneCopy support team, 25/09/2017
  • Hi I can move contacts from old Nokia to the server no problem. When I move from the server to new iPhone se they arrive for 2 minutes then disappear again. Why won't they stay. I have tried loads of times.
    glenndodwell, 26/07/2017
    • Hi, in most cases contacts can disapear in case you are using another synchronization service as iCloud paralelly with PhoneCopy. Synchronization of one service disharm synchronization of another service. Try turn off iCloud synchronization of contacts. PhoneCopy support team, 26/07/2017
  • Hi

    Thank you for fast response.
    Most og my contacts are linked to an old company exchange server that I will loose connection to in a few days.
    In PhoneCopy I can see all my contacts and now I kust want to be sure that I still have them in the future. That's why I want to copy them to my apple Id.
    Do you know what I mean?

    Bw Per
    perekpo, 02/07/2017
    • Hi, if you have it on, you will have it there even you will disconnect your device from company exchange. You will be able to transfer it to another device. PhoneCopy support team, 02/07/2017
  • Hi
    I have 410 contacts.
    I would like to copy these contacts to an iCloud. I have made the file to my computer but I get a message that it can't be imported to iCloud.
    Do anyone know why?
    perekpo, 01/07/2017
    • Hi, you have to send you request to iCloud support. We are Sorry PhoneCopy support team, 01/07/2017
      • Hi again
        I have a challenge. When I try to uload the VCR file to iCloud I get a message telling that the contacts can't be uploaded due to failure in the readings.
        I have contacted Apple and they told med that the Vcard file has to have a format called 3.0 otherwise it can't be uploaded.
        Can you help me try to find out what I can do please?
        Br Per
        perekpo, 02/07/2017
        • Hi, we are using CSV version 2.1 which is most used. If you need your contacts export to version 3.0 we included it into our application for Windows. Please check
          But if you just need import your contacts to iPhone or iPad we have an application for iOS. Can you explain why you want import your contacts to iCloud?
          PhoneCopy support team, 02/07/2017
  • When will iOS app suport ios 11? rcolyn, 07/06/2017
    • immediatelly when it will be released. But if you are using current beta we expect our application will work anyway. PhoneCopy support team, 07/06/2017
      • It does work, but on first sync from a 'Fresh ' ios 11 upgrade, it creates duplicate contacts... I solved this but it was a pain!!! rcolyn, 07/06/2017
  • how to backup photos from iphone 7 to phonecopy urk, 07/03/2017
    • Hi, as Premium user you can turn on Photo backup as one source of data under account settings. When enabled it will synchronize your photos to PhoneCopy on next sync. PhoneCopy support team, 07/03/2017
      • you are mentioning account settings in your website login? there is no photo backup mentioned. will you please elaborate the steps? urk, 08/03/2017
        • Hi, sorry for that. I mentioned account settings in your iPhone App. I will try to send you a screenshot to your email address to clarify it. PhoneCopy support team, 08/03/2017
  • Hi there. I have just uploaded photos and contacts from my old phone to the phonecopy, paying premium service. After that I have succesfully syncd the contacts, so my new phine has all my contacts. QUESTION: HOW DO I COPY THE PHOTOS FROM PHONECOPY ONTO MY NEW PHONE? unknown user, 05/02/2017
    • Hello. Currently, our photo backup feature only backs up photos separately for each phone. Photos cannot be synced across devices now.
      We are preparing such functionality to be available soon.
      PhoneCopy support team, 06/02/2017
  • Hi I have just got a new iphone and used phonecopy to upload contact from old phone. I have synchronised today but now have double contacts on my phone but not on my photocopy account. I am confused how to rectify this

    Thanks Lynn Ash
    unknown user, 18/12/2016
    • Hi, it can happens i case you signed to iCloud where you had synchronized contacts from old phone. You need turn off contact synchronization from iCloud and then you will need use single directional synchronization FROM SERVER to DEVICE in the PhoneCopy App. PhoneCopy support team, 18/12/2016
      • Thanks very much that has sorted it out!

        unknown user, 18/12/2016
  • What is the contact number for tech support? unknown user, 15/12/2016
    • Sorry, we have email support only. PhoneCopy support team, 15/12/2016
  • Hi, 4hrs ago I had 4342 contacts, I now have much less...Kindly assist how i can get those back from the server.

    patelal, 16/07/2016
    • Hi, please check Deleted Contacts folder. It looks you requested deletion of 788 contacts from your iPhone. You can restore it from Deleted Contacts to active list and on next sync you will get it synchronized back to your phone. PhoneCopy support team, 16/07/2016
  • Hi. I cannot synch my contacts to my phone - only the calendar. What am I doing wrong?
    bletch23, 31/05/2016
    • Hi, i can see phone contacts synchronized earlier today. Did you succeeded after you sent this post? PhoneCopy support team, 31/05/2016
      • Yes - but I am not sure how it happened, there is no sync option on the contacts web page and the system told me it had only synchronised the calendar. but the job is done now.
        Thank you.
        bletch23, 02/06/2016
  • sms not synchronsing on premium veriosn pls help donjallo, 30/05/2016
  • HI, can i synchronize my contacts from my iphone to sony xperia z1?
    rgs6254, 18/05/2016
  • my phone is not doing sync says an error Saving person object to iphone addressBook ? dont know what to do ? should i reset my iphone 5s cuz its 7000 + contacts
    umerinam, 17/05/2016
    • Hello, this could be a problem with some types of Microsoft Exchange or Yahoo accounts. In your iPhone settings "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", what account do you have set as default?

      If it's one of the above, you can try this workaround:

      1) set this "default account" (info above) to your iCloud account

      2) try to synchronize from server with PhoneCopy app (if you click "Advanced & Account" button on the main screen, you can select sync direction manually)

      3) if you want, you can set "default account" from (1) back to original "default account".
      PhoneCopy support team, 18/05/2016
  • Hello,
    we have renewed our server certificate. If you are using older phone it can happen that does not contain the root certificate for the authority.
    You can download and install the root certificate from here:
    PhoneCopy support team, 10/04/2016
  • Hi, I am getting an NSURLErrorDomain-1202 saying the certificate for the server is invalid when trying to log into my phone laptop is fine I just want to sinc contacts? Help please
    jerryquinn, 10/04/2016
  • I am trying to sync but it says that an error saving person object to iPhone address book arturo, 20/03/2016
    • Hi, please check if you have at least one writable address book in your phone. Sometimes when iPhone is configured to Exchange account only, there should be a problem to write contact by an application. PhoneCopy support team, 21/03/2016
  • hi
    i want to buy premium version , pls suggest all sms and contacts from i phone can also be added in phonecopy ??
    ramit2912, 06/03/2016
  • In an attempt to restore the deleted contacts, I've permanently deleted the contacts from phonecopy website. Please help me to get them back; I've missed so many important contacts. bharath_naidu, 15/01/2016
    • Sorry but for security and privacy reasons PERMANENT means permanent. We don't have any hidden copy of your contacts when you decide to make permanent delete. PhoneCopy support team, 15/01/2016
  • Hi I need help I have exceeded the no of contacts and forgot to lock-in to make changes During the 7 days period. Was told to login website and delete the contact which I did but I still cannot sync the phone. I am using iPhone 6. Appreciate if any could help. Thanks sinnedmal, 14/01/2016
    • Hi, your account is not blocked. You can synchronize. Please check once more. PhoneCopy support team, 15/01/2016
      • Hi, am having the same issues as sinnedmal. It's showing, Tha no of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago. Synchronization are disabled. Please reduce no of items on website or purchase a premium subscription to enable synchronizations again. Will really appreciate if. Can help. Thanks taryor, 18/02/2016
        • User sinnedmal is not blocked and it fits the limits. PhoneCopy support team, 19/02/2016
  • Hi. After trying to transfer my contacts from my blackberry classic to my Iphone 5S , when ever i followed the instructions it always restored the iphone contacts and not the blackberry ones. is it due to the large amount of contacts i want to trasnfer? ( contacts-1014) Please help asap as i need to do this urgently adeelali, 01/01/2016
  • Hi, is ti possible to backup my iPhone using cable instead of via wi-fi? right now my internet is not working on my phone and I need to backup urgently. Thank you. bgk53, 28/12/2015
    • You can backup your iPhone using USB cable and ITunes. PhoneCopy support team, 29/12/2015
  • Hi, I have followed the instructions to sync from service to device but keep getting the following error message: 'Error saving person object to iPhone AddressBook'

    I have a Premium account and 1150 contacts on the server which I am trying to sync to my new iPhone 5s. Please advise as it is not working? Thank you
    nickvestey, 24/11/2015
    • Hello! Can you try this workarround:

      1) go to the main iPhone settings
      2) select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
      3) find section "Mail" and preference "Default account"
      4) set your iCloud as "default account" here (you can switch back after sync)
      5) run PhoneCopy app and make sync please
      6) (you can set your default account back in the iPhone settings if you want)

      Please - send a feedback if everything is OK with this workaround, will be important for our developers. Also important question: what is your Exchange contact account in the iPhone settings, is it really Exchange (maybe corporate server), or is it Yahoo? Thanks very much! Your PhoneCopy team.
      PhoneCopy support team, 25/11/2015
  • Hi, I used to sync my contacts daily , but updated the phonecoppy app yesterday at the appstore and since then I am not able to sync contacts.
    All I get is

    Error saving person object to iphone AddressBook.

    Started getting this only after the app was updated. I have not made any change sto my contacts.
    Phone: iphone 4.
    number of contacts 152.

    I would be grateful if anyone could help me.
    globalislam, 15/08/2015
    • Hello, after detailed analyzation of server logs, it seems that you finally managed the sync. This error is due some groups problems in subscribed Exchnage accounts (typically). Please tell us - what is your workaround in your case? Thanks very much - support & apple dev team. PhoneCopy support team, 01/09/2015
  • I have synced my I-phone 4s but it has only copied 27 contacts although the phone has 100's.
    Anyone have a view on this??
    markkurzeja, 12/08/2015
    • Hello - sorry for lat ereply, but we need detailed analyzis of log files from dev team. We found from server logs, that you have more contact sources (databases / account) on your phone. 3x exchange, some CardDAV + local iPhone contact database. Run PhoneCopy app, click "Advanced & Account" button and then "Select contact sources" - on this screen, you can select what you want to sync. If you have other questions, you can also contact our support by email - PhoneCopy support team, 01/09/2015
  • hi i tried to synchronise contacts bt no contact came
    i m trying iPhone 5s with macu
    lucky_0, 12/08/2015
    • Hi, i can see successfully synchronized contacts from your iPhone to Ale we found a problem when you tried synchronize contacts from PhoneCopy to MAC. We will check our logs and will contact you. PhoneCopy support team, 12/08/2015
  • Hello there,
    When I first created the phonecopy account, my contacts was not an option under android accounts to sync. There only was my email account and sms. How can I back up my contacts? I am using a Huawei G700 model device.
    joanndecruz, 10/07/2015
    • Hello,

      we can solve this issue with your assistance.

      We send to you an app which can detect your account with contacts and then when you send us output from this app, we can add your account in to PhoneCopy and release new version, which will support of your (currently invisible) account.

      More info in private email.
      PhoneCopy support team, 10/07/2015
      • When you can send me app, which can solve this issue?
        Thank you
        karol4671, 20/07/2015
        • Hello! Do you mean Android app (this is a thread about iPhones and iPads)? Thanks! PhoneCopy support team, 23/07/2015
      • Hi,
        I have same issue with "can´t guess writable addressbook...." on my iPhone 5s.
        However update for Phonecopy app is still not available (bug should be fixed in new one) would like solve issues with your assistance however don´t have any contacts in my phone but just on server.
        Thank you
        karol4671, 16/07/2015
  • How do I delete device from phonecopy server. seanwongsc, 08/07/2015
  • Hi. I have downloaded all my contacts using phonecopy sync from Nokia E52 to iPhone 5. Accidently I pressed FROM SERVER to THIS DEVICE, and all existing contacts on iPhone 5 were gone and replaced by contacts from Nokia E52. Now how can I restore the ones I had originally in iPhone? thanks. kanatu, 06/07/2015
    • Sorry if you replaced contacts FROM SERVER to THIS DEVICE you contact from mobile are gone. PhoneCopy support team, 06/07/2015
  • i have sync my entire contacts to phonecopy server and there is no contacts left in my iphone 4s.
    now when im tryng to resync my iphone, im gettng an error cant guess writable addressbook source for contacts.
    please help
    rishirrr, 04/07/2015
    • Fixed in version 2.5.7 (available in the AppStore) PhoneCopy support team, 01/09/2015
  • Hi, I am facing issue with sync feature on iphone4. While sync phonecopy app is considering all contacts from all email groups like exchange, lotus notes, gmail etc. I have filtered my contacts on iphone to show only contacts from icloud, so that it shows only contacts created from iphone. Now during sync it is showing me 1500+ contacts to sync where as only 600 contacts are valid contacts other 900 contacts are from other email accounts which are not required to move on other phone devices. In your earlier version of phonecopy this problem was not there. As it use to consider only those contacts which I had filtered on my iphone. Is there any solution to fix this problem? I don't need to sync contact from my email accounts.
    I want to repeat again, your earlier version of Phone copy software was OK and did not had this issue. Please help!
    shaily007, 25/06/2015
    • Answered by private support email. PhoneCopy support team, 01/07/2015
  • I am also getting the same error ever since I downloaded the new app .... on my Iphone 5C .... "Cant guess .... contacts" pramodhumal, 21/06/2015
    • Hello, you have only Echange contact accounts (3x) on your iPhone - there was a small bug. Fixed. App is waiting for review on the Apple side. Will be available soon! Thanks for patience. PhoneCopy support team, 01/07/2015
  • Please advise on this error message:
    Can't guess writable AddressBook source for contacts.
    Am trying to download contacts to iPhone 4
    robpau, 14/06/2015
    • Did you get a solution to this problem? I'm getting the same error message. teresaannsmith, 17/06/2015
      • Hello! You finally managed the sync on 2015-06-22 - everything OK now? PhoneCopy support team, 01/07/2015
        • Thanks, all sorted now. ;o) teresaannsmith, 01/07/2015
      • I noticed that some phone numbers seemed to have been interpreted as floating point numbers eg. 123456E11
        I deleted these in the contacts on the phonecopy website and then I was able to download to the iPhone.
        No other comments have been posted
        robpau, 17/06/2015
        • Hello, we are fixed this bug (can't guess writable...) - will be awailable in the next app version (waiting for apple app review now). PhoneCopy support team, 01/07/2015
  • Hi, i have already some contacts that i need on my other phone when i choose to sync all the contacts from the server, it tells me that it would delete all of my old contacts on the phone. How do i sync the contacts from the server to my phone without deleting my old contacts? the backedup contacts are from my IOS 5 Ipad (very old) semskiy, 15/05/2015
    • Then you can't select single directiononal sync FROM server but COMBINE BOTH option. PhoneCopy support team, 15/05/2015
  • Hello, I bought a new iPhone and trying to sync my contacts from my old iPhone 4 through phone copy, however, only 33 contacts out 100+ were synced from the old phone. Can you please help ? omgomg, 13/03/2015
    • Program good yakokony, 06/05/2015
    • Hello - please - go to the iPhone settings, then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and there you can look, which contacts services you have besides "default contact database” or iCloud.
      Also check field “Default account” in the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings please - this account is synchronized with PhoneCopy application (select your iCloud or local contacts here please).
      Then run PhoneCopy app and look at contact count on the main screen - correct now? Then you can synchronize...

      We made a solution. New version of app synchronizes all contact accounts optionaly - a new version is waiting for approval on the AppStore (will be available in a few days).
      PhoneCopy support team, 13/03/2015
      • Are there any news for the new version in the App Store?
        I'm a new user for Phonecopy and like to duplicate the contacts of my iPhone (multiple accounts) to a Nokia E5-00.
        unknown user, 31/03/2015
        • Hello, if you want to synchronize "default account" from iPhone settings (look at previsou post), you can do it now. If you want to sync all your contact accounts, you need to still wait a few days - app is still in review at Apple PhoneCopy support team, 01/04/2015
          • Are there any news about the new app. I have seen not update until today. unknown user, 04/05/2015
            • Hello! Actual status - we have completely new version, but we experienced a few rejections (stricter AppStore rules) which is, unfortunately, weeks and weeks of delay. We were forced to quickly implement in-app purchases for our PhoneCopy Premium accounts (no-way without it). Now it's done (in about week! client side, server side, security audit, everything!). Today we are waiting for reports from some last testers (with old iOS versions) and tomorrow/after tomorow we send it for approval. Again. We hope that it will pass. If you still have remnants of patience, stay tuned please! PhoneCopy support team, 04/05/2015
  • For some unknown reason, I have lost my contacts on my IPhone. I have backed up on Phonecopy but I do not know how to load them from phonecopy back onto my phone crusso62, 10/03/2015
    • Start PhoneCopy App on your iphone, then press Advanced and Account button, choose Synchronization with direction selection (last manu item) and choose Server -> This device. Then your contacts will be transferred from server to your iphone. PhoneCopy support team, 10/03/2015
  • how to transfer calendar for iphone? stebelek75, 03/03/2015
    • Please use PCalendar app. PhoneCopy support team, 03/03/2015
  • can I copy my contacts from your server to my Windows PC as a text file in one of my PC's directory? mesmd, 05/12/2014
  • pictures from iphone 3gs sbenev, 03/12/2014
  • Hi I understand that sms cannot be moved from an iphone to another dwvice but can sms info saved by you (phone copy) from a Samsung Galaxy Ace be tranferred to my new iphone 6?
    thank you
    john1446stephenson, 23/10/2014
    • The application for iPhone cannot synchronize SMS at all, because the Apple does not allow application access to them. Sorry it is not our limitation it is Apple limitation. PhoneCopy support team, 25/10/2014
      • Thanks for this. I know Phone Copy has my past SMS messages. So can these not be sent to my computer so that i can still access them?
        john1446stephenson, 25/10/2014
        • Hi, you can download it in form of CSV file which can be read for example in MS Excel. Just log in to your online account and go to SMS page.
          PhoneCopy support team, 26/10/2014
  • Hello all! I have a question for thoes with iPhone: what happens if I uninstall PhoneCopy from my iPhone? Because when I tried to, it poped up a message saying that : it will remove all it's data. That means that it will remove the contacts that I had transfered trough PhoneCopy? mariusc, 14/10/2014
    • Hello! Definitely not! When uninstalling PhoneCopy (and all other apps working with contacts), only app internal data will be removed. All contacts will remain on the iPhone. PhoneCopy support team, 15/10/2014
      • Thank you for the quick answer! I am kinda' new in the 'iPhone' world. mariusc, 15/10/2014
  • I accidentally deleted my contact, what should i do to get them back? humxa123, 27/09/2014
    • In web application, contact list, use the button "Restore deleted contacts". Then synchronize from device application. zvolsky, 02/10/2014
  • Hi ,
    Could some one help me !
    How to back up my sms?
    Thank you
    yuliya, 25/09/2014
    • Hello, Apple does not allow access to SMS messages to 3rd party developers so we cannot backup them. PhoneCopy support team, 26/09/2014
  • I have successfully synced my Nokia n82 with my iphone for over a year now it works great. Since two days im trying to sync my claendar from the Phonecopy server to the iphone but only 2 events synch to the iphone. I have creted a new calendar and I know that you can only sync -1 to +3 month form the present day - but there are other events that are not synched to the calendar. Please help - Are you planing to implement calendar sync for the complete year? amoeser, 11/09/2014
    • Yes, we will launch it for Premius users soon. PhoneCopy support team, 02/11/2014
  • Hi, I have iphone 3gs with iOS version 5.1.1. I downloaded the app and as i tried to sync the contacts, i noticed it shows 0 contacts although there are 200 odd contacts in the phone. Please help me solve this problem.
    Thanks, Sabnis
    sabnis, 18/08/2014
    • Hello, PhoneCopy supports synchronizing of default contact database only (it's typycally iPhone local contact database or iCloud).

      Actually - you can sync only one contact source - default contact source (due to the side effects and hassle of iOS contact APIs).

      You can go to the iPhone settings, then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and there you can look, which contacts services you have besides "default contact database". Is it Exchnage or Facebook, CardDAV or LDAP?
      Also check field “Default account” in the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings please - this account is synchronized with server.

      Recommended procedure: select your local iPhone contacts or iCloud as “default account”, back up this default contact account with PhoneCopy app and in the case of phone crash or phone upgrade, restore these contacts back with PhoneCopy and then register all your external contact accounts as GMail, Exchange etc. on the new phone - and voila, all your contacts are back.

      Now, we are in intensive rethinking stage of the whole problem with more contact accounts - we are working on the solution, that synchronizes all contact accounts (with apropriate UI warnings and selections). Will be available in the next version of PhoneCopy application. We will do our best to make it total simple for the user - this is our priority for years.
      PhoneCopy support team, 20/08/2014
  • how to sync notes mohdnawaz, 15/07/2014
    • The application for iPhone cannot synchronize notes, because the Apple does not allow application access to them. Sorry. PhoneCopy support team, 16/07/2014
  • First name and familyname are switched when transfering from ipad to server to android. Solution? bartplattau, 03/01/2014
    • Hello! Your contacts has wrong names on your Android phone. But you can fix this by our advanced functions on the!

      Go to, sign-in with your user name and password and then go to Contacts section, click button "More actions" and then "Switch the first and the last name" (check desired contacts before). Satisfied? Let us know.
      PhoneCopy support team, 07/01/2014
      • That helps! Thanks ! bartplattau, 19/01/2014
  • I have successfully synchronized my contacts from my galaxy s3 to phonecopy. Can I also syncronize my contacts with windows explorer harryasprou, 18/12/2013
    • Hi, what do you mean by "synchronize my contacts with windows explorer"? If you mean Windows Contact i recommend you to use PhoneCopy for Windows PhoneCopy support team, 20/12/2013
  • hi , i have a problem that after i have synchronized my contacts successfully from the phonecopy to my i phone , there is a problem that all incoming calls appear as numbers only without names , knowing that the contacts are not duplicated , i couldnt find a cause please help
    sherifalbalkiny, 23/11/2013
    • Answered by private email. PhoneCopy support team, 25/11/2013
      • Hi, I kinda have the same problem. I have an iphone3g
        I synchronized my contacts to the server (not from) succesfully but then all incoming calls appear as numbers only, without names.
        alexandra30, 16/12/2013
        • I restarted the phone and then it worked. alexandra30, 16/12/2013
  • How can I restore the contacts from to my iphone? Thanks. s4s11, 14/10/2013
    • Just download PhoneCopy App from App Store, start it, log in as existing user using your username and password and press Synchronization button. PhoneCopy support team, 14/10/2013
  • It is very very helpful application . thank you phone copy ramila1234, 08/10/2013
  • I have got an issue where Phone copy is giving me an error saying that I have exceeded no. of contact allowed this error came when I changed my Iphone 5 to iOs 7.
    bharat_modi, 26/09/2013
    • Hi, this is not an error. This is feature as PhoneCopy is free until limit of 500 contacts and you have more than four times more. You were notified about it by email 7 days before your account was blocked. It is not related to mentioned iOS upgrade. PhoneCopy support team, 26/09/2013
  • This App doesnt work in my iphone 3G. Why? evianna, 04/09/2013
    • Did you used PhoneCopy3G? Which iOS version you have? PhoneCopy support team, 04/09/2013
      • Hello, i used PhoneCopy3G and the iOS version is 3.1.3.
        evianna, 04/09/2013
        • iOS 3.x is too old and it's technically imposible to maintain this deep backward compatibility - but, try to install this older version - drop application to iTunes on your Mac or PC and then sync app to your iPhone - PhoneCopy support team, 05/09/2013
          • Does not install, error message signer not verified shows up. aidroos, 18/09/2013
            • Oh yes, sorry. Thus the path is closed. You have one possibility - upgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS4. Then you will be fine with the PhoneCopy3G version from the AppStore. PhoneCopy support team, 18/09/2013
          • Thank you ! It is work fine! evianna, 06/09/2013
  • How to I transfer and access text messages from an iphone 5 to my iMac?
    caprockcap, 28/08/2013
    • Sorry, the application for iPhone cannot synchronize SMS, because the Apple does not allow application access to them. PhoneCopy support team, 28/08/2013
  • I have been informed that my account has been exceeded limit by one item. How can I delete it?
    hani123, 20/08/2013
    • easily, just go to contacts and delete contact or contacts you don't need anymore. PhoneCopy support team, 20/08/2013
  • How to import contacts from csv?
    mic.pzs, 18/08/2013
    • Sorry, curently we don't have such as feature because each csv can be completely different. If you will be able to convert csv into vcf we can offer you PhoneCopy for Windows which allows you to import vcf to PhoneCopy support team, 19/08/2013
  • Great! I managed to copy all contacts to an Alcatel OT device form iPhone4S wit a few clicks zozo969, 04/08/2013
  • all contacts are removed automatically after 30 days...what is the solution...plzzzzz contacts all also lost from phone because of restore factory...plzzzz help... alamzebkhan, 30/07/2013
    • Hi, we don't delete any contacts you have stored in your profile. I can see all your contacts stored in ther profile and 0 deleted contacts. Please check your profile on If you want to restore contacts back to your iPhone you have to select Single Direction synchronization from Server to Device. PhoneCopy support team, 31/07/2013
      • 0ow thats great...yaaaaahoooo...i got tht all...thnkx alot was in a mistake but i got it...ur help is appreciated....:) alamzebkhan, 31/07/2013
  • I need help, i have accidentally synchronize an empty contacts to my 800+ contacts at Phone copy. Is there anyway to recover back my old data? lindalee, 24/07/2013
    • Hi, just go to Deleted Contacts folder and restore contacts to active list. On next sync you will get it back to your phone. PhoneCopy support team, 24/07/2013
  • How do I synchronize my Notes? This app has backed up my contacts, but I want to also synchronize my notes. Thank you. sbgreenlaw, 22/07/2013
    • Hi, as writtten above the application for iPhone cannot synchronize notes, because the Apple does not allow application access to them. Sorry. PhoneCopy support team, 23/07/2013
  • I tried to restore deleted calendar entries and when I selected all they all disappeared. Is there a way to restore them form the previous backup? gcolwell, 07/02/2013