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Apple Mac OS X is supported on PhoneCopy. Please note that following settings may vary a little depending on the firmware version.
  • contact synchronization
  • calendar synchronization
  • automatic sync

Apple Mac OS X users around the world

According to our statistics, PhoneCopy users use Apple Mac OS X for data backup in countries Germany (Deutschland) - 12.28%, France - 11.59%, United States (Estados Unidos, États-Unis, ‘Amelika Hui Pū ‘ia) - 11.07%, Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra) - 9.00%, Czechia (Czech Republic, Česká republika) - 8.82%, Ecuador - 5.71%, Lebanon (Lubnān, لبنان, Liban) - 4.67%, United Kingdom (Y Deyrnas Unedig, Unitit Kinrick, Rìoghachd Aonaichte, Ríocht Aontaithe, An Rywvaneth Unys) - 4.15%, Australia - 3.11%, Poland (Polska) - 2.08% and 52 more.

On the map

Following heat map shows contacts synchronisations with Apple Mac OS X using PhoneCopy across the globe.

Text guideline - How to backup

With Apple Mac OS X

If you want to transfer contacts to your Mac please use following screenshot guide.
  1. Download an application PhoneCopy for Mac
  2. After installing and launching the application, press "Synchronize" button and follow instructions.
  3. Browse your contacts from a Mac on the web

You can also follow instructions including screenshots.

In the case of problems with synchronization, please contact us.

User comments

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  • Hi!
    After doing a looong synchronization in which I obtained a dozen of new events on the calendar every single day from 2016 to 2028, but not my contacts, the desktop app (versoin 2.3) freezed. After that, I tried to run the app twice and both times it freezed. I erased the app, downloaded again, and again, it freezed. I'm scratching my premium user head.
    rokeboogie, 07/07/2020
  • Installed phonecopy 1.8.2 – tried synchronising, however no contacts show up in web interface.

    premium user.

    tomtoromtom, 26/10/2015
    • Hello! Try our new MAC beta version -
      Put the ZIP on the Desktop, unpack it. Don't replace old PhoneCopy app in the /Applications folder, run PhoneCopy BETA from Desktop temporarily - after proper final AppStore update, you can delete temp Desktop BETA version. It's still officialy beta, so please report errors directly via email to
      PhoneCopy support team, 26/10/2015