Backup contacts, calendar, tasks and notes from Nokia C8 Concept

Nokia C8 Concept

Available guides for synchronization to the secure cloud

Supported functions

  • contact synchronization
  • calendar synchronization
  • task synchronization
  • note synchronization
Nokia C8 Concept is supported on PhoneCopy. Please note that following settings may vary a little depending on the firmware version.

Text guideline - How to backup

With Nokia C8 Concept

First go to the phone's Main Menu and then follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings, then Connectivity. Under Connectivity select Data transfer and afterwards Sync.
  2. Click Option and select New sync profile.
  3. Click Start and in Profile name write PhoneCopy, then as Server version select 1.2.
  4. Tick the items you want to back up:
    ▼ hide contacts
    • Contact database: contacts
    ▼ hide calendar
    • Calendar database: calendar
    ▼ hide notes
    • Notes database: notes
  5. Then configure given fields.
    ▼ hide fields
    • Data bearer: Internet
    • Host address: write
    • Server ID: leave blank
    • User name: your_username
    • Password: your_password
  6. Choosing Yes will activate your new synchronization profile.


Now, you can start syncing with PhoneCopy and get your phone backed up!

Remember, you need to sync your phone first. On your phone, in section Sync, click Options and select Synchronize.

If you need more help with the settings, visit our step by step screenshot guide.

And now please, assign your phone to your PhoneCopy account.

In the case of problems with synchronization, please contact us.

User comments

Symbian is an operating system that is used by a great number of mobile phones. With relation to PhoneCopy the big advantage of Symbian based phones is the ability to synchronize not even contacts or events but also other data types as SMS or MMS. PhoneCopy already supports SMS management and backup and we plan to support MMS in the future.
The Symbian operating system has several versions from which the most widespread is probably S60 third edition e.g. Nokia 5730 ExpressMusic, Nokia E75, N96, N86, N79, Samsung GT-i8510 or GT-i7110 and S60 fifth edition e.g. Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic, Nokia 5530 ExpressMusic, Nokia 5230, Nokia N97, N97 mini, X6, Sony Ericsson Satio or Samsung i8910. In all it encompasses tens of models also referred to as Smartphone.

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  • Good, you have Symbian covered solar-j2025, 07/03/2022
    • Most Symbian phones are still covered by PhoneCopy synchronization. PhoneCopy support team, 07/03/2022
  • Is there a possibility to upload contacts in .csv or vcard format to the database? Target is to simplify the first sync. gerald45, 25/10/2021
    • Hi, just log in to your online account and on the Contacts page, there is Import Contacts from vCard item under the MORE ACTIONS button which you will see on the top of the contacts list. PhoneCopy support team, 25/10/2021
      • Many thanks! It just worked fine!

        Best regards
        gerald45, 25/10/2021
  • I am trying to get back to my good old Nokia E72 from Android and I purchased PhoneCopy premium as I have more than 500 sms. The upload from Android to PhoneCopy worked great and I managed to get the contacts into the E72 using Sync, however I cannot get the SMS back from PhoneCopy to the E72. I have specified "sms" as the database; am I doing something wrong? unknown user, 10/08/2016
    • Hi, unfortunatelly Nokia doesn't allow to upload SMS back to the phone even we are sending it back during synchronization. The phone doesn't accept it. Sorry. PhoneCopy support team, 10/08/2016
  • I want to restore my stuff back on my nokia e71 after a hard reset but i dont know how mazmaz, 02/03/2016