Backup contactos, calendário and tareas from Sony Ericsson K200i

Sony Ericsson K200i
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Sony Ericsson K200i is supported on PhoneCopy. Please note that following settings may vary a little depending on the firmware version.
  • contact synchronization
  • calendar synchronization
  • task synchronization

Text guideline - How to backup

With Sony Ericsson K200i

Configuración general del teléfono
Nombre del perfil de sinconización: PhoneCopy
Dirección de anfitrión:
Port: 80
Nombre de usuario: username
Contrasena: Ponga la contrasena (longitud permitida es 5-50 caracteres)
Base de datos de calendario: Calendario
Base de datos de contactos: Contactos
Base de datos de notas: Notas
Base de datos de tareas: Tareas
Autorización de HTTP No
Nombre de usuario de HTTP: No ponga
Contrasena de HTTP: No ponga
Permitir requerimiento de sincronización:
Confirmar requerimiento de sincronización No
Conección al internet: Elija el tipo de conección, el cual usa para mirar las páginas de web en su teléfono móvil (p. ej. internet, GPRS, etc.)

Si está todo completo, puede iciar la sincronización.

Por favor, ahora asigne su teléfono a su cuenta PhoneCopy.

En el caso de problemas con la sincronización, contacte con nosotros.

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  • My Alcatel flip phone isn't syncing my notes and I have premium service. Is there a way to change this? the7thdoctor, 14/11/20
    • I am sorry, but your phone doesn't allow access to notes. PhoneCopy support team, 15/11/20
      • Dang! 😖 the7thdoctor, 15/11/20
  • Hy , i made the account here. BUt can't syncronize. My phone doesn't connect i think? please help me! I'm on vodafone pre pay sim! Need correct internet settings? n0p3_2005, 29/09/20
    • Replied via email. PhoneCopy support team, 30/09/20
  • how can i transfer pics from k790i? ashik19, 25/02/19
    • Sorry, we don't support photo backup on your phone. As we remembered it can be possible via cable only. PhoneCopy support team, 25/02/19
  • how can transfer photo from sony ericssion 790i. phone dosent have sim. but turns on ashik19, 25/02/19
    • Sorry, we don't support photo backup on your phone. As we remembered it can be possible via cable only. PhoneCopy support team, 25/02/19
  • Hi! Is it really possible to backup textmessages from Xperia mini pro U20i and transfer them to my computer via Phonecopy?
    I find the device among your supported devices, and in the box specifying what can be synchronized/backed-up "sms back-up" is included. But I've been told by others that messages are stored on the phone's internal memory and that it's impossible to transfer them to a computer/other device.
    Would be very grateful for a confirmation, that Phonecopy does back-up sms-messages from the internal phone memory?
    Many thanks!
    usuario desconocido, 16/02/18
    • Hi, please download our application and if you will see SMS between data types which you can synchronize, it will work. Sometimes it depends on android version but it works for most devices PhoneCopy support team, 16/02/18
  • Hi dear Phonecopy team
    In my account i have two devices, one of them an older Sony Ericsson k310i which actually i cant sync phone contacts.
    Please tell me if something has been changed or if this device is no longer supported?
    Many thanks.
    claupere, 06/03/17
    • Hi, your device is still supported. We can't see any synchronization of your K310 from last may. Please check if you have correct configuration and working internet connection. PhoneCopy support team, 06/03/17
  • for the phone sony ericsson w995a, in the "connection" part..what should i select and filled in between "ps data" & "cs data"??
    wwl19, 26/10/16
    • Please contact your mobile operator because connection settings can vary on different networks PhoneCopy support team, 26/10/16
  • Hi, Is there a way to import a csv contact list into phonecopy? I have a sonyericsson cedar and copying my existing contacts in vcf format to the phone has resulted in some fields getting mixed up. Thanks Andy andrewyates, 15/03/16
    • Hi, sorry the CSV has not fixed format for easy import which is reason why we implemented only VCF import. You will find it in PhoneCopy for Windows application. If you will be able to convert CSV to VCF PhoneCopy for Windows will helps. PhoneCopy support team, 15/03/16