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SalesForce Lead Import
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SalesForce Lead Import is supported on PhoneCopy. Veuillez noter que les paramètres suivants peuvent varier selon la version du firmware.
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Text guideline - How to backup

With SalesForce Lead Import

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As a user with administration rights to your Salesforce organization do:
  1. Go to PhoneCopy Lead Import app on
  2. Choose Get It now.
  3. Log in to your administrator Salesforce profile.
  4. Continue installing the app into your Salesforce organization. Select Install to All Users now, you will specify the authorized users later.
  5. When the installation is complete the post-install configuration page will appear. Select users you want to authorize to use the app. Type in the feed text with instuctions to using the app. Finally click on Set the permission and send the feed button.
  6. Now you have installed and configured PhoneCopy Lead Import app to your Salesforce organization.
Each user that wants to use the PhoneCopy Lead Import app does:
  1. Logs in to her Salesforce profile.
  2. On Home or Chatter page finds the Welcome to new PhoneCopy Lead Import service feed sent to her and clicks on the PhoneCopy Lead Import link below the feed.
  3. Fills in My PhoneCopy username and My PhoneCopy password. If she does not have any, she can register on registration page.
  4. Chooses import mode (one time, or daily) and presses Start button.
  5. Her phone book will be imported to her Salesforce profile in a minute.

En cas de problemes dans la synchonisation, veuillez nous contacter.