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Nokia 6060
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Nokia 6060 is supported on PhoneCopy. Please note that following settings may little vary depending on the firmware version.
  • contact synchronization
  • calendar synchronization
  • task synchronization
  • note synchronization
  • sms backup
  • sync via wifi
  • automatic sync

Text guideline - How to backup

With Nokia 6060

A instrução ainda não foi traduzida para seu idioma.

First go to the phone's Main Menu and then follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings - Configuration - Personal config. settings - Synchronization
  2. Set given fields for account configuration.
    ▶ show fields
  3. Select items you want to back up:
    ▶ show fields
  4. Go to Connection - Data Transmission - Server sync. and Options.
  5. Select Edit - Data for Sync and mark the items you want to synchronise.
  6. Answer the question Yes.
  7. Select Synchronization settings - Configuration - Personal Configuration and press Select.

And now please, assign your phone to your PhoneCopy account.

In the case of problems with synchronization, please contact us.

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  • I've successfully setup my Nokia 301 with PhoneCopy and everything syncs perfectly fine except for my calendar entries. When I create an entry in PhoneCopy it syncs correctly with my computer's calendar but the time is wrong with my phone. For example, if I create something for 5:30pm it shows on my computer as 5:30 but always shows up as 11:30am on my phone. Any idea what's going on here? jdsmelts, 15/04/30
  • Fosse anche in italiano... GRAZIE COMUNQUE, FORMIDABILI!!! scatanai, 15/04/27
  • I am trying to transfer contacts from Lumia 520 to Lumia 635.
    I have downloaded PhoneCopy app and downloaded all 34 to On using the app it states all 34 have been synchronised but do not appear on your website. HELP!!
    phlyn, 15/04/20
  • My old phone is Nokia Asha 300 & new phone is iPhone 5. When Synchronise data with Personal config. phonecopy & then press Yes but came out was "Data transfer not possible. Check data connection.' Please help maryscc, 15/04/19
    • Hi, you need to check if you have correct mobile internet connection in the PhoneCopy profile in your Asha. It has to be "internet" or "GPRS" Phonecopy support team, 15/04/19
  • I use Lumia 520. I reset my phone n can't get back my contacts
    I don't understand what u mean by deleting phone from
    Phonecopy profile, please give me step-by-step instructions on how to sync my contacts back to my phone cos am afraid of losing them. Thanks. Abeku
    abeku, 15/04/18
  • Hi there - I successfully synced my phone's data with PhoneCopy, performed a factory reset, and set up the sync configuration again. But now I can't sync any of my data back onto the phone. The sync succeeds but no contacts or calendar appointments are transferred back onto the phone. What's happening? Thanks phlapphace, 15/04/17
    • Please delete your phone from PhoneCopy profile and assign it back as new device. It will synchronize all data from PhoneCopy back to your mobile. Phonecopy support team, 15/04/17
      • Solved this by deleting my phone from the Devices list in my settings, then syncing my phone, restoring all the deleted contacts events and notes, then syncing my phone again. More complicated than it really has to be... phlapphace, 15/04/17
        • Sorry for that, but we decided for that procedure for basic phones to avoid unwanted deletion of contacts. Phonecopy support team, 15/04/18
  • Hello, I imported all of my contacts from an iPhone 5 successfully to PhoneCopy. Now I am all set up on my new Nokia 515, but when I sync, only one contact gets through. I've tried several times, and each time its the same one contact. Any help is appreciated!!! janakinsman, 15/03/18
    • Hello, first of all, check your account for empty contacts or contacts with empty name. These can cause problems to Nokia phones. Phonecopy support team, 15/03/18
      • That fixed my problem! Thank you! janakinsman, 15/03/18
  • Hi. I have a nokia x2-00. Sync ok, but in phone len(Family Name)+ len(Given Name) <=13. Given name are cut. Error in the phone or in the server?
    press2000, 15/03/11
    • Hi,
      we don't cut it. It looks as problem of specific firmware of your phone. Sorry.
      Phonecopy support team, 15/03/11
  • Just install the app on your phones and sync. Excellent! Thank you for the software you guys! swathysanjaysindhu, 15/03/02
  • while I tried to sync E52, in addition to the instructions you have given above, the phone asks for server ID, port, network user name, contacts database... What are to be entered in these spaces? vathatte, 15/02/27
  • Am failing to synchronize and keep receiving a message "connection error" victork, 15/02/20
    • Then you need to check your mobile internet connection. You need deta transfers enabled from your mobile operator and also you need set correct mobile internet connection (also called APN) in your mobile. Phonecopy support team, 15/02/20
  • Can I sync sms from Nokia E71
    Will these sms be deleted on the phone?
    How can I transfer the sms to another device e.g Samsung Note 4?
    unkleadib86, 15/02/18
    • Hi, you can synchronize SMS from Nokia. Synchronization means you will have SMS in both phone and online profile. Yes you can transfer it ot Samsung Note 4, but that feature is part of Premium Sybscription. Please check our guides on Phonecopy support team, 15/02/18
  • I cannot view my synchronized contacts in my profile through PC...though it shows that conatcts are synchronized in phone(Nokia N73)...Pls help where my contacts could be viewed.
    nikhil_613, 15/02/09
    • I can see hundreds of contacts synchronized from your N73 to your profile . . Phonecopy support team, 15/02/10
  • My old phone is Nokia 5800 (Xpressmusic) and new one is Moto G 2nd gen. I used PhoneCopy to transfer my contacts to my new phone, and it worked fine. But I find all the labels I had created in my Nokia contacts are not showing up in Moto G. They just appear as the default labels, and not the ones I had created using "edit label". I had many related phone numbers in the same contact, but with the label edited (instead of the default "mobile num", "telephone" etc) to indicate the person's name. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
    shrihari137, 15/02/07
    • Sorry, we can't help you as your request is phone specific and customized labels doesnt work when transferring to another phone. Phonecopy support team, 15/02/07
  • what password is required kanee, 15/02/05
    • please check our guide for your phone Phonecopy support team, 15/02/05
  • What is the remote database name?
    bandanman99, 15/02/01
    • contacts for contacts, calendar for calendar etc. it is written in our guide. Phonecopy support team, 15/02/01
      • ...contacts for contacts, calendar for calendar, etc. What should I enter for Remote database? "remote" is not accepted. gverbuc, 15/04/16
        • Type "contacts" for contacts. Or tell me what phone model you have and i will send you tutorial with screen shots. Phonecopy support team, 15/04/16
          • Nokia c5-00, i entered contacts, calendar and notes. No problem. Then new question appears: Remote database. What should be entered? As written in your manual, there should be SMS not Remote. gverbuc, 15/04/16
  • how to get back my contacts to my nokia asha 311?
    indusind, 15/01/30
    • First of all your account is blocked as you exceeded number of contacts for free version more than 7 days ago. If you want to get contacts synchronized to phone after reset, the best way is to delete it from profile and assign it back. PhoneCopy will understand it is new empty phone and will synchronize contacts to it. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/30
  • But when I try to open http//,I have the message "aucune réponse passerelle".What it means? sandanam, 15/01/29
    • You mean open in mobile internet browser? Phonecopy support team, 15/01/29
      • Yes:open in internet of my mobile sandanam, 15/01/30
        • please check if you can browse any other web page. If yes, I expect you are using WAP mobile internet connection (also called APN) and PhoneCopy is blocked by your operator. You have to use Internet or GPRS mobile internet connection. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/30
          • Hello.
            Where and how,in my Nokia 2670,I can do this change of setting?
            sandanam, 15/01/31
            • Please check your settings with our guide which works for similar phones Phonecopy support team, 15/02/02
              • Hi.
                I already used your guide,step by step.Always with the same result:"Impossible.Verify datas connection".
                sandanam, 15/02/03
                • This means you have problem with mobile internet connection. Please try to solve it with your mobile operator or mobile phone store. Phonecopy support team, 15/02/03
                  • Hi.
                    I am able to connect to internet (for exemple,to Google).But when trying to synchronize my Nokia 2760 to my contacts on PhoneCopy,I receive the same message:"Impossible.Verify your datas connection"
                    sandanam, 15/02/06
                    • Which APN you use? Is it "internet" or "GPRS" Phonecopy support team, 15/02/07
                      • Hi.
                        I don't know exactly.I think I'm using Orange World GPRS.But,for joining,I used the button Internet in the main menu.
                        sandanam, 15/02/08
                        • In the PhoneCopy configuration you are asked to set connection where you have to set Orange World GPRS please. Phonecopy support team, 15/02/10
  • Hello.After finish settings having chosen Server sync,I receive the message "Impossible.Verify datas connection".I have verified all the process to synchronize with my PhoneCopy account.
    What to do?
    sandanam, 15/01/29
    • Hi, please check your internet connection in mobile browser. If it works, then please use the same mobile internet connection (also called APN) for PhoneCopy synchronization. In some cases you need to use "internet" or "GPRS" rather than "WAP" because WAP connection can be dedicated just for predefined services. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/29
      • Hi.I think my internet connection is working.The settings are:configuration Orange,account Orange World GPRS.How to use that for PhoneCopy synchronization?Thanks sandanam, 15/01/29
        • In your phone you have to set connection which will be used for PhoneCopy synchronization. Which phone model you have. We can send you screen shots. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/29
          • Hi.
            Sorry.I mistook:my new mobile is a Nokia 2760
            sandanam, 15/02/02
          • My mobile is a Nokia 2670.
            sandanam, 15/01/30
            • Hi,
              Sorry;I mistook.My new mobile is a Nokia 2760
              sandanam, 15/02/02
  • My Nokia E5-00 has exported notes and contacts group but it is showing "system error " message after sending half contacts and sync stops automatically anztraders, 15/01/23
    • Replied via email Phonecopy support team, 15/01/26
  • It seems to sync then says 'unable to open database'.
    I choose 3 to do the syncing and have renamed the databases as on the instruction page (eg, 'Contacts' etc).
    Any ideas what the problem might be?
    marklesterbrown, 15/01/21
    • Please select "both ways" as it is written in the instructions. You selected "from device" which can make troubles you are reporting. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/21
  • Hallo any one help me how to export contact no from lumia 525 to PC or other phone avaneeshi, 15/01/19
  • unable to conect
    avaneeshi, 15/01/19
  • I tried this method , i could not get the Contacts to my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. could any one suggest any other method.
    This Nokia Lumia 510 modl seems to be a very complicated one.
    jaichand, 15/01/19
    • What step doesn't work for you with your Lumia? Are you looking to get contacts FROM Lumia or TO Lumia? I can see some contacts already synchronized with your Redmi. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/19
  • I have Nokia Lumia 510 and I had bought a Xiaomi Note . I am not able transfer contacts from Nokia to Redmi Note. Kindly help. There is not option to Store it in SIM. jaichand, 15/01/19
  • I have a nokia e72, and when i Sync only 5 conatcts come accross, but I have 88? I have tried saving all contacts to the phone and to the sim and syncing again but no luck? danni123, 15/01/12
    • Please check once more if you have all your contacts in the phone memory. If you have it stored on SIM, please copy it to memory first. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/13
      • Yes, they are. Infact, I now have duplicates as they are saved on both sim and phone. danni123, 15/01/14
        • then you need to delete all contacts from SIM. In case of any problem you can restore deleted contacts from Deleted Contacts folder of your online profile at Phonecopy support team, 15/01/14
  • Hi I hve N73 when I click to start sync it show invalid host address or server not responding
    Help me what should I do
    prasad1298, 15/01/08
  • i have vcf files in my pc how to import them to phonecopy jayavardhanj, 15/01/06
    • Please use PhoneCopy for Windows which allows VCF import. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/06
  • Non riesco a trasferire i contatti dal mio Nokia 5800, mi dà errore si sistema
    danielebortot, 15/01/05
  • Hi, while syncing my Nokia mobile with phonecopy, I am getting the error - 80004004
    Please help. I have restarting the application, phone,everything possible.
    tejinder-jeet, 15/01/05
    • Replied via email. Phonecopy support team, 15/01/05
  • Hello; I juste registered : starting witj 'synchronize' Contacs + Agenda + Notes from my Nokia E6. The result on Phone Copy is : Contacts + Notes : OK; Agenda : empty. Tried a second time : identical : what can be the pb ? thanks. dedinstras, 14/12/27
    • Hi, there is a bug on some E6 firmwares making available only calendar items which were created after synchronization settings. Please try to add test event to your online profile and synchronize, then try add new one to E6. I expect it will work, but old events can't be accessed. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/28
      • HI thanks for the suggestion; here is the result :
        1. From Phone Copy -> Nokia : OK but the event appears under the category 'Phone COpy'
        1. From Nokia-> PhoneCopy : It works only if the event on the Nokia is created under the 'category PhoneCopy' other wise no transfer (other categories are Personal & Work)
        2. Last strange effect : one hour difference : this should come I think from a different definition of the time zone => I'll test that
        dedinstras, 14/12/29
  • I synced my contacts to my android phone, but my calendar is not synced. But I can see the calendar on the PhoneCopy server. What must I do to sync the only the calendar to my Android phone? dregeelen, 14/12/26
    • Calendar on android is not currently supported. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/28
  • i synced my contacts from my nokia c7 and now i need them back so waht to do ? mirolilo, 14/12/24
    • If you want to synchronize it back to C7, you need to delete C7 from your online profile (contacts remain ther unchanged) and then you will assign it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new device and will transfer contacts to it. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/24
    • We didn't find any Nokia synchronized with your username to our server. Please check if you successfully synchronized your Nokia or write us your phone model and we will send you tutorial Phonecopy support team, 14/12/24
  • Hi All,

    I have successfully backed up to the PhonCopy server contacts from my iPhone and would now like to download/sync these same contacts to a Nokia C1-01 which at the moment has an empty address book.

    However, every time I sync the Nokia, it just uploads no contacts to PhoneCopy rather than downloading those stored from the iPhone.

    Any ideas what to do?

    Many thanks

    dpg, 14/12/21
    • Hi, there is not any Nokia synchronized with your username. Please check phone settings. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/21
  • Everytime I synchronise my N97 it show me synchronise complete but in website says synchronization failed!!! can u help me with that! rahimsharafyar, 14/12/18
    • Hello,
      try to change the contacts database name setting in the phone to something different, e.g. Contacts2.
      This should help.
      Phonecopy support team, 14/12/19
  • How to import contacts to tonyko, 14/12/16
  • New user here!!

    I have a Nokia Lumia 800. I have written down the settings needed to set up my phonecopy account on the phone. Am I correct in assuming that I do NOT need to manually associate the Lumia 800 to my account on the website - the association will happen automatically when I first sync the phone (will do this tonight!?

    Thanks - regards Dino
    maryfrangos1978, 14/12/15
  • i have synchronised my contacts. How do i get the backup back? mohitrocks5, 14/12/15
    • Yes, you can create two contacts groups and each of ther assign to different device. Then you will synchronize Nokia contacts to group A and LG data to group B. When synchronized you will assign group A to LG phone and Group B to Nokia phone. After synchronization contacts from old group will disapear from the phone and contacts from new group will replace it. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/11
  • My contacts got erased in my phone how should I regain it from phone copy manikdboss, 14/12/09
    • I can see 523 active contacts synchronized from PhoneCopy to Nokia Phonecopy support team, 14/12/10
  • system error e63 simbu86, 14/12/08
    • Please ask somebody experienced to help you. It is not problem related to our service. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/08
  • not enough memory to receive message(s).delete some data first my nokia e63 please help sms not open simbu86, 14/12/08
    • It looks as some probolem with your phone which is not related to synchronization Phonecopy support team, 14/12/08
  • sms not opend my nokia e63 and synsconise not done system error simbu86, 14/12/08
  • Hi, I tried syncing up my calendar entries from my nokia c7. Nothing synced and my calendar in phone copy has 0 entries. I see 925 contacts alone have moved. Can u please check n help? reachsv, 14/12/06
    • Hi, it is known Nokia Symbian3 bug. It doesn't allow to synchronize existing calendar events. It allows to synchronize only events created after profile . . sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/06
  • Hello
    I have a Nokia 6300 phone and I created a PhoneCopy account on September 13. My first backup was very fast and successful . I did another one in October .
    Yesterday I tried to sync but it took a long time and failed.
    It failed three times. I didn't change anything in my phone.
    I restarted my phone several times . I deleted configuration ,restarted the phone and created it again but it failed again.
    I have enough credit and the network is working properly.
    What is the problem ?
    hodaaort, 14/12/04
    • Hi, from our records it looks synchronization was canceled by interupted connection twice then the last one wasn't finished. Can you please check your mobile internet connection? Please note in case you are using WAP type of connection, some operators block it. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/04
      • Thanks a lot for replying

        Everything is the same . I use this phone as a secondary phone
        to write notes and message templates . I didn't change anything
        Today particularly , I received a message from my Network Operator that I have 3 megabytes free for 24 hours !
        So , I tried to sync but it didn't work
        hodaaort, 14/12/04
        • What is your mobile internet profile also called APN? WAP, Internet or GPRS? Phonecopy support team, 14/12/04
  • I fill all the fields in "Assign a new device" but it when I press Associate it doesn't work. Whot should I do? eriksela, 14/12/02
    • We don't have any device with your username in our databases. It looks you didn't synchronize it yet. Phonecopy support team, 14/12/04
  • Have Nokia C2-01. When I get to 'Account name My synchronisation' there is no option of 'Phonecopy' for the next step. How do I progress from here? busybee16, 14/11/26
  • i have transfered my comntacts from my xperia t2 ultra to the phone copy server, how do i transfer them to my nokia 5233?? akshatpaliwal1, 14/11/25
  • I have joined today and, having copied my phone to you, have just done my first sync between my Mac and my Nokia E5 using the priority of Mac over phone. Contacts and sms seem to be fine but nothing has happened in Calendar i.e. all my old events are still on the phone, and I have discovered a calendar entry on my Mac which says fakeCALModelTestEvent which I cannot delete utilizador desconhecido, 14/11/22
    • I have solved my own problem. I had copied my phone to you then synced with the Mac but didn't realise I then had to sync the phone again! utilizador desconhecido, 14/11/22
      • Thank you for update about solution. Phonecopy support team, 14/11/23
  • i unable get my contacts from my nokia c2?
    adireddy, 14/11/22
    • We didn't find any Nokia with entered your user name in our server. It looks you have problems with mobile data connection. Phonecopy support team, 14/11/23
  • What do I enter in remote database? chickpea, 14/11/21
    • contacts for contacts, tasks for tasks, notes for notes and calendar for calendar. It is written in our all guides and tutorials. Phonecopy support team, 14/11/23
  • Synchronisation used to work very well for me but has stopped doing so. I set up a new sync profile but it still does not work. The website states that my phone IMEI is linked to Phonecopy.It doesnt appear to be. Can you fix that please? drbyrne, 14/11/21
    • Hi, i fixed it for you. You had assigned the same phone with different username to your profile before. I reassigned it with newly entered user name and now it works. Phonecopy support team, 14/11/21
  • Hi
    First of all, congratulations for a fabulous product
    Is it possible to export the SMSs from my old Nokia N8-00 to a Samsung Note ? I could easily transfer all my contacts and calendar events, but I can't see how to transfer SMSs.
    Thank you
    ppsilva, 14/11/19
    • Sorry, but Nokia doesn't include SMS to synchronization data in N8-00 software. Otherwise Samsung Note can synchronize SMS to PhoneCopy without any problem. Phonecopy support team, 14/11/19
  • hi i want to export contacts from phonecopy to my lumia 520 izzie, 14/11/14
  • Hi i have a nokia asha 303 i have backed up my contacts and calender and the entry of the same is also reflecting in my phone copy login but when i try to restore calender it dosent please help nandsthakkar, 14/11/08
    • It looks you delete all your contacts and calendar events when you synchronized erased phone to your online account. Please go to Deleted Contacts folder and restore all deleted contacts to active list and you will get it synchronized back to your phone Phonecopy support team, 14/11/12
  • Nokia Lumia 930 here.
    When trying to sync to phone I get error 80070057.
    Hope you can assist.
    anarchina, 14/11/06
    • Hi, it looks error disapeared and your phone was successfully synchonized few minutes later Phonecopy support team, 14/11/06
      • Hi. As I see it, PhoneCopy tries to sync to the phone in blocks of 25 entries. Due to the an error it never completes and the sync is tried again and again. Articles on the net hints the error is related to folder names, anarchina, 14/11/07
        • Hello, this error code means that phone does not like some data it received. We will take a look at it. Do you have recent Windows Phone update? Phonecopy support team, 14/11/07
          • Great, thanks. Yes, I have the Cyan 8.1 update. anarchina, 14/11/07
            • Hello, the problem should be fixed by now. Phonecopy support team, 14/11/14
  • how can I get the ID of server? ma.pakzad, 14/10/26
    • You don't need to fill ID of server, please check our step by step guide Phonecopy support team, 14/10/26
  • Nokia C2-01 Contacts sync to MacBook Air OS X Lion 10.7.5. Final step "Server Sync" gives this Message, "Data transfer not possible. Check data connection." Could somebody help me, please? Many thanks. eddievaughan, 14/10/16
    • Hi, you need to have data transfers enabled on your SIM card and correct mobile internet settings . Phonecopy support team, 14/10/21
  • Good day,

    I have got an really old Nokia 6300 without internet. Is it possible to connect this old phone through my laptop or desktop to the PhoneCopy server to be able to transfer my contacts and calender items to the cloud? Thanks. Onno
    pcolloollo, 14/10/15
    • No, if you want to use PhoneCopy you need to use at least for a while active SIM card with data transfer enabled. Phonecopy support team, 14/10/15
  • Hello, I'm trying to sync my Nokia E63 to PhoneCopy, and I've managed to sync calendar, sms and contacts, but I cannot sync my notes. As far as I know I followed the instructions word-for-word. Any ideas? farrugiamaths, 14/10/09
    • Hi, it looks your phone is not sending Notes at all. Phonecopy support team, 14/10/15
  • help to login on phonycopy on a Nokia Lumia 920. The guide here on phonycopy dosen´t work.
    xeroz, 14/10/07
  • i have a Nokia Lumia 920, i need the domain adress to phonycopy? xeroz, 14/10/07
  • 6300 has no internet fencopy, 14/10/07
    • You need to get sim card with data for a while to be able to use phonecopy on your phone. Phonecopy support team, 14/10/07
  • Hi, I synced my iPhone contacts to Phonecopy without any problems, but now that I try to sync the contacts with my Nokia Asha 210, it says sync failed. I followed all instructions to the letter. What can be the problem ? polinasmakhtin, 14/09/30
    • Hello,
      I can see some successful sync in your profile since then. If you still experience problems, contact support via Help section on this website.
      Phonecopy support team, 14/10/08
  • Sync.and backup in nokia c2-01 shows invalid sync. Setting cotact service provider dazy_68, 14/09/27
    • Please contact support Phonecopy support team, 14/10/07
  • I am trying to transfer contacts from Nokia Asha 202 to Galaxy S4. I've set up PhoneCopy on Personal config. but I can't find Data transfer under Sync and backup. Plz help me nickshep, 14/09/25
    • Hello, sometimes the sync option has quite different name. What about "server sync" item? Phonecopy support team, 14/10/08
  • Can someone help please I have synchronized my Iphone and now i want to sync my Nokia N95 8GB but it just keeps saying invalid user name or password but they are correct as i use them to log into here, can anyone help please?? is there any one out there that can help please???????? vinnies, 14/09/22
    • Hello, please contact support. Phonecopy support team, 14/10/08
  • Can someone help please I have synchronized my Iphone and now i want to sync my Nokia N95 8GB but it just keeps saying invalid user name or password but they are correct as i use them to log into here, can anyone help please?? vinnies, 14/09/21
    • This can be solved via support request only. Phonecopy support team, 14/10/07
  • help - i am trying to to transfer my contact from iPhone 4s to Nokia 210 Asha - I have loaded phone copy onto my iPhone and that is fine except it has only downloaded 5 contacts i/o 400 !! and then when I try to sync the Nokia nothing happens although I followed instructions to the letter (I think) anyone have any ideas ?? thanks for reading etc etc mike
    miketysoe, 14/09/16
    • I am also facing the same problem with iphone 5. it says only 8 contacts will be downloaded.

      please help.
      sumitka, 14/10/05

      • Hello, PhoneCopy supports synchronizing of default contact database only (it's typycally iPhone local contact database or iCloud).

        Actually - you can sync only one contact source - default contact source (due to the side effects and hassle of iOS contact APIs).

        You can go to the iPhone settings, then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and there you can look, which contacts services you have besides "default contact database". Is it Exchnage or Facebook, CardDAV or LDAP?
        Also check field “Default account” in the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings please - this account is synchronized with server.

        Recommended procedure: select your local iPhone contacts or iCloud as “default account”, back up this default contact account with PhoneCopy app and in the case of phone crash or phone upgrade, restore these contacts back with PhoneCopy and then register all your external contact accounts as GMail, Exchange etc. on the new phone - and voila, all your contacts are back.

        Now, we are in intensive rethinking stage of the whole problem with more contact accounts - we are working on the solution, that synchronizes all contact accounts (with apropriate UI warnings and selections). Will be available in the next version of PhoneCopy application. We will do our best to make it total simple for the user - this is our priority for years.

        Is it clear for you?
        Phonecopy support team, 14/10/15
        • Much too late for me - my iPhone has gone - I wiped it clean BUT I have all my contacts on my iPad - so the ones which have not transferred across I can get when ever I need them - not so convenient but it works .... What we really need is a simple system that all of these systems use and work together on ..... So Nokia please come up with away of transferring my Ipad contacts to my new phone which by the way I like a lot !
          miketysoe, 14/10/15
  • Hi, I use Nokia E75, and when I make synchronization, I get mesage about wrong user or password, dispite there are right. What is the reason? kazibar, 14/09/08
    • Hi, it looks you solved the issue by yourself. The reason was you registered your phone two months ago with different password and now server refused your phone authorization from security reasons as password didn't match. Phonecopy support team, 14/09/09
  • My all phone contact delete by mistakenly.kindly tel me what i do?
    please tel me backyp contact for device memory.
    NOKIA X2-05
    waheed20142015, 14/09/07
    • If you didn't make contacts backup on PhoneCopy before, we can't help you. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/09/07
  • sync contact problem
    salonibhansali, 14/09/07
    • which phone have problem with synchronization? And what error message you received? Phonecopy support team, 14/09/07
  • i have a problem with syncing my contacts to nokia E52 from phoncopy account. it says invalid username or password everytime when i sync. can anybody help me
    mishaaal, 14/09/06
    • can somebody help me asap...phonecopy please
      mishaaal, 14/09/06
      • We assigned the phone manually and now it should work Phonecopy support team, 14/09/07
  • I have contact in my 2 diff device can i sync two device to my phonecopy account? can i merge/combine both device contacts? in 3rd device?
    rnrathod, 14/08/29
    • Yes, you can connect both devices to single account ans synchronized it. You can combine contacts from both of them and you can easily solve duplicates using our duplicates manager. Third device can be synchronized as well but you will need Premium account to synchronize more than 2 devices. Phonecopy support team, 14/08/30
      • Ok Thanks,

        I have tried but when i sync from my E63(one device already synced this is 2nd) it started sync and completed but when i see log it show 0 contact synced. why this happen do i need to set something else? plz help to resolve this issue.
        rnrathod, 14/08/30
  • How do I delete excess contacts to fall below the threshold of 500 to work with the free version?
    johnstambolie, 14/08/11
    • Just press Contacts icon in your online profile and manage contacts in way you wish: Phonecopy support team, 14/08/11
      • Thank you for this advice. I have had a look at the link and it appears that if I make a deletion it would be removed from BOTH my computer and phone at the next synchronisation. Is it possible to select the contacts for deletion on the phone ALONE and leave the master contact list on the computer unchanged? johnstambolie, 14/08/11
        • No. PhoneCopy synchronizes contacts between phone and the server. If you want keep copy of deleted contacts you can download it in form of CSV file to your computer, then you can delete it from both server and phone. Phonecopy support team, 14/08/11
  • I have a Nokia N8 running Belle, I'm trying to transfer my calendar over to my new iPhone, but when it "syncs" it doesn't show anything. I tested it with the Notes sync and I can see them on the website all fine... why can't I do the same with my calendar? charlishephard, 14/07/29
    • Hi, it is known Nokia Belle bug. It doesn't allow to synchronize existing calendar events. It allows to synchronize only events created after profile . . sorry Phonecopy support team, 14/08/01
  • I have successfully transferred my contacts from ipad to nokia 520 but have an issue with when you enter a number in ipad it automatically puts spaces in the tel..number (i.e. 02 9574 2368) These spaces are transferred to my phone and when I try to ring out it is an invalid number. Is there a solution? petmauwool, 14/07/24
  • Hi!
    I have a nokia 5800. I registered phonecopy about 2 years ago and that time i had a successful sync.
    now for the second time I want to sync my phone but when i do it says; invalid user name or password.
    I saw someone had this problem like me too and he had posted it but actually whether I read the solution carefully I didn't get it. I just understood it's from a mistake that phone doesn't recognize the right password.
    I do not have former password, since I've changed it. what should I do now? please
    amiras, 14/07/21
    • You can set new password into your device and then you need to tell you changed it in the device. Please go to following page press EDIT and there is possiblity to change password you are newly using in your device. Phonecopy support team, 14/07/21
      • Thanks a lot ! really enjoyed your fast and useful support! it's done. amiras, 14/07/21
  • Hi, I have taken the backup in phonecopy database and I have formatted my phone.. Now I want to restore the data from phonecopy website to my phone. Please share the steps for restoring the data..

    Thanks in Advanced
    ishu23.jain, 14/07/15
    • Hi, we recommend you to delete your Nokia from your online profile and then associate it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new phone added to profile and will transfer all data to it. Phonecopy support team, 14/07/16

  • Good day again so I'm sitting since 3 hours but so difficult that's not everything has been performed as described. All config files reinstalled from Anbiter and it starts the sync case there will not permit. where is the problem? Universe seems to agree was made after manual Nokia 206 Thanks if anyone could help me. Otherwise, the program would be pointless if it does not work for me.
    doktore, 14/07/11
    • There was issue realted to wrong password in the phone which we corrected and now it seems to be working. Phonecopy support team, 14/07/11
      • Ok now is working very Fine Five Star for Help Sthank you so much! Germany Winning The World Cup! Ole Ole Ole ole. BYE doktore, 14/07/11

  • Hi have nokia 206 configured according to instructions if I want to do is sync starts but then comes no Genehmiung. Password and data but agree. What to do? Thanks for help
    doktore, 14/07/10
  • HI i use Nokia N 97, I created a new profile to sync my data.. when i try to synchronize it says connection error. what could be the reason?

    karthikraja1722, 14/07/09
    • In most cases this is problem of mobile internet connection settings in your mobile. Please check if you have it enabled from mobile operator and correctly configured Phonecopy support team, 14/07/10
  • THANK YOU SO SO MUCH IT WORKED PERFECTLY! keep up the good work PhoneCopy! johnloh97, 14/07/04
  • how to copy contacts from android to nokia
    utilizador desconhecido, 14/07/04
    • Depends of which Nokia you have. Find your phones in our Supported Devices list and you will find setting guides there Phonecopy support team, 14/07/04
  • hi I am using asha 501, took the phonecopy premium subscription with checking the compatibility of my device, now I got to know this doesn't support my phone , what to do?
    navneetkhanduri, 14/07/03
    • Replied via email Phonecopy support team, 14/07/04
  • Is it possible to save messages from nokia 2600c… Any options gridaran89, 14/06/27
    • Sorry, Nokia does't provide SMS in the synchronization protocol. Phonecopy support team, 14/06/27
  • After sync, I was asked to associate my phone. When doing so, it says, sync successful, but user name or password did not match. Any help? katiyar_a, 14/06/14
  • Hi, how do I sync my calendar to my iphone 5c? I have downloaded the PCalendar app to my iphone, but when I syncronise from phonecopy to device it says "New calendar events have come from server. Choose the calendar in which new events are supposed to be saved" but I don't know how to do that. Please help, thanks levind, 14/06/07
    • Hello!

      PCalendars application supports synchronizing of local calendars only (stored on the iPhone / iPad).
      iCloud calendars (remotely stored on the Apple servers) and other subscribed calendars like MS Exchnage etc. is not supported.

      You need to create local calendar.
      Try to run default Calendar app and click top-left button "Calendars" and then click "Edit" button to add local calendars.
      Unfortunately, if you have some iCloud calendars already, you are not able to create any local calendar in default Calendar app from Apple. Sad.

      You can disable iCloud calendars in the iPhone settings - "Mail, Contact, Calendars…", then create local calendar in Calendar app and then make calendar sync from PhoneCopy server with PCalendars app and then you can enable iCloud calendars again, if you want.

      We will find workaround for this in the next version of PCalendars app.

      Also - make sure you have enabled PCalendars application in Privacy settings (go to iPhone settings and then "Privacy" and then "Calendars").
      Phonecopy support team, 14/06/09
  • HI, I have Nokia X2-00, how do I transfer my sms's over to phonecopy and then sync them with an iphone 5c?
    levind, 14/06/07
    • Sorry, Nokia X2 is S40 platform on which SMS synchronization is not supported by Nokia . . Phonecopy support team, 14/06/09
  • How to rename the sms list in phonecopy as "text message".... coz otherwise its not syncing the data back to phone.... joy4you, 14/06/02
  • hi i have an issue, my cellphone is a nokia XpressMusic 5310, i've followed every step to sync with phone copy but it fails saying "data transfer not possible. check data connection" arielnt, 14/06/02
    • We recommend you to check if you have mobile data enabled from your mobile operator and also please check your mobile internet configuration (also called APN). Phonecopy support team, 14/06/02
  • Pl. Explain how to copy the contacts from phonecopy website to my nokia 3110c mobile. utilizador desconhecido, 14/05/29
  • I dont see any synchronization in personal configuration settings..i am using my old nokia 6060v..i want to copy old contacts to new phone..anybody know about this problem.. I see web,multimedia msg,IM &presence,e mail,accespoint..which one i should select from these..?? jacksongeorge87, 14/05/29
    • Sorry, in some cases firmware can be sligtly changed by operator and some features are not available. If you will not find anything related to synchronization, we can't help you. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/29
  • I have a problem wit snyc my contacts. Always say me connection error tihanaberlin, 14/05/28
    • Then you need to check your mobile internet connection and internet settings. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/28
  • hi
    why while iam try to sync on N73 say "server not responding"
    need help asap
    farisal, 14/05/25
  • Pl. Explain how to copy the contacts from phonecopy website to my nokia 5230 mobile. How to sync from web to phone? I have tried sync from phone to phonecopy site. But contacts not copied to phone. Pl help. ramahesh, 14/05/23
    • Just delete phone from your profile and assign it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new phone and will synchronize all contacts to it. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/24
      • ya. It helped to restore Contacts & notes only. But it didn't restore the sms & bookmarks. I tried many times. But i couldn't find a way to restore it. ramahesh, 14/05/25
        • SMS are blocked by Nokia. You can't upload it back to the phone. Bookmarks are not suppored as almost nobody is using it. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/25
  • Now i am not able to sync contacts to mmy nokia E5, it shows "system error" .
    Kindly help me to resolve this.
    nishantgoel, 14/05/14
    • Because you changed password in your phone several times and never returned back to original one. We made several corrections and now it should work. Please try it and reply if it helped. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/14
      • it is still showing - ''system error''

        how can i resolve it??
        nishantgoel, 14/05/14
        • because you changed your username as well. Now you entered an email address as username but you have to revert back to your username. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/14
          • changing back to username helped and now i am able to sync my devic.

            Thank you for your esteemed help and quick supprt.
            nishantgoel, 14/05/14
  • i synced my recently formatted nokia E5 due to which, all contacts are removed from the phonecopy site.
    I cannot find the contacts in the deleted contacts also.

    Please tell me how to get the contacts back.
    nishantgoel, 14/05/14
    • There is not any Nokia E5 assigned to your profile at all. . are you sure you looked to right profile? Some users have more than one profile. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/14
      • I synced my nokia E5 yesterday and it showed sync successful nishantgoel, 14/05/14
        • But you didn't assigned it to your online profile which is reason why you don't see contacts in your online profile Phonecopy support team, 14/05/14
  • Hello. I manage to synchronize the contacts from my Nokia 5228, but when I try to synchronize the calendar, notes and sms nothing seems to happen. Even though it doesn't give me an error message. There is also an 'x' number of sms on the server, but when I hit synchronization it doesn't transfer to the device... Can you help me solving this problem? Thanks. selbo1976, 14/05/11
    • Hello, we can see that your sync from Nokia was successful and you had problems with transferring the data to your Android phone. Our Android app only supports syncing of contacts and SMSs. Additionally we allow both-way SMS sync on Android only for users with premium subscription. See our Pricing section for details. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/12

  • How does
    How does
    one keep two iphones synced allowing both to be able to add new numbers without forming duplicates?
    warrpb, 14/05/09
    • Hi, if you will set both phones to single profile it will works as you are asking. Any number added to one iPhone will be synchronized to another one and vice-versa. After first synchronization you can manage your duplicates using Duplicates manager. Then synchronizations will be clear of any dupes. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/09
  • n9: Sim-card is disconnected, only wifi-connection possible, but no sync possible! soschae21, 14/05/06
    • Did you follow our guide? Phonecopy support team, 14/05/06
      • YES soschae21, 14/05/06
        • Hi, we checked your IMEI and it looks your issue is related to connection as we didn't find any connection from your phone. Not sure what the problem can be! Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/07
        • Then i recommend you to contact our support and fill IMEI of your phone. Then will check if your phone connected our servers with wrong parameters or if the problem is in pure connection. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/07
  • on N9: connection error: server not found soschae21, 14/05/06
    • Then you need to solve your connection issue. Please check if you have data enabled and if you have correct configuration of mobile internet (also called APN) Phonecopy support team, 14/05/06
  • I have successfully backed up contacts and notes from my Nokia C7-00 astound to phonecopy but my calendar did not back-up even though I included it in sync profile. How do I trabsfer my calendar to phonecopy? drummbp, 14/05/05
    • Hi, sorry but it is common limit of Nokia C7 firmware. When you create PhoneCopy synchronization profile on phone it creates new calednar which is synchronized to But previous calendar is not accessible at all and there is not a chance to get it synchronized. It is reported bug but Nokia doesn't react at all. You can try new event added to is correctly synchronized to your phone. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/06
  • After a sync most of my google contacts on my home computer are gone (accumulated over many years). Any way to get them back? krsnasevananda, 14/05/03
    • Any deleted contacts can be found and restored from Deleted Contacts folder. I looked to your profile and found you restored it already. Phonecopy support team, 14/05/04
  • Hi, I'm facing a weird problem in my Nokia E71, all my contacts are not visible, but if some one calls me, i can view the name with ph. number. I tried installing PC Suite and tried to do a copy from phone to PC, but getting a 4000 error.
    Kindly help me in getting my contacts back.
    samuel.gengiti, 14/04/28
  • Hi. I want to transfer contacts from only one device to my iPhone. Is there any way to do that? Thanks ashos, 14/04/27
    • Yes, find your device between supported devices follow our guide and synchronize your contacts to Then use PhoneCopy App in your iPhone to get it synchronized to iPhone as well. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/28
  • have
    backed up my contacts on
    And now the contacts on my phone hav been deleted . Now how do i restore the contatcs frm the server to my device is nokia 5233
    mahesh.michael, 14/04/26
    • Hi you need to delete your phone from the profile and then associate it back using username, password and IMEI. PhoneCopy will take it as new phone and will synchronize all contacts to it. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/27
  • Hi,
    the sinchronization with my asha 303 doesn't work. The phone received only 16 contacts but on the server there are 584 contacts. Please could you help me ?
    domenico.placanica, 14/04/23
    • Hello,
      Nokia does not support large contact photos.
      Probably you have some contacts with big photos. Try to delete them or reduce their size.
      We are planning to do some size conversion when syncing with non-smartphones but it is not complete yet.
      Phonecopy support team, 14/04/23
  • Good morning, all. I am using a Nokia Lumia 810. It is visible here on my account and says it was Synchronized 13 minutes ago, however I have no contacts at all in my contacts list here. I have around 100 contacts on my phone. However these contacts are attached to other accounts on the phone. I linked all the accounts into a single inbox. There is no instruction at all as to how to trigger a manual synch. How can I force the contacts to synch or do I have to wait until the next automatic synch to see if this troubleshooting step worked for me? faelandaea, 14/04/19
    • Hi, unfortunately currently we have solution to synchronize contacts from the server to Lumia only. We will launch Lumia to server synchronization soon. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/20
  • Hi
    When I synced contacts from Gmail, my Nokia Asha 210 is displaying only 50 contacts out of a total of 191
    Can you help with this?
    dbt, 14/04/17
    • Hi, how did you synchronized contacts from gmail to PhoneCopy? Phonecopy support team, 14/04/17
      • Hi
        I've managed to sync all the contacts this time, and it's worked fine.Thanks
        dbt, 14/04/19
  • i try to sync data from old nokia to the new one. eryrthing is all good except the contacts that i have only Lastname in the list are not sync well. seems it syn only contact with First name.

    please help and sorry for mybroken english.
    kalamung, 14/04/11
  • Works good on my Nokia 6131 pstanley, 14/04/11
  • i have
    backed up my contacts on
    And now the contacts on my phone hav been deleted somehow. Now how do i restore the contatcs frm the server to my phone.
    ajinkyaarote, 14/04/10
    • Hi, just delete your phone from your online profile and associate it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new phone and will synchronized all stored information to it. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/10
  • hi,

    i have synchronosed the contacts from nokia e5 but how to sms sms, notes and calander, kindly let me know the procedure
    drntaneja, 14/04/09
    • Pleaee check our guide and on eighth screenshot select other data types as calendar, sms etc. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/09
      • i did select all but only contatcs copied.also as per your instructions i tried to synchronise but it says system error.. drntaneja, 14/04/10
        • Please try each data type individually to discover which data type makes problem. Try Calendar only, then notes only, then SMS only. And ther you try all four data types together. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/10
  • 808 PureView. Each time, sync reports success but the calendar is not synced. Could this be because I have a "free" PhoneCopy account and more then 500 events in my calendar or is this something I can fix? Thank you. utilizador desconhecido, 14/04/07
    • Hi, sorry but it is common limit of Nokia 808 firmware. When you create PhoneCopy synchronization profile on phone it creates new calednar which is synchronized to But previous calendar is not accessible at all and there is not a chance to get it synchronized. It is reported bug but Nokia doesn't react at all. You can try new event added to is correctly synchronized to your phone. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/08
  • I'm still not able to sync the contacts which I used to do it a couple of months back, getting invalid username or password error.

    Please help,
    priyank14887, 14/04/04
    • Hi, then you need to go to there press Edit and you can change password to equal value as you typed to your device. When changed in your online profile you can start synchronization from your mobile. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/04
  • Hi! I need help) I need transfer contacts from nokia 2700 to Iphone 4s. Application write :data transfer not possible/ Check data connection((( Thanks alisher837, 14/04/02
    • Hi, please check if you have data transfer enabled from your mobile operator. Also please check if you used correct mobile internet connection (also called Access Point or APN) in the PhoneCopy settings in your mobile phone. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/03
  • I'm not able to synchronise my contacts with Phonecopy sever , Please support - Nokia Lumia 610 model. kranti7777, 14/04/02
    • Hi, sorry bud for Lumia currently we don't support Device to Server synchronization. Phonecopy support team, 14/04/02
  • I have synched all my contacts, is there a way that my nokia C5 can automatically sync when changes are made to contacts either on phone or web? pagelm, 14/03/31
    • No, you have to synchronize it manually. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/03/31
  • i hv transfered all my contacts,notes,msg n all to phonecopy then i hard formated it , now i want that stuff back to my nokia c6 shritesh, 14/03/31
    • Hi,
      you have to delete C6 from your online profile and then associate it back. will take it as new device and will synchronize all information back to it with exception of messages which Nokia doesn't allow to upload back to phone.
      Phonecopy support team, 14/03/31
  • I do not know how I can assign my Nokia X3 to the already-synchronised account PhoneCopy? e.jafarnia, 14/03/28
  • I have sent all my contacts to PhoneCopy two years ago. I got another old phone from a friend. It is a better phone and it is supported by PhoneCopy. I want to do the reverse now but I don't know how. How do I get PhoneCopy to send all my contacts to my new phone. brunoevangelista, 14/03/27
    • Hi, just find your phone in our supported devices list and follow our guide how to set it. Or contact our support by email and they will send you step by step guide. Phonecopy support team, 14/03/30
  • I followed all steps as required until I tried to sync my Nokia E5-00 to my computer and got a msg " Feature Not supported! "

    What does this mean?
    eileenchu, 14/03/26
    • Hi, it seems to be related to some mistake when you created synchronization profile in your Nokia. Please check your steps with our step by step guide: . Moreover i didn't find any Nokia contacting our server using your username which should be based on mobile connection problems as well. Phonecopy support team, 14/03/26
  • when i was syncing my 357 contacts from my E72, it synced 26 contacts and rest of the contacts didnt sync and was deleted from my phone.. GOSH! how will i get back those contacts
    srv.punkz, 14/03/25
    • Hi, we have evidence abount another 357 contacts added from Nokia 302 but we don't see in in the profile. Did you used Premanent Delete button? In common procedures all deleted contacts can be found in the Deleted Contacts folder. srv.punkz, 14/03/25
  • When i sync my n72 , only one way sync is done i.e. from phone to server.
    How to do a sync from server to phone?
    kdkowarkar, 14/03/23
    • Thank you for your support!
      It worked!
      kdkowarkar, 14/03/25
    • Any change on the phone is synchronized to profile and any change you will made in the profile will be transferred to your phone on next sync Phonecopy support team, 14/03/25
  • Hi there,
    I have merged some contacts, deleted others and tidied up other contacts on the web-site. However, I am unclear as to how to get this same info on my phones. Do I need to do a sync on the phone? Does this happen automatically when I change contacts on the website? I know the sync must go two ways to my htc phone since that's how I got the contacts on there in the first place. Is there a simpler guide as to how this all works? My 2 phones and the website are all now showing different contacts to some degree.

    andrewna1, 14/03/20
    • Hi, after changes you have to synchronize your phone. Any changes made on phone will be transferred to and any changes made on will be transferred to phone or phones. Phonecopy support team, 14/03/21
  • Hi

    I just made hard reset on my nokia E72. I want to back up information to my phone. I set up PhoneCopy profile on my Nokia E72 and tried to synchronyze to phone, but see notification "Unable to open database". What mistake I could do? I can't find what I did wrong.
    matandrius, 14/03/20
  • Thankyou! stepney123, 14/03/17
  • Hi, i am using a 6230i and am trying to back up my contacts, i have followed your steps which were very helpful, but when i get to sync it says synchronisation failed as i need to "subscribe to GPRS" first? i have gone and set GPRS to always online, but i do not know what to put as my access point? stepney123, 14/03/17
    • Hi, for GPRS connection please contact your mobile operator. Phonecopy support team, 14/03/17
  • I just created an account today to sync my nokia lumia 710 so i can transfer contacts and calendar to my iphone. in the home button, on the right side it says it was synced today 24 mins ago, but there are 0 items in contacts and 0 items in calendar. what am i doing wrong? (note: the nokia is connected via wi-fi) kgregorian, 14/03/10
    • Hi, sorry but as noted in the instructions we currently support only synchronization direction from to Lumia . . Phonecopy support team, 14/03/10
  • 1. Your service for duplicate phone contacts is not working. Where is the new link?

    2. What does the associate with Google contacts do? I have a separate contact list which is only on my phone and separate contact list or email database in my gmail account. Does associating will merge both or add both? If yes, then i would not like to do so as i maintain them separately. But i can associate my google account with this for only as a separate backup
    ruzveh, 14/03/09
    • 1. Correct link is and you will find in on welcome page of your online profile.
      2. We don't have Google contacts synchronizatoin yet. Our Google connection is synchronizing Calendar only.
      Phonecopy support team, 14/03/09
      • Incase if you synchronize google contacts please keep this point in mind that we maintain our google contacts separately and our mobile contacts separately and mixing them both is strictly no no affair. I have over 2500 phone contacts and over 6000 email contacts. ruzveh, 14/03/09
  • it's not working on my Nokia e63. It keep says Disconnect - system error! . So how do i fix this? saidee, 14/03/05
    • Please check your settings with our step by step guide: Phonecopy support team, 14/03/09
      • on my E63 its always says server not responding and always disconnected... once is sync, when sync reach 140 contacts, then it stop again. please help me... siietha, 14/09/27
        • Hello,
          try to sync via wifi connection.
          Phonecopy support team, 14/10/08
  • i am using Nokia E5. i used 'text message' as text message database but later found out i should have used 'sms' instead. now in phonecopy server i can see my text messages but being unable to synchronise them back to my phone.. it displays system error message. what can i do? mojina, 14/03/02
    • Hi, reason is Nokia blocks uploading SMS back to phone. It works only from phone to Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 14/03/02
  • hi, i am ot been able to take back up of my contacts from my IPhone to Nokia -206. Can you Pls help me? I have tried a lot of times to synchronize, but unfortunately , it is not not happening sandipsinha, 14/02/27
    • Replied via email. Phonecopy support team, 14/02/28
  • My N97 says says connecting.....disconnecting....feature not supported and i am connected to wifi and it does work but does not having a working sim card affect it? godlymelonx, 14/02/26
  • I have a nokia E5 trying to sync so I can transfer to samsung galaxy precendent says it sync then it gives an error message. What am I doing wrong? ThANKS. ladiharli, 14/02/21
    • We didn't find any access from your mobile to our servers which means your problem is probably in the mobile internet connection Phonecopy support team, 14/02/22
  • I successfully syncd m contacts from Nokia E63 to Galaxy S3 but sms is not being syncd.... mailtopiyushinjbp, 14/02/13
    • Hi, did you checked on your E63 in the synchronization profile to include SMS in synchronization? We found you synchronized contacts, calendar, notes and bookmarks but not SMS Phonecopy support team, 14/02/13
      • I tried including sms but its not syncng. Sms are more than thousand in number.
        apart from sms, calendar enteries thou syncd with server sre not syncd with galaxy.
        thank you for quick reply.
        mailtopiyushinjbp, 14/02/13
        • I found all SMS synchronized successfully to your profile. Uploading SMS to Galaxy is available for Premium users only. Calendar can be synchronized from to Google Calendar and from there to any android phone including Galaxy. Phonecopy support team, 14/02/13
  • Regarding Nokia C7:
    when I try to synchronize my data, it poops up with the following message: error connection. What should I do with this??
    asans, 14/01/17
    • You have to check if you have mobile internet data enabled from your mobile operator and also please check if you are using functional mobile internet connection for PhoneCopy synchronization Phonecopy support team, 14/01/18
  • A message appears on my Nokia Asha 305 that the synchronization is invalid because of improper synchronization settings. neeraj.kushalappa, 14/01/14
  • Data transfer not possible. Check data connection. jmsbtlr, 14/01/08
    • Sorry, didnt finish my comment! the above message is what I get when trying to sync my contacts from my Nokia 2600 Classic.

      any ideas on how to fix this?
      jmsbtlr, 14/01/08
      • You have wrong settings for mobile internet in your Nokia. Please check if you have data enabled from your mobile operator and also if you have correct mobile internet settings. Phonecopy support team, 14/01/08
  • Good Day,
    I am trying to sync contacts between phonecopy and 2 Nokia 301 devices but somehow sync fails ( despite initial upload part of the sync works ok). From web logs I can see that "sync failed, interrupted" and in the phone sync report it shows only "failure". I believe that one of the info in contacts (special characters may be) this happens but there is no detail information about which one creates problem ( so far deleted contact photos,dublicates,etc but could not find anything. Help please...
    edolak, 14/01/07
    • After deleting all contact profile pictures, sync worked as expected... dont know how what was the problem with one of the pictures ...sufffix was correct, jpg, file size and picture size was not different than the others...since it was the last change I did before sync started to fail, I suspected from pictures. I hope you can find something in the logs if its phonecopy integration issue, otherwise, this message may help other 301 users as a cure for same issue.

      edolak, 14/01/07
      • Hello, we checked some logs from January 7th. At some point the phone started complaining that the received item is too large (probably due to the photo in it) and began returning unspecified errors on each further item received. Most probably you are right about the contact photos. It's possible that the phone cannot handle such amount of data via synchronization protocol.

        In synced state both phones only send changes, so you can try add photos back to the contacts by one item and then sync after each change.
        Phonecopy support team, 14/01/16
        • Thanks support for the answer. After deleting all photos, it worked as expected. By copying the pictures to the phone and assigning them later via the phone capabilities worked to restore. It might be good idea to put some warning to the phone howto page about this weakness.
          edolak, 14/01/16
  • Hello all, I did all procedures from the online guide but while with contacts the sync gone right with the sms it doesn't work. Please could someone help me? xegox, 14/01/05
    • You have more than thousand of synchronized SMS stored in your profile. Phonecopy support team, 14/01/05
      • I know and for this reason I want to sync on my phone but it doesn't work. Is The reason of sync failure the numer of sms? Thanks a lot xegox, 14/01/05
        • Hi, i found mistake in the phone settings. You named SMS database which contains MobileBookmarks. Please check your settings and set correct database for SMS synchronization. Phonecopy support team, 14/01/05
  • I still cannot get Calendar info from your server onto my iPad. Contacts come over fine and PCalendar says it has syncronised (and a dummy event has been, correctly, deleted from the iPad Calendar) but none of the events from the server are shown.

    What must I do?
    ghilchik, 13/12/31
    • Hello!

      PCalendars application supports synchronizing of local calendars only (stored on the iPhone / iPad).
      iCloud calendars (remotely stored on the Apple servers) and other subscribed calendars like MS Exchnage etc. will be supported in the future (not supported yet).

      You need to create local calendar.
      Try to run default Calendar app and click top-left button "Calendars" and then click "Edit" button to add local calendars.
      Unfortunately, if you have some iCloud calendars already, you are not able to create any local calendar in default Calendar app from Apple. Sad.

      You can disable iCloud calendars in the iPhone settings - "Mail, Contact, Calendars…", then create local calendar in Calendar app and then make calendar sync from PhoneCopy server with PCalendars app and then you can enable iCloud calendars again, if you want.

      We will find workaround for this in the next version of PCalendars app.

      Also - make sure you have enabled PCalendars application in Privacy settings (go to iPhone settings and then "Privacy" and then "Calendars").
      Phonecopy support team, 14/01/03
      • I am not using iCloud and have a local Calendar. When trying to synchronise with your database PCalendar says there are 56 events coming across and synchronised, but nothing is visible in iCalendar. A dummy event set up in iCalendar was, as expected, deleted but NO new events are seen. I am on iOS 7.4.1. Why are the events no appearing? ghilchik, 14/01/04
  • thanks for this
    maaz5239, 13/12/29
  • I am trying to transfer my contacts from my Nokia Lumia 710 to iphone5c. Can anyone help me? Thank you. ksim2, 13/12/25
  • Getting Error Invalid use name or password....where as i have verified the user name and password multiple time also i tried resetting password 3 times still facing same issue....

    I am able to directly login into with same credential but through my Nokia N73 it gives error when i try to sync.

    Any Suggestion ??
    shamscherry, 13/12/21
    • Hello, we are very sorry for delay. Visit

      You can change the password for the device there (syncml phones like Nokia have password set separately).
      Phonecopy support team, 14/01/16
      • Hi guys, I have a N73 music edition, and the syncro , at phone side, stops just after seconds, at the 40th contacts on 234. I have exactly the same error as above " invalid user or password" . I have reset the password multiple times without success. Your link above does not change the situation. I am just tryng to sync the phone contacts and nothing else. Thanks in advance for any suggestion giandraw, 14/02/08
        • HI, i tried to manage it on the server and hope now the synchronization will proceed and user name and password error will not appear anymore. If you will have still problems i recomment you to check your phone settings with our step by step guide: Phonecopy support team, 14/02/08
          • I appreciate the help very much, but it still doesn't work. I have tried intentionally to use a "wrong" password and it behaves different: the warning "invalid user or password" is almost immediate. When I use the correct password, I see the progress until the 40th contact and then the usual warning " invalid user or password" and the usual stop. Last attempt: I have erased the 40th contact from the phone. All with no giandraw, 14/02/08
            • All without effect. Phone settings are exactly those suggested in your guide. The only differences are the username and password. I wonder. if some special characters in the contact name(such as è or ø) could stop the transfer. Thanks again for the patience...... giandraw, 14/02/08
              • Hello, first of all, change the server address in the phone settings to be exactly

                Then try to sync. If the Invalid credentials problem still appears, visit
                Then click on your Nokia and pick to change device password. Use the same password here and in your Nokia phone (the password does not need to be same as for the "web account".
                Phonecopy support team, 14/02/10
                • Hi guys, thanks again for the great support, but I am afraid that the first link is not suitable for my devices : I receive a message like "405 Method Not Allowed,Specified method is invalid for this resource. Powered by cherry Py 3.1.2". I have tried from 3 different computers, but maybe I am missing some privilege... giandraw, 14/02/10
                  • Hi, please read carefully instructions: address is CORRECT ADDRESS WHICH YOU NEED TO TYPE TO YOUR PHONE as you typed wrong address. It is not address for internet browser or computer. Phonecopy support team, 14/02/10
                    • IT WORKS !! Changed the phone settings as by you suggested, in the "Host address" field. Everyhing is now fine. Thanks for your super help. giandraw, 14/02/10
  • Мой мобильный телефон Nokia C5-00 я все делал настройки все правильно, потом нажал синхронизация, но получил сообщение "системная ошибка!" Код IMEI видно мой вход на сайте PhoneCopy и мобильный телефон точно одинаковы. Что делать? dmitriyg, 13/12/11
  • Nokia 8800 Sirocco

    I have followed the instructions but when i try to sync I get the following "message data transfer not possible data check data connection". But when I go to internet i seem to have a connection and can receive mms
    moebahar, 13/12/11
  • Hi
    while trying to sync my Nokia N82, I keep getting "server not responding", PLEASE help me...

    liliputboy, 13/12/08
    • i changed HTTP to HTTPS
      use GPRS
      use WIFI
      use 3G
      but... :(
      please help meeeeeee....
      liliputboy, 13/12/09
      • In such as case it looks you don't have correct address as we can't see your phone connecting to our service. Please check your settings with our step by step guide: Phonecopy support team, 13/12/09
        • i see that...
          and try it again
          but :| server not responding...
          u dont have any other server?
          to check it?
          liliputboy, 13/12/09
  • How can I get PhoneCopy it sync street addresses from Google and from my Nokia 6103? mharless, 13/12/06
  • adressbook error thejal, 13/12/06
    • Hi, can you, please, write little more about problem of your phone? It is not clear how we can help you. Phonecopy support team, 13/12/07
  • Hi, I have defined sms settings in my Nokia E71 and sync ic complete as well but when I synced Iphone 5 the text mesegs didnt copy. Plz support. Thanks. adeelans, 13/12/02
    • The application for iPhone cannot synchronize SMS, because Apple does not allow application access to them. Sorry Phonecopy support team, 13/12/02
  • I want to transfer contacts from PhoneCopy to Nokia 112 bvsmanyam, 13/11/30
  • i try to sync contacts by making ac on lumia 520 but nothing happened bodycraft, 13/11/27
  • i sync'd my nokia 5230 few months phone got formated ......what is the procedure for getting back my contacts ? ivanmathew, 13/11/24
  • My all contacts lost ,how do i get all contacts back to my nokia asha 205 all at once without writing 1by1. adn655, 13/11/23
    • You can select all deleted contacts in Deleted Contact folder and then press button Restore. Your contacts will be restored to active list and on next sync you will get it back to your phone. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/24
  • I sync my N8 contacts and notes without issues but when I sync calendar, it says sync successful but when I logged into my phonecopy account, zero calendar.

    I followed instructions on posted in this site

    jaspiras, 13/11/19
    • Hi,, there is know bug in the N8. When you create synchronization profile your phone creates new calendar as well and it is only calendar which can be synchronized. Please try to add event to web site and you will get it synchronized to your phone on next sync. When you will add new event into new calendar it will work as well. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/19
      • Hello. Yes, I can add new calendar events in website and in phone and sync as needed but my existing calendar entries from N8 to phonecopy is not working. This cannot be fixed? :( jaspiras, 13/11/21
        • No, unfortunatelly it is Nokia feature. We tried to solve it via Nokia support but without any reaction. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/21
          • Ok. Thanks. jaspiras, 13/12/26
  • i synced my on website it still shows "not synchronized" although on my phone i have sent all my contacts..what shoud i do?? suryanshdh, 13/11/13
    • Hi, i found you solved the issue by yourself. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/14
  • I am using Nokia C5-00, but i am getting system error. Can you please check.
    Sync profile name: Phonecopy
    server version: 1.2
    server id: nokia
    data bearer: internet
    network connection: default connection
    host addresrs:
    port: 80
    user name: (my phonecopy user name)
    password: (my phonecopy password)
    allow sync requests: ask first
    network user name: none
    password: none
    synchornistn type: both ways
    contacts database: milton

    where is error? Plz help. And also my phone imei 35242105509799
    mitts21, 13/11/09
    • Hello, leave ServerID item empty. It will be filled in during the sync. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/11
      • Thank you phonecopy support team. Salute. Good, great mitts21, 13/11/11
  • I have have Nokia c1 i confi'g all setting in phone but i can't connect it..i face error this..DATA TRANSFER NOT POSSIBLE CHECK DATA CONNECATION. dhaval.kabir, 13/11/08
    • Then you have to check your mobile internet connection. Please check if you have data enabled from your mobile operator and if you have correct mobile internet setting (also called APN) used for PhoneCopy synchronization Phonecopy support team, 13/11/09
  • I did sync my phone Nokia 2330 ( yes its an old phone) and at the end I got a NO AUTHORISATION message. When I log into phonecopy to check, none of my contacts are there. Any ideas?
    mypeople, 13/11/07
  • hi this is very useful service. thanks PHONE COPY TEAM.
    i use nokia xpressMusic phone. pls help me to restore my contacts other phone! can i restore my contacts using phone copy to other phone?
    kapila, 13/11/07
    • Of course you can. Just configure your new phone with the same account and synchronize it. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/07
  • I've sync my mobile number contacts from my nokia asha 205,it showed sync successful.But when i loged in phonecopy and what i see contacts are zero.what's reason could be! adn655, 13/11/03
    • Hi i found you managed it by yourself. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/03
  • Nokia 5130 Express Music, everything I have followed the steps in a correct way. But it is showing an error that 'Data transfer not possible. Check data connection'. Please help anybody. It will be very useful to all Nokia users/customers. Advance thanks. tsai_babu, 13/10/28
    • Hi, in such as case it looks you have problem with mobile internet connection. Please check is you have working internet configuration on your mobile and use it for as well Phonecopy support team, 13/11/01
  • Hi, on my contacts page "sync with google" is missing.I have it only on my calendar page.I associated a google account.Please help me to find out where is the problem.thanks! nokiamuz, 13/10/28
    • Hi, currently we don't synchronize Google Contacts at all. We synchronized Calendar only. But we will launch it soon. Phonecopy support team, 13/11/01
  • Hi, is it possible to sync other Google calendars than just the primary one when subscribed to the Premium version? Thanks. adam.samec, 13/10/26
  • i already sync all my contacts from my Nokia E63 but how do i transfer those contacts to my iphone 4? lincolngomes, 13/10/17
  • how do i transfer my sms (which i uploaded from my nokia n70) to my android phone (gt-7562) puneet12345, 13/10/11
    • Hi, please follow our guide:
      Phonecopy support team, 13/10/18
      • that is for transferring contacts, how to transfer SMS/MESSAGES from my phonecopy account to samsung gt 7562 (android) puneet12345, 13/10/18
        • SMS synchronization for android is under development. Sorry Phonecopy support team, 13/10/20
          • oh! waiting for it.. puneet12345, 13/10/21
  • I am using NOKIA c7-00. I have backed up all the contacts in and it appears in my phonecopy profile. i uploaded the latest software version and i lost all my contact numbers on phone. could anybody help me how i can get all the numbers restored in my phone. what procedure i should follow. is their any customer care number of is avilable?
    badriprasad84, 13/10/11
    • Hi, i recommend you to delete your E7 from profile and associate it back as new device. PhoneCopy will understand it as new device and will transfer all contacts to it. Alternatively in any case if you will delete contacts by mistake you will find it under Deleted Contacts folder where you can restore it and on next sync you will get it to your phone as well. Phonecopy support team, 13/10/11
  • How can I restore contacts which i have backedup in my phonecopy profile? How to restore the contacts into other Mobile i.e. NOKIA C5-00 vpj4554, 13/10/09
  • Synchronisation not working on my nokia 1680c-2 how can i do? eurbano, 13/10/02
  • Synchronisation not working on my nokia 1680c-2 how can i do? eurbano, 13/10/02
  • Hi i am using nokia 5800 xpressmusic and when i am synchronizing it shows invalid username or password error. I have red through the posts and i noticed it is because of number of password characters issue. Seems nokia expects only 4 and phonecopy expects min 5. So what will be my next step praneeth.k22, 13/09/28
    • HI Can some one please let me know what to do , I am struck with not pushing my old contacts to new mobile praneeth.k22, 13/10/03
      • Hello. In general, device password for non-android/apple phones can be different from password used for user account. It's due to phones limitations (for instance, some phones only allow numbers for password). Once synced for the first time, the password is stored for particular device and username, and it's required for all upcoming syncs. This password is also required to perform association with web account. So for your successful association, you have to set back your old password in phone. Then you should be able to sync again. Also use the same password in association form at

        If you do not remebmer the former password we recommend you to pick another username in phone, like praneeth.k23 etc (but only for device purpose), password you remember, sync and use these new credentials in association form (when logged as praneeth.k22).
        Phonecopy support team, 13/10/06
        • Thanks for the help. I was able to synchronize my data. Thanks a lot praneeth.k22, 13/10/06
  • e72 mylips, 13/09/28
  • when i tryy to sync my phoen it says system error..what shoulld i do? alinasarwar, 13/09/22
    • You used name Contacts for Contacts, Bookmarks and MMS. You have to use uniqie name for each data type. Also keep in your minds we synchronize Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes and SMS on your phone. Other data types will be ignored. Phonecopy support team, 13/09/22
  • I couldn't synchronise
    calendar by it. I had a lot of calendar in my phone. But it could not be uploaded. There was shown that contacts number is 695, notes number is 265 and calender number is 0. What to do?
    Please help.
    kaisar1994, 13/09/21
    • Hi, i am sorry but there is a Nokia's known bug. When you create PhoneCopy synchronization profile it creates new calendar as well and there is not way to synchronized old calendar within new profile. Just check if you will add new event to phone it is correctly synchronized to phone as well as when you add new event to new calendar it is correctly synchronized to Phonecopy support team, 13/09/22
  • Great app and easy to follow. One question, I have uploaded all my contacts and calendar to my account and successfully downloaded my contacts to my iPhone. I have downloaded the app for calendar and it won't sync with my calendar. I get an error saying I have to specify which calendar. Help please... neilbullett, 13/09/21
    • Answered by private email (from support). If you have next questions, feel free to contact us again. Phonecopy support team, 13/09/24
    • Hi, i can see hundreds of calendar events synchronized to your profile. Did you managed it by yourself? Phonecopy support team, 13/09/22
  • Hi, I did all the settings as instructed to sync for my nokia 2220s, when I press sync it successfully finishes but I cant see the contacts on the site. mduduzi, 13/09/20
    • It looks you did't finished last step. You need to assign your phone to profile. Please check Phonecopy support team, 13/09/20
  • SMS back is not happening with LUMIA 520. Please give me a solution, why its not happening gayathri.msk, 13/09/18
    • Hi, we can't access SMS on Lumia phones. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 13/09/18
      • Oooopp.s... gayathri.msk, 13/09/18
  • Hello, Support Team!!!
    I am in trouble!
    1. I have not much experience with computers
    2. I did everything correct to create sync profile on Nokia e71
    3.BUT! When I start to synchronize, I got [SYSTEM ERROR] and unpleasant exclamation mark near it!
    4.I already did successful sync copy two-three months ago
    5.BUT! Now I am clueless about it!
    anindo, 13/09/12
    • Hi,
      you exceeded limits for free account and then it looks you ignored notification where we blocked your account 7 days after your exceeded the limit. This is reason why you synchronization doesn't respond.
      Phonecopy support team, 13/09/20
  • I have set up my Nokia C5-00 as shown but when I synchronise it shows no contacts in PhoneCopy! What am I doing wrong? davidrb, 13/09/11
  • I get a username or password error when trying to sync my Nokia c5-00 to my iPhone 4. Imei 354327040033135
    wandamcd, 13/09/10
    • Many thanks it worked like a dream I was only able to enter a 4 number password so thank you for fixing it. I will definitely recommend you guys to others. wandamcd, 13/09/11
      • Thank you! :) Phonecopy support team, 13/09/11
    • Hi, the problem was in the password typed into phone. I made several corrections for you and now it seems to be working. Please check. Phonecopy support team, 13/09/11
  • I moved al my contacts to phone copy from Nokia 6300. Now I want to copy my Sms to phone copy. Pleas help me. balakishore, 13/09/09
    • Sorry but Nokia doesn't included SMS synchronization feature to firmware of Nokia 6300. Phonecopy support team, 13/09/09
  • contact/sms
    vasifrizeru, 13/09/06
    • Which phone model you have? Phonecopy support team, 13/09/06
  • I moved from Samsung Galaxy with Android to Nokia Asha. All my contacts were saved onto my google account thanks to Android. Now Asha does not allow me to get these back from Google and Google discontinued their syncml service.
    Now how can I import my google contacts on Phone Copy to then transfer them to my Asha?
    jesuisbenjamin0, 13/09/06
  • contact
    vasifrizeru, 13/09/05
  • How to transfer contact number from Nokia suit to Phone copy ajay26738, 13/09/02
    • Hi, you can export contacts in form of vCard (.vcf). This format can be imported to PhoneCopy for Windows which will synchronize contacts to Phonecopy support team, 13/09/02
  • How to recover my old user id and password ajay26738, 13/09/02
    • Hi, please use Lost Password link from homepage. Phonecopy support team, 13/09/02
  • Hi, I get system error when trying to sync from my Nokia E90. I also used your step by step guide with screenshots and got the same error message. what shall I do? I'm sure I followed all the steps. bsabour, 13/09/01
    • i recommend you to contact our support and send IMEI number. They will be able to search what's a problem. Phonecopy support team, 13/09/01
      • Tnx for prompt reply. How can I contact to your support team? the number is 353659011070840 thanks. bsabour, 13/09/01
  • I sync between Nokia E72 and MacBookPro (OSx 10.8.4). There is problem in calendar. I made birthdays on MacBook calendar, all day events, repeating every year. When I sync them to Nokia E72 via phonecopy, the birthdays are on two consecutive days. One before and one the correct date. What could be the solution?

    There is also one other strange thing - not all calendar events sync! I sync first from Mac to phonecopy, then choose in phone "sync" and some event come as expected, some not at all!
    liana.vanamolder, 13/08/31
  • i have made my phone-copy(nokia 3110c), but now i am unable to transfer it to my phone nokia 206.. please guide me
    samarth, 13/08/30
  • How to sync my nokia c2-00, manual setting options are not on my device lazarus1, 13/08/30
  • How to sync contacts from nokia lumia 610 to the server? danielbracken, 13/08/25
    • Hi, currently we offer only from server to Lumia. We work with Microsoft to deliver suitable solution for Lumia -> server as well. Phonecopy support team, 13/08/26
  • Hi I just Bought a Nokia Asha 210. Did all the sync procedure as provided by this site.
    Yet the last step of Associate is not happening...

    I try to sync on phone it says "Check Data Settings"

    Please help
    ajayzrulz, 13/08/11
    • Hi, in such as case, please check if you have mobile internet enabled from your mobile operator and also please check if you have correct mobile internet settings (also called APN) in your phone. Phonecopy support team, 13/08/12
  • hi, i just synced my nokia contacts to an iphone, it work for a second and then quicly the data was overwriten with iphone contacts and now all my contacts from nokia are gone. this was the biggest mistake i made using ur services. please help me restore my contacts from the server deki_17, 13/08/09
    • Hi, i can see 434 deleted contacts in your profile probably all from Nokia. Please check and restore it in Deleted Contacts folder . When restored on next sync you will get it back to your phone. If you want to keep contacts from each device independently i recommend you to store contacts from each phone in own group to avoid mixing Phonecopy support team, 13/08/10
    • Hi, which phone models you have? Phonecopy support team, 13/08/09
  • hello eveyone I have NOkIA N8-00 and i did every step as shown on your website, but as i get to the last step, ” sync” i keep getting ( connection error ) with a red mark :( . I removed the profile and did the steps all over again and still nothing. Please help. Need to move these names ASAP. Thank you in advance hamadaa, 13/08/08
    • Hi, you need to have data transfer enabled from your mobile operator and you need to set correct mobile internet connection (also called APN) to PhoneCopy profile to allow sync. Alternatively you can synchronize via Wi-Fi. Phonecopy support team, 13/08/09
  • Hi, while trying to sync my Nokia E51, I keep getting "server not responding", PLEASE help me, my new Iphone is waiting....
    michalphone, 13/08/07
    • Hi, can you, please, check your steps with our step by step guide?

      It looks you made some failure in the configuration.
      Phonecopy support team, 13/08/09
      • Dear Supporter,
        Thank you so much, you were right - I missed the "s" in the https...
        Now when I succesfuly sync the contacts, I have two problems:
        1. I do not see any data (contacts) in my Phonecopy account
        2. While trying to sync my iPhone, I keep getting password error: that I need 5 digits password, however, I sync with only 4 digits password, and I do not succed to change it via my phone Can you please help me (again....)?
        michalphone, 13/08/11
        • Hi, first of all you forgot for last step of our guide. You didn't assigned your Nokia to profile. I made it for you which means your first problem is solved now. Regarding to your second question you can change easily your password in the profile (password in the Nokia can be different please leave it unchanged) to five characters and then log in as existing user in the iPhone App using your username and password. It will work. Phonecopy support team, 13/08/12
  • Hi, I get system error when trying to sync from my Nokia E72. I also used your step by step guide with screenshots and got the same error message. what shall I do? I'm sure I followed all the steps. miroljub.nenadovic, 13/08/05
    • ok, I managed to sync it, I had to connect to internet first on my mobile. I went to my Phonecopy page but no data was there. How lond does it usually take? miroljub.nenadovic, 13/08/05
      • sorry, got it. miroljub.nenadovic, 13/08/05
        • did it, it was perfect miroljub.nenadovic, 13/08/05
  • hi tnx for your good website , i have syncronized my contatcs to my phoecopy profile , now i wanna ask how i can transfer from my prfoile to another phone ?!
    pabarja, 13/08/05
    • Hi, it depends of phone you have. You can find it in our supported devices list and follow our guide to synchronize another one Phonecopy support team, 13/08/06
  • Nokia 6300 set up (and checked 3 times) on way to replace with Nexus 4. starts synchronising and seems to sync/send data 3 of 3, then says "no authorisation" and stops saying "incomplete". have checked the login (adgjmpt) and password several times. Help! Thanks utilizador desconhecido, 13/08/03
  • How can I sync contacts from my phone to my computer using phonecopy? I have a nokia lumia 620 with windows 8. Thank you gardenview, 13/08/01
    • Sorry, currently we don't have solution to transfer contacts from Lumia 620 to PhoneCopy. We have only way to synchronize contacts from PhoneCopy to Lumia 620. To synchronize contact between PhoneCopy and Windows you can use PhoneCopy for Windows Phonecopy support team, 13/08/02
  • Is there a different configuration for the 206 Dual Sim? I can't get the ACTIVATE procedure as on your specs pages for the 206.
    Thanks for your help!
    dfri, 13/07/31
    • Found it, thanks to your Asha 305 configuration, and it works... dfri, 13/08/01
  • I have a Nokia 301 Dual Sim and a Samsung Galaxy SII. I already synced the Contacts from the Samsung (actually my gmail contacts) to the server. Now I'm trying to get them to my Nokia. Followed all instructions for setting up the server sync. Message is: Syncronisation successful. But no contacts are transferred to the phone. And the phone isn't showing up in my online profile.
    yves.griffin, 13/07/29
    • You forgot to do last step requested for any Nokia. You have to assign phone to profile. I made it for you. Phonecopy support team, 13/07/29
      • You are awesome! And, well, actually this app is! What phone companies and other e-mail providers are too stupid to achieve, is done here!

        Many thanks! Made my day!

        PS: You entered my phone as Asha 305 which isn't correct. Yet it works, should I simply leave it this way?
        yves.griffin, 13/07/29
        • Thank you.

          P.S. When you will log in to your profile, you can change name of your phone. I will change it for you anyway.
          Phonecopy support team, 13/07/29
  • I have done sync from phonecopy to Nokia 5700,But after sync i couldn't see the contacts sync from my profile to phone,Please assist vizpul, 13/07/24
    • Thankyou vizpul, 13/07/24
    • It looks you didn't assigned your Nokia to account. I made it for you. Phonecopy support team, 13/07/24
  • Now I also want to sync Text Msgs. kne52, 13/07/24
  • I am synchronizing through Nokia E52 but its gives System Error kne52, 13/07/24
  • Hi, I'm using E72. It said the sync was completed, but when I try to sync it with my iPhone, it said 0 contact. cc_adch, 13/07/21
    • I found you managed it by yourself. Phonecopy support team, 13/07/24
  • I got problem when setting password in Connection setting. what password is that? my phonecopy account or what? because when I start synchronizing it will say invalid user name and password. thanks for help. daru, 13/07/13
    • Hi, your account was automatically blocked as you didn't fit free account conditions. Also you received two notifications and when you wrote your commend you had red sign in your account informing you about it. I recommend you to buy Premium account if you want to use amount contacts and devices you have in your profile. Phonecopy support team, 13/07/24
  • I have nokia 95 and i fellow the guidens steps and got the message of synced of all my contacts from the phone when i go to website i found nothing , may be becuase of the password defferenf but the phone not accept more than 4 digits password and website 8 digits ...
    Please help to fix that thanks,,
    alssayed1, 13/06/18
    • i made correction within your account and now it seems to be working Phonecopy support team, 13/06/18
      • Thank you now it's working but the same problem when i synced sms can fix it too alssayed1, 13/06/19
        • Hi, you have to set SMS synchronization in the same way as you set Contacts. You can set Calendar and Notes synchronization as well. Phonecopy support team, 13/06/19
  • I have nokia N73 mobile now i want to copy my contact details in my mobile to system if there is any possible to copy?... babulif, 13/05/25
  • As soon as I click synchronize, my N97 says connecting.....disconnecting....feature not supported.

    Is there a reason for this? Surely it is supported if it has let me do everything so far with regards to entering settings. Or is it a specific setting that would be causing this?
    lucymcr123, 13/04/13
  • I had not changed my password in past in the phone. However I have changed now for the purpose of this test in Nokia N95 phone as well as in BUT still get same connection error. Are both passwords suppose to be same ? in the phone and server ?
    NOTE: since WiFi password is used by other peripherals I have changed it back to what it was. This indicates to me that the password in the phone is valid.
    This has now become like an interesting challenge to solve the puzzle.
    Thanks & Regards.
    utilizador desconhecido, 13/01/03
    • WiFi password, synchronization profile password in the phone and user password on the server are 3 different unrelated passwords. Phonecopy support team, 13/01/04
      • Thats what I thought but I am giving up. utilizador desconhecido, 13/01/04
  • Keep getting ''invalid user name and password'' error message even though I have triple checked!! mwai, 12/12/21
    • Hi, send us please support request include IMEI of your phone. We will solve it. Phonecopy support team, 12/12/21
      • IMEI:- 354855028753399, Nokia E71 sanjaymaharjan, 13/01/15
  • hi as per earlier discussion i came to know that nokia allow to restore contacts to phone but not sms. How about notes? Can I put notes back into my phone? lmsathishkumar, 12/11/03
    • Hi, notes, calendar, tasks and contacts works without any limitation. Phonecopy support team, 12/11/05
  • Hi, I have deleted sms from Inbox in my Phone Nokia E66, but I can't restore them back, I founded them in deleted sms but once I click "restore"; they are only restored in the PhoneCopy Server!!! The sync type options I have are "both ways", "to server only" and "to phone only". I have chosen "Both ways". Can someone please assist me? linjoe, 12/03/30
    • Hi, Nokia doesn't allow to upload SMS back to phone. Sorry. Phonecopy support team, 12/03/30
  • how can i sync my phonecopy contacts to my nokia c5 00
    ashneel, 12/03/15
  • help!! I just synchronize my contact again, but all my contacts in my phone are lost. I can find them in the history of sync on phonecopy website here, how can all 2000contacts go back to my phone& my new phone? chekeye, 12/01/13
    • Hi,
      all your contacts are saved under "Deleted Contacts" button on Contacts page of You can restore it and on next sync you will get it back to your phone. The contacts was deleted by your another device six hours ago and when you synchronized your Nokia all these changes (deletes) were transferred to Nokia as well. In case of problem please contact our support which will guide you.
      Phonecopy support team, 12/01/13
  • Help! I have deleted all my contacts due to some duplication issues, and now suddenly, when i have edited all my data via on, my phone when i press "synchronize" on phonecopy's server, nothing is synced! it just says "sync complete" but my contact list remains blank! mikecheong, 11/12/03
    • Hi, on contacts page there is "Deleted Items" button. When you will press it you will see all deleted contacts and you can restore it. Phonecopy support team, 11/12/04
      • is there an option to mass restore? because there were like 1,000 contacts that were accidentally deleted mikecheong, 11/12/07
        • YES, just go to deleted contacts page. On right side you can select how many contacts on page you want to see. Select All (or 100 it is up to you). On left side of contacts list header you see check box or you can use button "Select" to select all contacts on page. You will se checked check boxes on each contacts row. When you will press restore, you will restore all selected contacts. Phonecopy support team, 11/12/08
  • my phone says sync is complete but the numbers are not showing on phone copy. I want to transfer them to iphone4.

    I could not see my contacts in my Nokia Phone as soon as i did sync.

    I lost all my contact on my nokia phone:-(

    Could you please guide me to restore my data and also copy them to iphone.
    jaiganeshs, 11/02/04
    • Hi, to restore your contact just go to "contacts" page and press "Deleted Contacts" button. There you can restore any of deleted contacts and on next synchronization all restored contacts will be trensferred to you phone as well.
      To transfer data from Nokia to iPhone we prepared screenshots and instructions here:
      Phonecopy support team, 11/02/04
  • Why they are asking serial number of mobile? nadachu, 11/01/07
    • Serial number of mobile we ask for security reasons. Only person who knows username, password and serial number can assign phone to web profile. Historicaly we had several usernames "test" with password "test" and similar combinations. Without Serial number lock this data could be viewed by another person. Also each phone automatically sends its serial number during communication which means we get it anyway. Phonecopy support team, 11/01/08