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  • on phonecopy which folder i have to select? i try to create folder and then start import it show msg there is no contact found msaqib01, 9.04.2018
  • i follow the the above step and syn all contact but i will not find the folder where contact saved msaqib01, 9.04.2018
  • I'm trying to transfer contacts and calendar onto my pc. I've managed this in the past when a previous laptop has Windows 7 installed but my new laptop has Windows 10 and many tasks cannot be accomplished with this.
    The message I get is "the organiser applications on your computer aren't supported".
    Is there a way of doing this as my BB 9000 isn't going to last long with probable screen failure (screen goes white then eventually goes normal). Thanks
    johnk9159, 20.01.2018
  • Hi,
    I backed up my contacts with BlackBerry desktop software. After I've installed phone copy for windows and failed to transfer the contacts to phone copy server. I need to repeat the upload but the program won't let me. What shall I do?
    elka.khunova, 9.01.2017
    • Hi, that exactly you mean by "failed to transfer"? Did you exported contacts from BlackBerry in .VCF format? Did you copy these contacts to "Contacts" folder of your Windows PC? We can se 1 successfully synchronized contacts during first synchronization. This means something has to change before you started to synchronize contacts exported from Blackberry. PhoneCopy destek takımı, 10.01.2017
  • Hi, I have a Blackberry Q10, I synced my contacts but the calendar items are not syncing. Could you tell me what should I do?
    Also, I understand that for Blackberry you cannot transfer the Notes. I have them saved into .csv file. Is there any way to sync or import those?
    dianadelidakis, 26.04.2016
    • Hi, when you will follow our guide for Blackberry you will get synchronized both contacts and calendars.
      PhoneCopy destek takımı, 27.04.2016
      • I did follow these instruction from start, the Calendar slider button in the Account is active. It's blue. Still, there are no calendar items saved into the account. I do have the tasks inactive because I dont want to transfer any tasks. Is that why it doesnt work?
        dianadelidakis, 27.04.2016
        • Hi, sorry, it is misunderstanding. The guide which i sent you allow to synchroniza calendar from server to device. Also once you set it it allows to synchronize events back to server. But it doesn't export calendar events FROM device to server. PhoneCopy currently doesn't provide service which allows to export calendar events FROM device TO server because of technical limitations on BlackBerry OS. Sorry PhoneCopy destek takımı, 27.04.2016
          • Thanks. Is there Any file format that can import as calendar entries? I NEED my calendar and notes backed up onto phonecopy, so what kind of file format is accepted or allowed to be exported to phonecopy? dianadelidakis, 27.04.2016
  • it only lets me copy blackbery contacts 614 but I actually have 1190 in total, how can I amend this?? sharmito, 26.01.2016
    • Hi, we looked you are using Server To Blackberry synchronization only. If you need copy contacts FROM blackberry you need use our application for BlackBerry.
      PhoneCopy destek takımı, 26.01.2016
      • thanks, I did that as well and it doesn't work, it won't let me copy all the contacts, please advise sharmito, 26.01.2016
        • it only lets me transfer BLACKBERRY CONTACTS, but not the contacts like local directory, etc sharmito, 26.01.2016
          • Yes, PhoneCopy for BlackBerry lets you synchronize only BLACKBERRY CONTACTS due to limits of BlackBerry and it is mentioned in specification of app.

            If your other contacts are in other account, you can simply import them to BLACKBERRY CONTACTS and then perform the sync.

            Otherwise, you can use the Activesync with your PhoneCopy account. From our logs we know that you already chosen the use of the ActiveSync.

            In case of ActiveSync, import your contacts into already created PhoneCopy account in your BlackBerry device
            After adding your contacts, they will be synchronized to server automatically.

            How to import contacts (for BB OS and higher):
            1) Go to your contacts list in your BlackBerry device
            2) Longly click on one contact, options appear
            3) Choose Select more (last option)
            4) Select all contacts you want to move to ActiveSync account
            5) Press Copy to
            6) Select the checkbox with your ActiveSync account with name PhoneCopy
            7) Press Done
            PhoneCopy destek takımı, 27.01.2016
          • please, can somebody advise sharmito, 26.01.2016
            • really bad customer service sharmito, 26.01.2016
              • Hi, your first request was answered during one hour. Then you reported it doesn't work for you and we asked our technical team to check what should be a problem and it takes time. Anyway you are using FREE service and you feel answer less than one hour as bad service? Sorry, but it is not fair from you! We are doing best. PhoneCopy destek takımı, 26.01.2016
                • sorry I hadn't seen the comment below, I'm going to follow these new steps sharmito, 27.01.2016
                  • it didn't work, do you have a number I can call you? sharmito, 27.01.2016
                    • Answered via private email. PhoneCopy destek takımı, 27.01.2016