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I forgot my password and/or I can't sign into my account PhoneCopy.

If you keep getting the "Bad password" error message when you try to sign in, first make sure you are entering the password correctly. Check for an active Caps Lock, Num Lock or a different keyboard layout than you usually use. If the problems persist, please use our pasword reset form to set a new password.

How does a synchronization work?

PhoneCopy is an application that synchronizes content between the user's mobile device and PhoneCopy.com server. Synchronization is performed over mobile data transfers (GPRS, 3G, 4G LTE). Most mobile devices equipped with this technology are supported by PhoneCopy. The only prerequisite is that you have data transfers active (you can verify this by checking if you can browse web and check your email on your phone). If you're not sure, contact your carrier. For data transfer you can use Wi-Fi, if it allows your device.

It is possible to conveniently browse and edit your device data at PhoneCopy.com website, downloading it to your device at will. That way data is kept up-to-date and safely archived on our server. You can also download it into your computer. You can synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. If you have a recent mobile phone model, you can even synchronize bookmarks, text messages, pictures and other items.

Does my phone support this service?
If you have a newer phone, it is almost certain that you can use PhoneCopy. Check out the list of supported phones to learn more.
Are my data safe?
Yes, we are committed to secure your data:
  • Your data are stored on our own secure server. (no third party cloud sevice).
  • Your data are transmitted securely through HTTPS or GSM network.
  • PhoneCopy.com is anonymous, only your e-mail address is required to sign up
  • You can permanently delete your sensitive data from our database.
  • You can close your account and we will delete all your data.
How much does the service cost?
We provide the PhoneCopy.com service free of charge with reasonable limits for personal use. The only thing you will likely have to pay is data transfers (GPRS, 3G, LTE) price of which is set by your carrier. For instance, synchronization of 500 items from your mobile phone to PhoneCopy server will cost you under 1 USD. Follow-up synchronizations will only cost a fraction of that price, because the amount of data is significantly lower. If you are on a flat rate plan, synchronization won't cost anything beyond your monthly fee. Nowadays, carriers offer packs of mobile internet. The first synchronization need 0,1 MB, next synchronization need only 0,01 MB with mobile internet. Or you can use Wi- Fi for synchronization which will be free. We recommend to you PhoneCopy Premium for corporate use nad for synchronize of more than 500 items.

How much will I pay to transfer contacts from my mobile phone to PhoneCopy using GPRS?
During testing in our company (when we used prepaid card by Czech carrier Vodafone) we transferred 100 contacts, calendar events and other notes and also 20 SMS. It means that we synchronized about 110.96 kB using GPRS and the price was 6 CZK including VAT (cca 0.24 EUR). Nevertheless, such a great amount of data is transferred just when you want to create a complete backup of your phone data (usually during the first synchronization). All other synchronization transfers only update or modify data, which is a significantly lower amount of data. Therefore, you will pay just a fragment of price mentioned above.
I've lost my phone, will a backup on your server help me?
If you had synchronized your data before you lost your phone, you would be able to access them and upload them to your new device:
  1. If you are a registered user, log into your account, assign your new device and simply synchronize the data stored on the server with your new device.
  2. If you haven't registered yet, choose the link SIGN UP from the menu and proceed according to the instructions (You will need IMEI of your lost phone).
We highly recommend you to delete your lost phone from your account in order to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You can do this after you log in to Settings- >Devices.
Not all of my contact information are in the best shape. I would like to do something about this. Could PhoneCopy be of any help?
Of course! It is possible to edit all your contacts from the convenience of our website. You can add name, surname, e-mails, additional phone numbers and other information easily. Then you just save the contact and all changes will be transferred to your mobile phone the next time you synchronize. You can also automatically eliminate duplicated contacts. .
I would like to delete outdated SMS messages. However, I am afraid I might need some of them again in the future.
If you have some newer type of mobile phone, you can also back up your SMS. If you want archive your older SMS on PhoneCopy, create new group named for example "Archives". Add older SMS to the new group (SMS list, menu View-> Assignment to groups). Old SMS will be deleted from your mobile after next synchronize, but they will be safe on PhoneCopy.
I can not connect my phone with the server, what may be its reason?
Firstly, please check, whether the type of your phone is on the list of supported devices. Also, check if you have the data transfers service active on your phone. For example try to open some web site in your device. If you can not do it, you have to activate mobile internet (for more information visit web sites of your carrie). If is internet activated follow our instructions supported devices
Synchronization fails with "System error". What may be the cause?
We've found that this error may occur when the database names are not unique in configuration of your phone. Use phone settings manual for your phone from the list and ensure that database names are unique among all data types.
PhoneCopy deleted data on my phone, what should I do?
PhoneCopy tries to synchronize all changes. When you delete data on the server, the data will also be deleted on the phone. Fortunately, PhoneCopy has deleted items folder and you can retrieve items from it. It is important change type of synchronization in phone settings just in cases when you know what are you doing. Most of the time, It is preferable to have the type of synchronization "normal", "two- ways" etc.
All contacts on the PhoneCopy disappeared after a synchronization, what should I do?
PhoneCopy tries to synchronize all changes. When you delete data on the phone, the data will also be deleted on the server. Fortunately, PhoneCopy has deleted items folder and you can retrieve items from it.
The Android client does not work. It reports a successful synchronization and no contacts were synchronized.
Contacts in Android OS are divided into different accounts, and the app can synchronize only one account at the time. It is possible that you have selected an android account on the device which contains no contacts. Go to settings of PhoneCopy application, and make sure yopu have selected non-empty accounts under "Android accounts to sync". The number next to each account means the number of contacts in it. Do not forget to synchronize again.
I have my data in two groups but I want to move them into the only one. What should I do?
You have to choose and delete one group. Data will be moved into the other one. Go to the Setting-> Devices. Then tick off the association of group to be deleted with all devices and then click on Save. Then go to offer Setting-> Groups and delete the group. You will be asked to select the group which will be the new destination for data to move in.