Desteklenen cihazlar - Android 13

List of Devices with Android 13

We are constantly improving our PhoneCopy application for safe backup of contacts, SMS, photos, and videos to the advanced PhoneCopy cloud. More than 1.2 million of our users have long relied on the fact that we support almost every phone with any version of the operating system. And that's why we also tested new phones with the Android 13 operating system as soon as it was available. And of course, we continue to test it with individual models of mobile devices. And for our users, we always try to list all models of mobile phones equipped with Android 13 on this page, including those that we had listed on the site with previous versions of Android and were subsequently updated.

One of the main visible signs of Android 13 is its approach to Apple's user interface. In addition, to surround sound, there have also been several changes that are important to us in the PhoneCopy team from the point of view of the application's development and interaction with our users. First of all, it is a further improvement of privacy protection within the framework of sending notifications from individual applications. Apps (including PhoneCopy) will no longer be able to just send you notifications but must request permission to access notifications. You will then be able to decide for yourself whether to allow or disable the given application's access to notifications and from PhoneCopy's point of view, we recommend that you enable notifications, as we inform you of all changes in your data. For us, application developers, access to media and documents has also changed, which we back up for you on our secure PhoneCopy Cloud, and thanks to this, we also allow you to create galleries that you can easily share with your friends. At the same time, we had to deal with the fact that Android 13 now allows you to specify the language for each application separately. Finally, as part of the changes, we have also made several optimizations and accelerated the operation of our application, and we believe that you will continue to be satisfied with our application.


We tested new Android 13 on Xiaomi Poco M3 5G with our PhoneCopy app and it's completely working.
Update Samsung Galaxy S20 5G sm-g981u1 to Android 13 is available including the fully working contact, SMS, photo, and video backup to PhoneCopy Cloud.
OPPO Reno 6 Z (cph2237) now offers Android 13 update.
We tested new Android 13 on Honor X8b (lly-lx3) with our PhoneCopy app and it's completely working.
We just added Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus (SM-X210) to supported devices with the Android 13 operating system. We allow synchronization and backup of contacts, call logs, SMSes, photos, and videos to a secure PhoneCopy Cloud.
We noticed the update possibility of OPPO Reno 8 Z 5G (cph2457) to a new Android operating system version 13.