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User Reviews

We've had a very good feedback from users: it solved their problem, saved their data and allowed them to make data backup and synchronization easy etc. On average there are fifteen thousand synchronization per day and this number is still growing.

Our personal favourite reviews are:

  1. Great and very easy to use (rmran2219 - Apple )
    Excellent app when getting company phone every year !!!
  2. Wow! Get it while it's free! (Fantastish!! - Apple )
    Thank you so much for this fantastic free app! It took seconds to back up over 500 contacts...can't beat that!
  3. Great app (leoars - Apple )
    The most quick and easy iPhone app for backing your contacts up. I recomend to everyone, even to the computer dummies.
  4. Top notch (Edazz - Apple )
    Great app, does everything it's meant to do easily and without errors. I've been using it for about two years without a mishap since I lost my contacts on my phone prior to getting the app.
  5. U ARE SAFE! (Salma2007 - Apple )
    The best thing about this app, is I feel safe in case I lost my phone cause contacts are the most important thing u don't wanna lose (of course after photos, for me)! It's so hard to bring back your contacts you build up over years.This app is a must! I told all my friends about it. U should do too!
  6. Loved it !!!! (Pdmn1986 - Apple )
    Very useful if you are switching phones. Couldn't have asked for a better app which is so simple.
  7. I just loved it. (Nikhil Tundwal - Android)
    I had to transfer around 1500 contacts from iphone to an android. And it just happened in a blink of an eye. Thanks developers.
  8. Nice (sandeep singh - Android)
    Ultimate solution to backup and duplicate contact with merger. .. nice
  9. Super excellent (Raed Shatnawi - Android)
    Super fast. Reliable between different platforms. Light weight. Doesn't miss any of your entries. Doesn't loose the formatting. I tried different apps and some of them are highly paid but non worked like this excellent app. I recommend it to all especially those transferring from iPhone to android or the opposite.
  10. Great handy app (Ben Gilmartin - Android)
    Works well for those changing phone operating system and as a backup.
  11. Excellent App (Biswabandhu Pattnaik - Android)
    Copying the address book was never so simple. I copied from my old phone with android 2.3 to samsung S5. It is super easy and ultimate fast.
  12. Worked great (martin sillett - Android)
    Tried a few others with no success, this does exactly what it says on the tin.
  13. Easy as. (jarrad cooper - Android)
    Prob the easiest way to transfer contacts between android with different brand handsets
  14. Best Cross-platform Contacts Backup App (Omar Al-Sadhan - Android)
    This is the best contacts backup app I've ever tried. Super simple and easy to use. Reliable backups. Fast processing. Highly recommended.
  15. Great app (Saliya Gunawardena - Android)
    It saved my contacts deleted accidentally. Awesome.
  16. Perfection! (WTSL - Apple)
    I've used several Contacts backup apps, usually with good results, until they made fundamental changes. I can say, without reservation, that PhoneCopy is the best. Yes, it requires an annual investment to take full advantage of it but I believe it's well worth it. I use Contacts for everything - clothing sizes of relatives, restaurants to try, etc. Losing contacts, for me, is simply not an option. This app does the job seamlessly and easily.
  17. Excellent app!! (Beware the dwarf - Apple)
    Highly recommended. I have used this app for over three years to backup my iPhone and to transfer all contacts to my iPad. I have never had any issues. Make all changes or additions on your phone and then set up the transfer to always be from your phone to the server. Then set up your iPad to always transfer contacts from the server to your iPad. Synchronize every week or so and both devices will have matching contacts.
  18. Perfect ! (SBLATL - Apple)
    I've used PhoneCopy for a couple years now. My husband and I just got two new iPhones and it quickly installed our contacts to our new devices. We use one iCloud account to share some things but since we each have our own contact lists, we each have our own Phone Copy account for this purpose. Highly recommend!
  19. Perfect App (kennyaderibigbe70-34732 - BlackBerry)
    This App is perfect! Thank you so much
  20. Worked perfectly (Ozioma - Windows Phone)
    on my win7 lumia900. and the web platform is simply unique... I think it's a must have for folks with regular backup needs.:)
  21. eureka! Worked great for me (by Alaska Pete)
    After seeing the TERRIBLE ratings for this app and reading the doomsday reviews I was quite nervous about using it. In fact I found a mac that was about to be re-imaged anyway to download it to, just in case. But actually I had zero problems. After a ridiculous number of hours spent trying to transfer detailed information for nearly 400 contacts from my old Nokia flip phone (2720) to my windows laptop via serial cable, and then to my ipad via bluetooth, I gave up. Then I tried moving them to a mac. I used the syncmate program (free download) to transfer my contacts to the mac's address book via bluetooth, and then I used this phonecopy app to upload the contacts to the phonecopy server, where I had already uploaded all of the contacts from my ipad (mostly email). Now I have 6 or 7 hundred contacts all on the cloud, for free, safe and sound where I can organize and resync to almost any device at future dates as I please. Fantastic service. The download is super fast because this app is tiny, and the sync for my hundreds of contacts took 33 seconds, and I have fairly slow internet.

    This was so awesome I'm going to make a donation. Thank you thank you thank you!
  22. Awesome. (by Dena Don)
    Dope! Cool!
  23. Bam! Did the job within a minute or two
    I accidentally deleted all my contacts from my iPhone (don't ask -- dumb move while removing my now-extinct MobileMe account) and could not find a way to get them restored from my iPad back to my iPhone -- particuarly because I could not figure out how to tell iCloud which direction to sync. My great fear was having iCloud wipe out my iPad contacts. The first app I tried (MCBackup) did, in fact, send my contacts (800+) as a single VCF file e-mail attachment, but my iPhone would not open it up and import it. Found this app, installed it on both devices, and got my contacts moved from my iPad to my iPhone in less than two minutes (most of which was spent setting up my sign-in account). Highest recommendations.
  24. Simple and intuitive
    Easy account set up. Fast, secure, and accurate multidirectional uploads and downloads via their server. Keep the server updated and, thereafter, you can update your device or multiple devices. I transferred a Sprint Evo phone to an iPhone5. All names, numbers, addresses etc. transferred without a glitch. After download to new device, if you desire, you simply modify your phone display settings to match your previous device for data to display the way you wish it displayed...last name, first name or vice versa. Email reminders for sync and updates. Very intuitive! You do not need to be a rocket scientist to use this app!!! "Highly recommended" is an understatement for this app.
  25. Nice app to backup / export / import contact (by Leo)
    Kudos to great designer to make copy/backup all contacts including outlook, iPhone, iCloud contacts into file server and then you can choose to retrieve them back and forth between iPhone/iPad to save the contacts. One minor suggestion is if you can consider to put "Select synchronization direction" in the front page rather than in the next page under "account setup" to make it clear without making mistake to click " Synchronize" right away, then that's super and super product. Again, this is a must great product. I greatly appreciate for your excellent job done, Beautiful !!
  26. Phone Copy!
    This app does everything it claims. I recently retired and wanted to copy my contacts from my iPad and old iPhone to a new iPhone. After several weeks of struggling with iTunes and other methods/apps for I was frustrated since none of those methods produced a clean and complete copy. I even went to the cell phone store to ask for help. They suggested iTunes but that hadn't worked before. I found the PhoneCopy app and decided to give it a try. WOW! Simple and complete within minutes. I will recommend this to anyone with the need to copy from one device to another! THANKS for a great app!
  27. Best sync app I've used
    This app is exactly what the doctor ordered... It simply works to heal all your contact sync ills! I already owned Contacts Sync but it only works with iPhones and iPods (and a total of only two devices per account) to keep them in sync. What to do now that I own an iPad too? Well, I searched and found this gem of an app. It works great, actually much better than Contacts Sync, in that it informs me of the specific contacts that are being updated. It is lighting fast. And it works across all my devices!
  28. recomended
    After registration i had problem with connectivity but now it seems to be working well for whole week. I am not IT guy but from my perspective it is useful application. I just found they are storing history of my changed or deleted contact which can by useful sometime. For sure i exported my contact from and stored it locally :) . Generally i recommend it for anybody who want to backup his data.
  29. AMAZING!!!
    What an easy way to manage contacts between iPhone and PC. Why couldn't Apple do this? And best of all it's free! I've had my iPhone for a year and always hated iTunes as I don't save music on the phone, and dreamed of a better way to manage contacts. Phone Copy is great. Of course, there are little things that can be improved but overall, I think you'll like this App.
  30. New phone
    Works great! So easy, so fast! Peace of mind knowing that my contacts are safely stored on the database and not just my phone. When uploading contacts from my old phone, it messed up some last names/ first names, but all the info is still there and I'll be able to find the info I need. I guess you get what you pay for... :) but it really is amazing that it's free!
  31. for me it works
    I am using this app for few days a it works. The best feature for me is web user interface allowing to manage my contacts. The only what i am missing is simple tool to search for duplicities which i didn't find. I asked support and they answered it will be added soon. Have 900+ contacts and using iPhone 3GS upgraded to 4.0.1.
  32. Love it!
    Had to restore my iPhone and didn't have a recent iTunes/iCloud backup because I rarely sync with iTunes and ran out of space on iCloud. But I had a very recent PhoneCopy backup (because it's so easy to tap on the app to backup, and it takes about 3-5secs to backup). It worked flawlessly, and restored all of my 358 contacts.
  33. Calendar
    The usage of a calendar with push notification would be awesome. Te alert would have to be 1 week to atleast 1 month as a reminder. I love this app. It works. I replaced my iPhone and didn't want to type in all my contacts. Just re-downloaded phone copy and synched from online to phone. Awesome.
  34. Just what was looking for!
    I wish I had found this app earlier. Would have saved me a lot of hassle trying to rebuild my contact list. It works both ways- uploading and downloading. I was even able to make a change online and sync it back to my contacts. And it was fast too, but I was also using wifi.
  35. everything works
    Hi, i have oposit experientce with such a great App Phonecopy. I just changed my iPhone to 4G and i needed to transfer contacts quickly. It works well. I have connected both iPhones to the same account and made transfer within minutes. Thanks guys, good work!
  36. Worked great!
    I used this program to synchronize the contacts from two iPhones into one. So now on one iPhone I have all the contacts from both my old iPhones. Very useful! Worked like a charm and it was very easy to set up. Took about 5 minutes from start to finish.
  37. Wonderful!
    I lost almost 200 complex contacts on my iPhone during a botched iOS 5 upgrade. This FREE APP restored all, including pictured contacts, to my iPad in a total of less than 5 minutes to download the app to both devices and sync/restore - awesome!
  38. Great Program
    Finally a program that can handle duplicates....I have over 2000 contacts...of which 1700 are true contacts & the rest are duplicates. Been waiting a long time for this! Worth 25$ for me, since I couldnt stay under 500 contacts.
  39. Love Love Love
    freaking out when I got the iPhone 5 and I thought I would have to manually transfer all of my contacts but with this app all that changed in less than five minutes all of my contacts were transferred to my new phone...yay!
  40. Flawless, fast, free.
    Simply amazing. I switched from a decrepit Nokia E63 to an iPhone 5 today, and everything just... worked. Now I have my contacts with me and I don't have to sync them by hand like I was going to. Thanks PhoneCopy!
  41. Great, free contacts saver
    Used this app to save and salvage the contacts data from my defunct iPhone 4S. It works great, but be careful at the startup screen to chose the transfer connection properly our you might corrupt your data.
  42. Awesome!!
    I searched online for an easy way to transfer from iPhone to new iPhone and I was kinda skeptical at first but it worked like a charm!!! Really surprised, thank you guys for this fantastic tool!!! I really needed it!!!!!
  43. This is amazing
    Love the way how easy the program is I transfer so far fro Nokia to samsung galaxy 2 And fro iphone to samsung galaxy All was working great Thank u for make it easy Is there any plans for the notes?
  44. Lifesaver
    This app literally saved 8 years of contacts after MobileMe corrupted most of them. It even allowed me to recover a contact I had deleted a few months back. They back up all deleted contacts on their website.
  45. Incredible App!!!
    This is an awesome app and works perfectly between my IPhone and IPad. Makes life easy when updating my contacts between them both saves me a lot of time. 5 stars all the way.
  46. Ipad2 contact list
    I was able to sync my contact list from my Iphone 3gs, to my Ipad2, it was so simple to use i can hardly wait for the calendar update, this app is quite simply fantastic.
  47. Excellent app
    This just may be the best and most needed download for every smart device you own. Secure and complete back up for all your contacts. This is an absolute must have app.
  48. Awesome app
    My iPhone went berserk & deleted ALL of my contacts. Much later I remember I had this app. In two mins I had all of my 350 phone numbers backed up .. This is a 10 star app.
  49. Best ever!!
    Best contact sync I have ever used! iCloud synced my contact with some old file, messed contacts up. This app restored to perfection. Worth a donation, at the very least.
  50. Wonderful
    Awesome app... I used this app got all my contacts from my old phone to new phone .. After my device got formatted and I got all my contacts back .... Great app.... Love it
  51. The Best
    Best supporting address book backup contact and so helpful for keeping your address book Synced between your iPhone and other smart phones no matter what OS you are using
  52. Perfect for iPad/iPhone
    This app is great for anyone who only has contact info on their iPhone. I synced my iPhone contacts with my iPad one minute after downloading.
  53. Love it
    Works great no problems. I got it because Vzw didn't have a solution. I loved my Blackberry too. No problems and I get reminders to back up my data.
  54. Great app
    It woks really well...easy to sync, very reliable and secure...Ipad, iphone, samsung galaxy 3... outstanding performance in this three devices..
  55. FREE!!!
    AWESOME, I would give this app 7 stars if I could! Even better it's FREE! I sometimes shy away from free apps. I am so glad it is working for me.
  56. Just Works
    After reading the various horror stories in reviews of other contact backup apps, the ease-of-use of this app was refreshingly reassuring.
  57. Amazing
    Thought I lost all my contacts then remembered I had this app. Should add automatic sync function as well so we don't have to do it manually.
  58. Awesomeness!
    Worked 100% for me. I was able to back up my contacts, reset my phone to factory settings & restore every single contact! Love it!
  59. Super awesome app!!!!
    I love it!! Although its limited it really helps a whole lot in maintain and organizing my apps. Really recommended!!
  60. Best. App. Ever.
    I'm in Sales. Contact info is EVERYTHING. For once I found an app that works the way I imagined it would. Awesome!
  61. Great app!
    It's a must for every cell phone user.. It syncs everything so accurately, it even syncs contacts pics! Absolutely love it ツ
    Didn't work at first but I restarted my iPhone 4 then it worked Great. 338 contacts from iPhone to IPad. I love it!!!!
  63. Great app!
    It transferred all of my contact list (about 2000) from my iPhone 4 to iPad 2 in less than a minute! 100% accurate.
  64. The easiest contacts Backing up app
    work 100% for me...very fast and easy...everybody should use it to backing up their phone.