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    stylesri, 27.01.15
  • Hello,
    How can i do to synchronize or backup my sms from phone to PhoneCopy? I use Opera Mini 4.5 browser, in a Sony Ericsson k310i. Somebody can help me? Many thanks, claupere.
    claupere, 22.01.15
    • Sorry but Sony Ericcson doesn't allow to synchronize SMS to server. Phonecopy support team, 25.01.15
  • i wish to add few contacts available in VCF format on my desktop. to my phone(sony J20i) via sync. saiyedmufish, 01.10.14
  • Made a new syncronization 336 from mac. and 336 (same contacts) from W980. Now I somehow have over 800 contacts at phonecopy. It kindly offered to get rid of 116 exact duplicates but how do I get rid of the other exact duplicates without going over all of my contacts one by one? swaan, 02.04.14
    • In the Duplicates manager there are exact duplicates but also common duplicates which can be solved each individually or you can use multiple choice and group transactions as well. Phonecopy support team, 02.04.14
  • WEll DON But Some contace missing
    kacjgunasekara, 02.03.14
    • Which contacts you are missing? I recommend you to contact our support to solve the issue. . . Phonecopy support team, 02.03.14
  • Calendar, notes and tasks did not sync to iphone along with contacts....has anybody any ideas? milou_, 05.01.14
    • Hi, for calendar you can use PCalendar App you will find in AppStore. Synchronization of Notes is blocked by Apple. Phonecopy support team, 05.01.14
  • Where to I type in the *#06# to retrieve an IMEI? неизвестный пользователь, 04.01.14
    • On the phone keyboard. Phonecopy support team, 05.01.14
  • following steps as described in

    going to yied a 405 error "405 Method Not Allowed" specified method name is invalid for this resource.

    any ideas?
    jyavenard, 25.12.13
  • i synchronized my phone without first register to phonecopy and i use an invalid password. I then tried to resynchronize with the right password after having registered but i get a notification of having wrong password or username. I tried to make a new account but nothing неизвестный пользователь, 23.11.13
    • Sorry we didn't find you account to be able to help you. Phonecopy support team, 24.11.13
  • How do I deliberately wipe my phone contacts and re-sync a fresh copy of my contacts from the PhoneCopy database? In the phone I say delete all, then I do a sync, but Phonecopy has noted my deletions, so now it syncs nothing and my phone remains empty abssorb, 27.09.13
    • Anyone? abssorb, 10.10.13
      • In such as scenario all your contacts was moved to Deleted Contacts folder of You can restore it there to active contacts list and on next sync you will get it synchronized back to your phone. Phonecopy support team, 10.10.13
  • Hi, I want to transfer to SMS. How to do it swamy12345, 16.08.12
    • Sorry but SMS synchronization is not supported by phone Phonecopy support team, 16.08.12
  • I have phone number which were not transfered...some of my contacts from my original phone were stored in the sim card, while some were stored in the memory stick.

    Will both lists of contacts from my original phone be stored on phonecopy?
    hwlong, 01.08.12
    • Hi,
      Sony Ericsson doesn't allow access to SIM contacts. But there is easy to use feature built in the phone which helps you to copy contacts between SIM and phone. Just copy contacts to phone and then you will get all your contacts to PhoneCopy for next use.
      Phonecopy support team, 02.08.12
  • Hello there,
    Does any1 know how can I download all my data to my empty phonebook ?
    When I'm doing this, I clear all data in my profile at PhoneCopy and my phonebook remains empty.
    Thank you in advance.
    piotreg, 26.10.10
    • Hi, if you delete any data, you find it in "deleted contacts". Then you can restore it to current data and on next sync you will get it back to phone. Phonecopy support team, 03.11.10