How to start with Photo Backup on android

PhoneCopy Photo Backup is available to both Basic and Premium customers. Monthly Premium subscription users have a 1GB cloud storage available as a part of their plan. Go to subscription settings and select the desired storage size. You can always upgrade or downgrade your storage as you go.

Users with active 1 or 3-year subscription can easily switch their subscription to the monthly plans as well. The remaining duration of their subscription will be used as a discount.

Setting up android photo backup

First, make sure you have the latest version of PhoneCopy downloaded on your device.

In your PhoneCopy for Android application, navigate to Advanced & Account, Synchronization settings, checking the Media option and selecting Photos.

Select Advanced & Account Select Synchronization settings Check Media - Photos, Save changes

Additional media sync settings

You can tweak your media sync settings by going to Media-sync settings.

Select Advanced & Account Select Media-sync Settings set your preferences

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