Popular devices - Italy


A user from this country just synchronized his contactos and sms messages with his phone Samsung Galaxy A34 5G SM-A346b.
Apple iPhone 14 was synchronized by PhoneCopy user in Italy. His contactos were transferred.
We detected PhoneCopy app on OnePlus Nord CE 3 5G (cph2493) phone in this country. All contactos were backed up.
Motorola Edge 30 Neo was synchronized by PhoneCopy user in Italy. His contactos were transferred.
Oukitel K15 Plus was just synchronized by PhoneCopy in this country. He transferred contactos and sms messages.
We just got first user of Vodafone Smart N9 Lite (VFD-620)! Someone just backed up their contactos, media and sms messages.
Someone used PhoneCopy for backup of his phone Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) LTE SM-A320FL in Italy. His contactos were backed up.
Even here we also have user with Samsung Galaxy M31s sm-m317f. He backs up his contactos and sms messages.
First user from Italy just synchronized his contactos on myPhone Up Smart 3G phone.
Recently we got new user of Sony Xperia XA1 G3121 even in Italy, and he uses PhoneCopy for data backup. His contactos and sms messages were saved.

Top phones

Following table shows TOP 50 phone models used with PhoneCopy in Italy (Italia). For more information, click on the particular model.

Phone Usage in Italy
Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 6 10.75%
Blackview BV6000s Blackview BV6000s 6.46%
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.09%
Huawei P9 Plus 64GB (VIE-L09) Huawei P9 Plus 64GB (VIE-L09) 4.74%
Apple iPhone 12 Apple iPhone 12 4.32%
Apple iPhone 5S Apple iPhone 5S 4.31%
Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 (SM-J330fn) Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 (SM-J330fn) 2.61%
Apple iPhone SE 2020 Apple iPhone SE 2020 2.61%
Realme 7 5G rmx2111 Realme 7 5G rmx2111 2.60%
Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 10 2.60%
Nokia 8110 4G Nokia 8110 4G 2.46%
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro 2.26%
Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7 2.14%
Vodafone VFD-600 Vodafone VFD-600 1.86%
Samsung Galaxy A20e sm-a202f Samsung Galaxy A20e sm-a202f 1.82%
OPPO A15 cph2185 OPPO A15 cph2185 1.64%
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Apple iPhone 11 Pro 1.36%
Samsung Galaxy S10e sm-g970f Samsung Galaxy S10e sm-g970f 1.34%
Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 (sm-j530f) Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 (sm-j530f) 1.32%
Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE (sm-g935f) Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE (sm-g935f) 1.22%
Samsung Galaxy J5 2 (SM-J510F) Samsung Galaxy J5 2 (SM-J510F) 1.21%
Apple iPhone 6s Apple iPhone 6s 1.12%
Nokia 2720 Flip Nokia 2720 Flip 1.09%
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 TB-8505XS Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 TB-8505XS 1.08%
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 1.07%
Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X 0.98%
Apple iPhone Xs Apple iPhone Xs 0.96%
Apple iPad Apple iPad 0.85%
Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A310F Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A310F 0.84%
OPPO A54 (cph2239) OPPO A54 (cph2239) 0.81%
Samsung Galaxy A21 SM-A215f Samsung Galaxy A21 SM-A215f 0.80%
Apple iPhone 11 Apple iPhone 11 0.71%
Motorola Moto G42 Motorola Moto G42 0.66%
OnePlus One A0001 OnePlus One A0001 0.66%
Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J710F) Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J710F) 0.61%
Apple iPhone 8 Apple iPhone 8 0.59%
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra H4213 Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra H4213 0.58%
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 0.55%
Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-A115f Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-A115f 0.48%
Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple iPhone 6 Plus 0.46%
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra SM-N986B Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra SM-N986B 0.45%
Samsung Galaxy S10 sm-g973f Samsung Galaxy S10 sm-g973f 0.45%
Apple iPhone Xr Apple iPhone Xr 0.42%
Apple SE 3rd generation Apple SE 3rd generation 0.42%
Samsung Galaxy A51 sm-a515f Samsung Galaxy A51 sm-a515f 0.41%
Nokia 8000 4G Nokia 8000 4G 0.38%
Xiaomi Mi 9T Xiaomi Mi 9T 0.38%
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 0.37%
OnePlus Z AC2003 OnePlus Z AC2003 0.37%
Apple iPhone 13 mini Apple iPhone 13 mini 0.33%
... and 334 more.

Not only in Italy (Italia), you can use PhoneCopy in all countries around the world.