Supported devices - Android 11

List of Devices with Android 11

PhoneCopy is a popular tool for transferring contacts, SMS, photos, and videos between phones and securely backing up this data to the secure PhoneCopy Cloud. In order to reliably provide our services to more than a million of our users, who synchronize with us more than 1.7 million individual devices, we have been working for a long time to support any phone with any operating system to ensure full functionality. As part of this, we test individual models of mobile phones and have detailed information about Android operating systems used. That's why we chose to summarize the models of mobile phones equipped with Android 11 on this page and thus help in deciding to buy a new device.

Android 11, like its predecessor, is no longer named after some of the sweets, but only by number. At first glance, the user probably does not recognize the new system from the previous version, because it does not offer major changes in the system, graphics, or controls as the previous versions, the changes are more in a lot of details. The most visible new feature is Bubbles, which are designed to make texting easier, no matter what application you use for a given conversation. The system sets aside communication notifications in a new section to make the notification area clearer. With their Bubbles user interface, they resemble a Facebook Messenger, in which the contacts of ongoing conversations are displayed as miniature avatars, between which you can easily switch. Among the more significant features that were introduced in the previous generation of Android and have undergone changes and improvements, is the Dark Mode. Now it can be scheduled according to sunrise and sunset or manually (by setting a specific time). Another such feature is native Call Recording, which previously did not work optimally.

Privacy has also been improved. Android 10 has brought better control over when and which applications use the user's location through one-time permits. Android 11 extends this to the camera and microphone as well. Android 11 improves overall system protection and expands the number of devices with security updates. This was a reason for minor changes in our PhoneCopy application to keep privacy on the highest level. Next-generation networks are talked about everywhere today, and Android 11 brings better support for them. An example is the connection API enhancements, which gives an opportunity to the user to make better use of 5G speeds. For example, the API now recognizes whether a user has an unlimited data plan. If so, the application adapts to it and offers, for example, higher resolution or quality.


Personal data backup from Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G with Android 11 is now officially supported with our PhoneCopy mobile app.
We added Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G sm-s908e to supported devices with Android 11.
We tested new Android 11 on Acer Chromebook R13 (cb5-312t) with our PhoneCopy app and it's completely working.
Android 11 can be officially updated even on myPhone Hammer Blade 5G.
We tested the functionality of PhoneCopy app on Asus ROG Phone II (i001de) device after the Android 11 update.
Android 11 can be officially updated even on Samsung Galaxy A50 sm-s506dl.