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It doesn't matter whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone. In either case, you don't need to care how to get your valuable photos or videos from your phone to your computer. When you come home, you lay your phone on the desk and it transfers all the changed data to secure PhoneCopy cloud using your home Wi-Fi. From the cloud, they will be also downloaded to your laptop or desktop computer. This way you can have all your photos and videos stored in two other places in case of phone loss or damage, without caring about anything. Deleted photos are automatically moved to the archive. Similarly, you can delete any photos as you see them on your computer, they will be removed from the phone as well. We make photo and video management really simple!


Almost everyone has experienced a broken phone screen, sometimes multiple times over. What is the first thing that runs through your mind? Data loss! Let’s face the truth, we are living digital lives and the value of our data is many times higher than the value of the phone itself.


It happens quite often. You are using your smartphone or computer and then all of a sudden, a dead battery stops you from what you were doing! But valuable time goes by and you need instant access to your data before you have the chance to recharge your device. What will you do?


Your smartphone is not the only device at risk. Many times, your computer can be damaged unexpectedly. An overall malfunction, a crash or a broken disk can turn into a disaster causing you to lose all of your data. This is a moment when the PhoneCopy personal cloud could save your digital life!

The Simple, Safe & Secure Cloud!

Depending on your personal preferences, PhoneCopy provides a cutting edge personal cloud technology which lets you control, manage and personalize your content. We offer you easy configuration according to your needs, backup from any device to the cloud, and restoration from the cloud to any device.

data security

Data Security

PhoneCopy protects and backs up valuable digital content, keeps its copies and history of changes and depending on the user’s personal preferences, gives access to tools that enable users to control, manage and personalize their content. We offer various popular backup options, including regular auto-sync.

smart archive

Smart Archive

PhoneCopy Personal Cloud provides access to deleted or overwritten data including historic versions that users expect. Users can access  data anytime from anywhere via web browser. We also backup from their device to the cloud, restore from the cloud to any device, and synchronize data in both directions.

ransomware protection

Ransomware Protection

Contacts and media are kept secure from unwanted loss. Advanced protection against ransomware and viruses includes document backup from user’s computer. All you need is a smartphone or a computer, PhoneCopy mobile phone app, access to the internet and for the user to be signed-in on their device.

Enjoy your digital life

Sure, when you lose your device, you can simply buy a new one, but you will never be able to replace the content. PhoneCopy Cloud is there for you, and we will help you to transfer the data easily from phone to phone. No matter the operating system or platform, we always back up everything that’s important to you. You won’t find better storage than PhoneCopy Cloud because we always store photos and videos in their original resolution and quality, plus we protect your data from ransomware, malware or virus attacks. Let’s try it together.


PhoneCopy Personal Cloud backups and synchronizes all your photos, videos, contacts, calendar items* and messages* from phone or even documents from the computer.


Use any device and we will keep all important stuff saved and up to date. PhoneCopy automatically saves all daily changes to secured servers protected against ransomware attacks.


We truly care. PhoneCopy Cloud will never sacrifice the standard of your photos. We always store it in its original resolution so that you don’t lose the real quality of the digital memories.


Access files on any smartphone, tablet, Windows PC or Mac no matter the operating system. Or even on the web using browser. Just download PhoneCopy Cloud application and start using it instantly.



“I got a new phone and needed to transfer contacts from the old one. What's more, I needed to transfer them from KaiOs to Android. This app helped me solve this! Definitely recommended.” – Joel Niels, April 21, 2021 (edited)

“I tried transfer my data from Nokia Lumia to iPhone for hours without success. Then I found PhoneCopy and did it within a few minutes. It works like a charm! Thank you, guys.” – Larry N., Austin, TX, April 12, 2019

“I was looking for an easy to use solution to synchronize my photos and videos from the Android phone to a Windows notebook to have it always ready in my computer for processing. PhoneCopy helps a lot. Worth it! Recommend.” – Linda B., Los Angeles, CA, March 2, 2019

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What makes us different?

There are many other clouds but we really care about you and the safety of your data.
Security and privacy is our main concern. Your data is yours!


Global multiplatform service for backup and synchronization. Bullet proof service with many advanced features.
Proven by real customers from all countries around the world.
Encrypted to fulfill security and privacy state of art technologies to prevent data loss.


Some services index your data to give you more targeted online ads but we don’t! Your data is yours, and we won’t have access to the content of your personal cloud unless you ask us for support. And when this happens, the entire approach is strictly controlled by our security procedures.


Unlike other cloud services, we don’t store your personal data on just some leased cloud storage. We have invested in our own hardware, and we store all the data on physical servers that we have under our full control, including physical access to them. Security and privacy is our main concern.

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