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PhoneCopy Cooperation

PHONECOPY AS A PERSONAL CLOUD is a service for managing and backing up data from a mobile phone to a private cloud storage. The cloud – based app allows you to synchronize / back up your contacts, SMS and media (and many more) between your mobile device and Data is so up-to-date and with secure archive of changes.


Strong competition in the telecommunications sector puts pressure on price reductions while maintaining the level of service provided. With You can stop this phenomenon, or at least, slow it down and be a step ahead of your competitors and differentiate yourself! Provide added value to your customers using additional services.



  1. Possibility of co-branding
  2. Added value for customers - higher security
  3. Small Smart Services - Generating new revenues from services related to photo and video backup
  4. Doesn’t require interconnection with billing systems
  5. Data can be stored in a defined geographic location
  6. Distinction from competition - a unique benefit as an argument for new clients
  7. Keeping customers - Offer new services to your existing customers
  8. Mitigation of price erosion - argument in price negotiation
  9. Generate new revenues and business opportunities
    o increase ARPU by up to 1.33USD per month in direct effect
    o increase ARPU by $ 0.50 in support of sales of such packages
  10. Increase portfolio value
    o avoid customer outflow
    o ensure professional and reliable data backup


Take advantage of personal cloud which is a trend of today's services, and offers an interesting increase in ARPU, which is also supported by the increasing resolution of photos and videos taken by mobile phones, as well as by the growing storage capacity of new mobile phone models.

Models of co-operation:

  1. Partner (operator) adds the selected storage volume to Premium Premium clients. The price will be charged for the purchased volume (1 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB etc.) no matter if used or not. The price is the lowest in relation to GB
  2. Partner can offer to his customers storage within PhoneCopy Premium. The price is charged only for the cumtomers who activate the service and also according the data volume. Related to GB is the price slightly higher.
  3. Partner can offer upgrade to larger storage volume (for example, the partner will offer 1 GB of volume as part of its own valid tariff. If client decides to purchase larger storage and purchases it through, pays the stake to the partner)