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  • Installed phonecopy 1.8.2 – tried synchronising, however no contacts show up in web interface.

    premium user.

    tomtoromtom, 26/10/2015
    • Hello! Try our new MAC beta version -
      Put the ZIP on the Desktop, unpack it. Don't replace old PhoneCopy app in the /Applications folder, run PhoneCopy BETA from Desktop temporarily - after proper final AppStore update, you can delete temp Desktop BETA version. It's still officialy beta, so please report errors directly via email to
      PhoneCopy support team, 26/10/2015
  • I can't sync contacts Mac-server froloana, 17/07/2015
    • Did you installed PhoneCopy for Mac application? PhoneCopy support team, 17/07/2015
      • yes. it was synced successfully but 0 contcts froloana, 17/07/2015
        • I expect you are missing contacts which you have stored on your Mac. Are your contacts stored in common Mac Address book? PhoneCopy support team, 17/07/2015
          • yes. i have a lot of contacts in Mac Contacts froloana, 17/07/2015
  • good jop nihil12, 16/05/2015
  • i have Mac OS 10.6.8. Would it be possible to install the app without having to give all my data to App Store?

    it doesnt feel right being forced to give also credit card info even thou i'm trying to get a free app.
    jaui, 02/01/2015