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  • Hi. Can i Import all calendars from my google calendar? Now it imports only the main calendar.
    khoroshyy, 10/06/2022
    • Hi, i am sorry, but from Google we synchronize main calendar only. PhoneCopy support team, 10/06/2022
  • Can I copy sms-messages from Nokia C1-02 to Nokia 6300 4G& ambdsg, 07/01/2022
    • I am sorry but these phones don't allow to backup or synchronize SMS. PhoneCopy support team, 07/01/2022
  • TEXT GUIDELINE - HOW TO BACKUP jashimkhan2215, 30/12/2021
  • I uploaded pictures to my KaiOS phone gallery. How do I syncronize the gallery to the phone? sharon68, 31/10/2021
    • Hi, I am sorry but that feature will be launched on the Kaios phones later. PhoneCopy support team, 01/11/2021
  • How does one download PhoneCopy? I don't see anywhere "download". dj83659, 12/05/2021
    • Hi, you have to find KaiStore in your KaiOS mobile phone and you will find PhoneCopy under Utilities. You can download it only from there. PhoneCopy support team, 12/05/2021
  • Нажимаю синхронизация, пишет range error: invalid date
    aitemt70, 28/03/2021
    • Мы обнаружили проблему с неправильной датой рождения у одного из ваших контактов. PhoneCopy support team, 29/03/2021
  • How do I back up text on Alcatel smart flip 4052r kdawgpups, 11/03/2021
    • I am sorry, but your phone doesn't support text messages backup PhoneCopy support team, 12/03/2021
      • So is there anyway possible to retrieve deleted text messages kdawgpups, 24/03/2021
        • No. I am sorry but we don't know any way to retrieve deleted text messages in KaiOS PhoneCopy support team, 24/03/2021
  • I would like to back up apps too. mart2, 23/01/2021
  • i want restore back to my phone future32, 12/10/2020
  • Any way to include Google Calendar in the sync process? rlpeeler, 19/06/2020