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  • Hi amartyasain2009, 04/10/2023
  • Dear Sirs,
    I am happy to have a new phone: Samsung GT-BT2710. I have explicitly selected it as it should be possible to backup my contacts via your internet site.
    I tried to follow the steps of your guideline (thank you very much!). But I cannot synchronize my contacts.
    I have just successfully started another internet-site -- so a connection should be possible.
    Thank you very much that I may backup my contacts via your site. As I have a linux-computer, I see no other possibility anymore.
    Thank you very much for your help & patience.

    Here I describe my steps to set up a synchronisation according to your guidelines. I have to translate the menues from German to English, I hope I make myself clear.

    1. I have added a new synch profile "PhoneCopy".

    2. The synch category is difficult: At the moment it is empty.
    When I select "change", there are the options contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.
    I select "contacts".
    There it says: "contacts deactivate", but I can change it.
    I select "change".
    There it says: "contacts activate". I think "fine!" & try to store that. Error message: "enter database name".
    I can enter the fields "external contacts" (is that the database name...?), "username", "password".
    Please tell me what I have to enter here.

    3. As sync-type I have selected "full sync".

    4. As sync-server I have entered "".

    5. My net profile is "Internet".
    My internet connection uses "HTTP" as protocol. Should I change that to "HTTPS"?
    nachtkrabb, 10/03/2023
    • Dear Sirs,
      please do help me: If I connot backup my contacts, the phone is useless for me. If so, can only send it back for two days! And it is rather expensive today...
      Thank you for your help & patience
      nachtkrabb, 15/03/2023
      • ...oh gosh... After changing the language of my phone & starting from scratch & accidentally deleting everything here on the server & jumping up + down & screeching it finally unexpectedly worked...
        No idea wht's different now. Maybe the screeching helped.
        Well all right then.
        nachtkrabb, 15/03/2023
  • Hello, I have bought the Premium account to store my all text messages. I could successfully synchronized my Huawei P8 lite but having problems with my old Samsung GT-S5830i. It says: 'Login failed. You may lost the Internet connection or does not accept logins now'. I have my WiFi and Sim data on, but still does not work. aurelija.galinyte, 14/08/2020
  • Hello there. I am having trouble sending preimum msg on my samsung note4 N910H phone. When I say menu settings settings application manager system files, there is no msg service option. how can i fix this burhan_ozdemir_35, 19/04/2020
  • Hello. I can not add my new phone Samsung GT-BT2710 and the synchrisation is not posible. Pls help. samadejobi, 17/04/2019
    • HI, it should work. Did you follow the guide from bottom of the following page? To you have data plan active on your SIM card?
      PhoneCopy support team, 17/04/2019
      • I followed the guide and I have data on my SIM. I can browse other sites. May be I did not get the Device Name. I put "GT-B2710" or what the device name should be? The result of last synchronisation said "Unknown certificate authority" The one before said "Sending failed" Pls help me. samadejobi, 17/04/2019
        • When I tried to assign the new phone, see the error below;

          We have a record of successful synchronization, but the authentification data do not match. Username or password in the device is different from the username and password entered into this form.

          Check if the username and password in the form above match phone settings.
          Change the username and password settings in the form to be consistent with the data in your device.
          If this process will not help, or you do not know which password is set in your device, change both your username and password in the device and synchronize it again. If the change of password in the device will not be enough, type the same details to the form.

          In the case of persistent problems with assigning your device, please contact us.
          samadejobi, 17/04/2019
        • Contacts stored on the SIM can't be synchronized. It doesn't allow your phone. Sorry PhoneCopy support team, 17/04/2019
          • I want to sychronise the contacts on Photocopy to my new phone Samsung GT-B1270
            I can sychronise between my old phone Tecno CA8 and Phonecopy. But to move the contacts to new phone Samsung GT-B2710 is a problem for me now.
            samadejobi, 17/04/2019
            • Hi, it seems you mistyped password in your phone, but now it works. Please check your profile, there are both phones assigned. On next Samsung Sync you will get contacts synchronized to your phone. PhoneCopy support team, 17/04/2019
  • Why only 10 contacts sync? I have a premium subscription
    Samsung GT C-3322 phone
    user : paul12
    paul12, 28/03/2019
    • Hello,
      only contacts from phone internal memory are synchronized. If your contacts are stored on a SIM card, you have to move/copy them to the internal memory first.
      PhoneCopy support team, 29/03/2019
  • phone Samsung S4 mini, synchronou site gives a window with text: "The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago. Synchronization are disabled. Please reduce number of items on website or purchase a premium subscription to enable. if your contacts are duplicated, you can try to use our web based duplicates manager." What you need to do to sync contacts?
    triumf1978, 10/03/2017
    • Hi, you exceeded number of items for free version. If you want use our service you have to buy Premium version. PhoneCopy support team, 10/03/2017
  • Im trying to synchronize samsung gt-s5611 and it says: you can't synchronize profile is incomplete.
    i filled all with instruction, please help
    piotr_kex, 22/06/2016
    • Did you fill all the following items?

      Press Menu.
      Choose menu item Applications and press Synchronization.
      Select New synchronization profile and set up the following items.
      Profile name: Fill in PhoneCopy
      Synchronization: In this category set up All and continue with:
      Remote contacts
      Write contacts
      Remote calendar
      Write calendar
      Remote tasks
      Write tasks
      Remote notes
      Write notes

      Synchronization type: Choose Full synchronization.
      Synchronization server: In this category set up:
      your password

      Network profile: Choose type of your internet connection.
      Return into Menu
      Go into Applications and continue with Synchronization press PhoneCopy and synchronize your phone.
      PhoneCopy support team, 22/06/2016
      • ok, now it's better, phone starts synchronisation, there is 458 contacts, and at 116/458 it quits to synchr menu an there is no contacts an Phonecopy web page. In phone menu it says that 116 contacts were copied to serwer :( piotr_kex, 22/06/2016
        • Replied via email. PhoneCopy support team, 23/06/2016