Photo composition - third part

Nice photos using mobile phone

In the previous article we talked about Leaving space and Diagonals. The following tips can help you to amplify the uniqueness of your photographs.

5. Even more impressive than Diagonals could be Leading lines applied in your composition. Just use the natural or architectural lines such a roads, walls, rails or coastline to lead the viewer’s eye through the scene to the main subject or vanishing point far away. It will also make the viewer feel as standing within the image and add the sense of depth.

Nice photos using mobile phone

6. Unusual perspective will make your pictures really unique. You can reach it by changing the camera position when viewing a scene. Try to use the bird's eye point of view which shows the scene as if was seen by a flying bird from above. You do not need to take a helicopter, you can simply stand on a ladder or a chair. The opposite worm's eye point of view will make blade of grass look like a skyscraper, just lie down on the ground and look up!

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