PhoneCopy Pricing

The Basic user profile is provided free of charge but is limited in features and functionality. This version is intended to be for your own personal and non-commercial use only*.

If you want to take the full advantage of, you should try the Premium version and synchronize without any limitations. **

If you exceed the limit for the Basic version, you will be informed and asked to either decrease the data amount in your profile or upgrade to Premium. In the meantime, synchronizations will be blocked but you can still access your data.

If you need to buy more space for your media – photos, and videos – you will be simply asked if you agree with this extension according to our Price List.

Basic version Premium version *
Number of contacts 500 * unlimited **
Number of calendar events 500 * unlimited **
Number of tasks 500 * unlimited **
Number of notes 500 * unlimited **
Number of items in CallLog (android only) 500 * unlimited **
Number of sms (Backup only) 500 * unlimited **
Total number of devices 2 unlimited **
Deleted data archive 1 month 1 year
Automatic sync/backup
Android: SMS Backup
Android: SMS Sync / Backup and Restore
iPhone: SMS, Calendar and Notes Backup via iTunes
Google Calendar Sync
CalDav & CardDav Synchronization
Windows 10 Calendar sync
Priority Email Support
Priority Discussion Reply
Ad free web portal and apps
Advanced login recovery ****
Media Pack 1 GB 2.5 GB
Price free * €1.99 per month
Register on PhoneCopy Buy Premium version

Upgrade your Media Pack to higher quote to fit your valuable photos and video now! ***

50 GB 100 GB 500 GB 1000 GB
Premium + €1 =
€2.99 per month
Premium + €2 =
€3.99 per month
Premium + €4 =
€5.99 per month
Premium + €8 =
€9.99 per month
Upgrade to 50GB Upgrade to 100GB Upgrade to 500GB Upgrade to 1000GB

* If you are using PhoneCopy for business purposes or on a company cell phone, you should have the Premium version, even if you are not exceeding the limits.
** Device restrictions may apply
*** When buying Media Pack you will get automatically Premium version of PhoneCopy services
**** Basic version users can use this in exceptional cases for a fee of up to 50% of the annual subscription.

Read more about why PhoneCopy has a Premium version.