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  • Hi!
    After doing a looong synchronization in which I obtained a dozen of new events on the calendar every single day from 2016 to 2028, but not my contacts, the desktop app (versoin 2.3) freezed. After that, I tried to run the app twice and both times it freezed. I erased the app, downloaded again, and again, it freezed. I'm scratching my premium user head.
    rokeboogie, 07/07/20
  • Installed phonecopy 1.8.2 – tried synchronising, however no contacts show up in web interface.

    premium user.

    tomtoromtom, 26/10/15
    • Hello! Try our new MAC beta version -
      Put the ZIP on the Desktop, unpack it. Don't replace old PhoneCopy app in the /Applications folder, run PhoneCopy BETA from Desktop temporarily - after proper final AppStore update, you can delete temp Desktop BETA version. It's still officialy beta, so please report errors directly via email to
      PhoneCopy support team, 26/10/15