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  • The iPhone application need not to be associated with profile as for other phones, all is automatic.
  • The application for iPhone cannot synchronize SMS and notes, because the Apple does not allow application access to them.
  • You can synchronize your calendars with PCalendars application.

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  • help import sms in iphone example ? rqcesa, 28.09.2020
    • Sorry, we don't provide SMS import to iPhone. We can only export it from iPhone to PhoneCopy. PhoneCopy support team, 29.09.2020
  • Hi again!
    Is it possible to substitute the contacts update during a given synchronization for the current contacts, using a single command, instead of restoring contacts one by one?
    Thanks in advance!
    rokeboogie, 06.07.2020
    • Hello,
      if you want to restore deleted contact(s), you can check more than one (also, shift+click works), then restore them at once. If your contacts got overwritten with bad information, the only solution is to open contact one by one and pick the correct version to restore.
      PhoneCopy support team, 07.07.2020
      • Thanks for your answer. I can not find another way to see the old synchronizations than the list where check boxes are absent, and instead there's a plain list in which I can only pick a contacts one by one. rokeboogie, 07.07.2020
        • Checkboxes are present on contact view and deleted contact view pages. You can switch the view to show last modification column and sort by this column to easily target correct contacts. PhoneCopy support team, 08.07.2020
  • Hi,
    When trying to synch only my contacts, I ignore why the PhoneCopy app for MacOS decided to synch my calendar and, by doing this, now I have 14 new events repeating every single day from 2016 to 2028, and the app freezed before syncing my contacts. Is there a way to revert this? Can I synch only my contacts? Any hint why my contacts didn't synch?
    rokeboogie, 06.07.2020
    • Hello,
      every PhoneCopy app should have an option to select what to synchronize. Check for "sources" in the app menu.
      PhoneCopy support team, 07.07.2020
  • hi can you help. I have exceeded server limits . Synchronization disabled . How can I enable them temporarily ? keiron, 19.06.2020
    • Hi with the number of events you stored in our server we don't believe you will be able to fit limits for a free account at all. We recommend you buy Premium at least for one month to enable it if you need to transfer your data to a new phone. It costs just 2EUR. Otherwies you need to delete all stuff which exceeds limits of 500 items and 2 devices. PhoneCopy support team, 19.06.2020
  • Hi,

    I have contacts saved in Phone Copy which are not showing on my iphone for some reason. How do I "import" these contacts onto my iphone? If I choose "synchronize" on the Ap, it's telling me that the contacts will be deleted?? Thanks for your help
    philipsicat, 14.11.2017
    • Hello,
      you can initiate one-way synchronization from server to your phone by selecting "Advanced & Account" -> "Sync with manual direction" -> "Server -> Device". This will replace contact on your phone with those saved on the server.
      PhoneCopy support team, 14.11.2017
      • Thanks for coming back to me. Is it possible to initiate the synchronization and keep the contacts I have on my phone as well? philipsicat, 14.11.2017
        • Hello,
          yes, you can select "Merge" option, that will combine all contacts on server and device. This will probably create duplicate contacts, but you can use "Find duplicates" function on the website to resolve this.
          PhoneCopy support team, 15.11.2017
  • Is IOS 11 not being support yet? I synchronized my contacts on my iPhone 6S +, and it shows I have 368 contacts. I went to my iPad to synchronize my contacts there (3 times now), using the same method I always do (selecting manual direction, server to the device), and now I have 1459 contacts on my iPad! It’s duplicated my contacts 3 more times. Something’s not working correctly here... I am doing this correctly, the same I have for the past several years. blueeyez58, 24.09.2017
    • Hello,
      thank you for reporting , there is currently a problem on iOS 11 that sync with manual direction won't delete contact on the device. We are working on the fix.

      In the meantime you can resolve this by deleting all contact on you phone, synchronize them from the server once and than use normal synchronization.
      PhoneCopy support team, 25.09.2017
  • Hi
    I have 410 contacts.
    I would like to copy these contacts to an iCloud. I have made the file to my computer but I get a message that it can't be imported to iCloud.
    Do anyone know why?
    неизвестный пользователь, 01.07.2017
    • Hi, you have to send you request to iCloud support. We are PhoneCopy.com. Sorry PhoneCopy support team, 01.07.2017
      • Hi again
        I have a challenge. When I try to uload the VCR file to iCloud I get a message telling that the contacts can't be uploaded due to failure in the readings.
        I have contacted Apple and they told med that the Vcard file has to have a format called 3.0 otherwise it can't be uploaded.
        Can you help me try to find out what I can do please?
        Br Per
        неизвестный пользователь, 02.07.2017
        • Hi, we are using CSV version 2.1 which is most used. If you need your contacts export to version 3.0 we included it into our application for Windows. Please check https://www.phonecopy.com/en/pages/how_to_transfer_contacts_from_windows_os
          But if you just need import your contacts to iPhone or iPad we have an application for iOS. Can you explain why you want import your contacts to iCloud?
          PhoneCopy support team, 02.07.2017
  • When will iOS app suport ios 11? rcolyn, 07.06.2017
    • immediatelly when it will be released. But if you are using current beta we expect our application will work anyway. PhoneCopy support team, 07.06.2017
      • It does work, but on first sync from a 'Fresh ' ios 11 upgrade, it creates duplicate contacts... I solved this but it was a pain!!! rcolyn, 07.06.2017
  • Hi there. I have just uploaded photos and contacts from my old phone to the phonecopy, paying premium service. After that I have succesfully syncd the contacts, so my new phine has all my contacts. QUESTION: HOW DO I COPY THE PHOTOS FROM PHONECOPY ONTO MY NEW PHONE? неизвестный пользователь, 05.02.2017
    • Hello. Currently, our photo backup feature only backs up photos separately for each phone. Photos cannot be synced across devices now.
      We are preparing such functionality to be available soon.
      PhoneCopy support team, 06.02.2017
  • Hi I have just got a new iphone and used phonecopy to upload contact from old phone. I have synchronised today but now have double contacts on my phone but not on my photocopy account. I am confused how to rectify this

    Thanks Lynn Ash
    неизвестный пользователь, 18.12.2016
    • Hi, it can happens i case you signed to iCloud where you had synchronized contacts from old phone. You need turn off contact synchronization from iCloud and then you will need use single directional synchronization FROM SERVER to DEVICE in the PhoneCopy App. PhoneCopy support team, 18.12.2016
      • Thanks very much that has sorted it out!

        неизвестный пользователь, 18.12.2016
  • Hello,
    we have renewed our server certificate. If you are using older phone it can happen that does not contain the root certificate for the authority.
    You can download and install the root certificate from here:
    PhoneCopy support team, 10.04.2016
  • I am trying to sync but it says that an error saving person object to iPhone address book arturo, 20.03.2016
    • Hi, please check if you have at least one writable address book in your phone. Sometimes when iPhone is configured to Exchange account only, there should be a problem to write contact by an application. PhoneCopy support team, 21.03.2016