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I forgot my password and/or I can't sign into my account PhoneCopy.
How does a synchronization work?
Does my phone support this service?
Are my data safe?
How much does the service cost?
How much will I pay to transfer contacts from my mobile phone to PhoneCopy using GPRS?
I've lost my phone, will a backup on your server help me?
Not all of my contact information are in the best shape. I would like to do something about this. Could PhoneCopy be of any help?
I would like to delete outdated SMS messages. However, I am afraid I might need some of them again in the future.
I can not connect my phone with the server, what may be its reason?
Synchronization fails with "System error". What may be the cause?
PhoneCopy deleted data on my phone, what should I do?
All contacts on the PhoneCopy disappeared after a synchronization, what should I do?
The Android client does not work. It reports a successful synchronization and no contacts were synchronized.
I have my data in two groups but I want to move them into the only one. What should I do?