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The SMS backup is the key feature for a lot of mobile users because short messages include important data, which should be always available and searchable. PhoneCopy offers SMS backup as a standard feature, same as contacts, calendars events, tasks and notes backup, for mobile phones that support it. SMS backup is available for example on new Nokia phones with Symbian system as Nseries and Eseries, e.g. N97 and E72, as well as Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic or Nokia 9500.

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  • i have no conform my mail inbox balajiadapa, 24.04.15
    • i have no conform my mail inbox urjent balajiadapa, 24.04.15
      • Please check your Spam filter. Phonecopy Support-Team, 24.04.15
  • Hi, how to i restore back my SMS from phonecopy to my sony C1504 andriod handset. Please help. As the messages are very important to me sreevathsan.m, 01.02.15
    • SMS upload is part of Premium Subscription. Phonecopy Support-Team, 01.02.15
  • Hi, I do not understand how I can import / backup SMS from my Nokia N8-00 to PhoneCopy. I have the premium package, and your website says the phone is supported, bur how do I do it? eivindl, 06.01.15
    • Sorry, but in some firmwares of N8-00 there is not included SMS synchronization. This is a problem of Symbian version . . if you don't see SMS or Messages as one category which you can configure you will not by able to make backup of it. Phonecopy Support-Team, 06.01.15
      • Ok, thank you. eivindl, 07.01.15
  • I CANT SYNC MY SMS FROM PHONECOPY TO MY IPHONE. gaurangpatel, 25.12.14
    • The application for iPhone cannot synchronize SMS, because the Apple does not allow application access to them. Phonecopy Support-Team, 25.12.14
  • Is it possible to sync my notes from my account to my Samsung S4? shadowtriad, 22.09.14
    • Hello, we do not support notes sync for Android phones. Phonecopy Support-Team, 08.10.14
  • and another thing is, when i sync to phone copy i sync my total sms about 6,000 and then i deleted some conversations then i sync 4,000 sms again and i don't know where old sms gone, there were only 4,000 sms of 2nd sync i don't get my first sync of sms on phone copy account :(... ???????? unbekannten Benutzer, 09.09.14
  • I synchronized my contacts and sms from
    samsung nexus s (android jelly bean4.1), after few days by mistakenly my
    all sms deleted from my mobile, how i can
    reload sms from my phone copy account.
    unbekannten Benutzer, 09.09.14
  • Can I copy or sync my sms from nokia asha 302? If yes then how? abdulrehman786, 30.07.14
    • Sorry but you can't as Nokia doesn't support it with this model. Phonecopy Support-Team, 01.08.14
  • Hello I have Nokia Lumia 520 and I would like to get sync my SMSs with my Laptop. Can you please advice me? anita57102, 09.01.14
    • Sorry SMS sync for Lumia is not supported. Phonecopy Support-Team, 09.01.14
      • So is there any way that I can sync my SMSs? anita57102, 09.01.14
        • Sorry i don't know any way how to backup SMS from Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia) Phonecopy Support-Team, 09.01.14
  • how to transfer all sms from qmobile noir A2 to computer through phonecopy? jazib, 06.01.14
    • Hi, Android SMS synchronization will be launched at the middle of January. If you can wait we will be able to satisfy your needs. Phonecopy Support-Team, 08.01.14
  • when will you release the SMS backup?

    I want to transfer all my SMS messages (including attachments + iMessage) from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s, would that be possible?
    maserati, 31.12.13
    • Hi, for iPhone we will launch SMS backup during January 2014. It will be done via iTunes. But there will not be feature allowing upload SMS to another iPhone. Sorry. Phonecopy Support-Team, 31.12.13
  • How can I copy my SMS stored in samsung (GT-S5263) hand set to computer? haripareek, 13.11.13
    • Sorry, currently we don't have such as feature for your phone in our service Phonecopy Support-Team, 13.11.13
  • I copied contacts and sms from Nokia 5800 to phonecopy server. The contacts have sync'd with my new Lumia 520 but sms's have not. Also quick question, every time I add new contact to Lumia it asks "add to phonecopy", now these contacts are on my mobile or phonecopy server? aboli.shindadkar, 21.07.13
    • Hi, Nokia doesn't allow to upload SMS back to phone. When you add any new contacts using "add to phonecopy" it will be stored into your phone and on next synchronization to as well. Phonecopy Support-Team, 24.07.13
  • I have syncd my E63 SMS and Notes to my account. How do I load them to my new iPhone4S? mithun.js, 31.03.13
    • The application for iPhone cannot synchronize SMS and notes, because the Apple does not allow application access to them. Sorry. Phonecopy Support-Team, 02.04.13
  • i am using nokia c5.sms not synchronize from phonecopy to c5.please help me.i am having textmsg is database name. arunkumarapk, 23.01.13
    • Sorry but possibility to upload SMS back to the phone is bloceked by Nokia fot security reasons. Phonecopy Support-Team, 23.01.13
  • How to synchronise sms to pc smita_sahu, 06.01.13
    • You can download your SMS in form of CSV file. Phonecopy Support-Team, 08.01.13
  • SMS support for Samsung GT-S5830...will your be able to do it?? lahirumanawadu, 09.08.11
    • Hi, for Samsung we can't access it. Sorry Phonecopy Support-Team, 11.08.11